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Welcome back to another Post Comment Love, the last one before the boys descend and my house is enveloped in chaos!

This week has been a weird one, I've had so much on that my blogging has had to take a back seat. I both hate and love when that happens. It's given me time to live life and enjoy time with my boys as well as an opportunity to re-evaluate why I blog. But I do hate not being able to write every day!

The summer seems to have arrived suddenly this year and we've been enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. I spent the last weekend and most of Monday preparing our pool ready for Tuesday when the weather was absolutely wonderful. It was just the perfect day for the pool!

The boys break up later today and with lots of days out and activities for the boys I imagine there's not going to be much work done over the next six weeks. One thing you can be sure of though is that I'll be back every Friday for Post Comment Love!

Do you have anything planned for the summer?

Newbie Showcase Cécile from The Frenchie Mummy Blog

Bonjour! My name is Cécile, aka Frenchie Mummy.

Originally from France (bien sûr!), I moved to London 8 years ago to work as a languages assistant. It was supposed to only last a year, but I am still here, now working as a teacher in a secondary school.

I live in the South-East of London with Grumpy Boyfriend and Baba, my baby boy born in January. 

First-time mum, I started my blog because I wanted to create my little space while I had some time off work. This project soon became a passion and 2 months later I am now officially addicted to blogging. My mum thinks it’s dangerous to put my son’s pictures all over the internet. My dad doesn’t even know what a blog is and probably thinks that his daughter is mad. La preuve, she even decided to stay in the UK and have a baby with a roast beef… Grumpy Boyfriend is keeping quiet, but I can see that he is very doubtful, while Baba loves the life of a babe (go and check out his pictures; you will see what I mean!)

The Frenchie Mummy Blog is not about being a super maman, with gorgeous Frenchie recipes. Instead, you will read my thoughts, my faves, my dislikes, my rants, my moans. It’s all about Me, Me, Me… and Baba. Oh and let’s not forget Grumpy Boyfriend! Genuine, honest and (hopefully!) funny, I will share all my adventures dans le monde des mamans.

Bienvenue to our Frenchie World!

Twitter: @FrenchieMummy

My top 5 posts are:

I've enjoyed reading Cécile's posts over the last few weeks and I think you'll enjoy them too. Please do stop by her blog and say hi.


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