Staying Healthy with the ParkLives Challenge

My weight is yo-yoing at the moment, one minute I'm losing 3lbs and the next I'm gaining 2lbs. It's not great but it's not getting me down either.

I've been trying my best to do some exercise and keep eating healthy food. It's hard to get motivated to do exercise most of the time but I was challenged to take part in the ParkLives project recently. 

ParkLives from Coca-Cola is an easy way for you to make the most out of your local park. It offers free and fun activities in your local parks and all you have to do is book a slot! It launched in 2014 in Birmingham, Newcastle, and the London borough of Newham, was extended to include Nottingham, Manchester, and Glasgow in 2015 and this year they've extended again to include Dundee, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, and Swansea. 

With ParkLives you're able to take part in activities like Zumba or dog-walking at your local park and perhaps meet new people while you're doing it.

My local park where ParkLives run their free sessions is Wollaton Park and so far I've been to two of them. I was challenged to go to four sessions over four weeks to help me get fit again. After logging in to the website and checking out the sessions available there were a couple that stood out.


The first week of my challenge was half-term and so I decided to use the ParkLives sessions to get my boys involved too. I booked us on a geocaching session and the boys had a blast. We wandered around Wollaton Park searching for little boxes with surprises inside.


Now with geocaching you can't be afraid to get dirty or do a bit of climbing, even at Wollaton Park.


That's the beauty of it, it gets the boys outdoors having fun with nature.


I'd definitely recommend geocaching.

For my second session (last Friday) I booked myself onto a Health Walk at Wollaton Park. I had no idea what it was but on the website it said it was "a doddle" and as I hadn't done any exercise for a long time I thought I'd ease myself into it. 

When I wandered up to the meeting spot I was a little wary, I'm not great at meeting new people. The group was full of older ladies who meet every week to walk around Wollaton Park. Apparently they've been doing it for a long time and they all love it. It's a great way to get outdoors with friends, have a chat, and get some exercise!

I joined the ladies and it was immediately apparent that they're a lovely group of women that are happy to welcome newbies. I was chatting throughout the 3 mile walk and felt like I was amongst friends.


The walk itself was a nice walk but not too easy, I felt like I'd made an effort and got some exercise. I'm looking forward to joining them again this week, and if you'd like to join us you'll find the group at the first car park in Wollaton Park at 10am on Friday. I'd love to see you there!

I loved the reflection of the flowers in the lake.

ParkLives runs throughout the summer and there'll be plenty of activities to do with your kids.

What I've loved about the ParkLives challenge is that it has prompted me to get outdoors and do some exercise. Anything to give me a kick is great and it has definitely made a difference, last Friday night I slept really well!

As for the weight loss and healthy food I'm doing my best. I had salads for lunch last week and managed to lose weight but come the weekend I always end up having fast food at some point. That is my downfall because then I gain the weight I'd lost during the week and I'm back to square one.

This week is going to be different though, I've planned the entire week's food and hopefully I'll stick to it. My slow cooker is definitely going to get some use!

How has your week been? 
Are you doing well with your weight loss?