Proud & Co Silhouette Oven Gloves Review

Now oven gloves aren't the most exciting thing to be talking about but we all use them every day. My oven gloves have been through a lot, they're old, stained, discoloured, and battered. They're the kind of gloves that don't really do the job they're meant for any more, when I'm using them I have to be pretty quick to put things down before I burn my hands. Not a great thing for oven gloves.

I've been meaning to buy new ones but every time I looked in Tesco they were the kind that are connected together and I hate them, they don't do the job any better than the ones I already have.

But then I spotted Proud & Co oven gloves, they're beautiful to look at and they're not connected together. I was pretty much won over straight away, even before I'd tried them out.

The gorgeous designs are bright with flowers and birds and they're a joy to look at. They're not boring, like most oven gloves, and they make me smile. 

On first use I noticed the inside was soft and comfortable but I did wonder if the glove would be too thin to protect me from the heat. These gloves are made with an "innovative neoprene construction" and although they're thin they really do protect you from the heat. Not only that but the textured finish on the palm means the grip is brilliant. I have been able to pick up a hot tray of roast potatoes without much effort and my new slow cooker is no problem at all with the Silhouette gloves.

One of the problems I always found with my old oven gloves is that I didn't really know where to keep them. They ended up resting on top of my knife block because it was easier to put them there, but I always thought it would be nice if I could hang them somewhere. 

I have a hook on the back of my kitchen door and I keep a tea towel there, I thought it would be a good place for oven gloves. The Proud & Co Silhouette oven gloves have a loop for you to hang them and they fit perfectly on the back of my kitchen door. 

These gloves are available from the Proud & Co website for £16.99 each.

I have never been this excited by oven gloves and it seems daft but I really do love these gloves. I'd recommend them to anyone in search of new, pretty gloves and once they're worn out I'll be replacing them with the same.

I was sent the Proud & Co Silhouette oven gloves in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.