A Letter to LP for his 7th Birthday

To my boy, LP,

You turned 7 yesterday. You woke later than usual but as soon as you were awake you jumped out of bed with excitement. Opening your presents was especially fun, I watched your delighted face as you opened the toys you'd asked for. Your squeal when you spied the Lego Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter told me we'd chosen right.

The day was spent playing with your new toys, eating takeaway food and cake, and generally having fun. Time flew by and before you knew it it was bed time, you were disappointed that your birthday was over but went to bed with a smile on your face.

It has been 7 years since the day you were born and you're still just as active now as you were then. You were born within 30 minutes of me reaching the hospital, it was as if you couldn't wait any longer to meet us all. I remember struggling to walk into the labour ward because you were so eager to be born!

You arrived two weeks earlier than expected and you were small, just 5lbs 5oz. I couldn't believe how small you were. You gave me quite a challenge in the first few weeks as I struggled to breastfeed you and you lost weight. You continued losing weight and the midwife warned us that if you lost any more you'd need to go back into the hospital.

On that day you and I had a little 'talk' and I told you in no uncertain terms that you should start gaining weight. I was worried about you, you were just so small and losing weight was not good. I needed you to get better. It was this day we switched to a combination of formula and breast milk, after advice from the midwife. This was also the day you started to gain weight. That may be the last time you ever listened to me.

Since the day you were born I knew you'd be so very different to your brother. Where he liked to sit and do quiet things you were always on the go. You're active, enthusiastic about everything, and eager to learn. As a baby you loved your mobiles, you could be entertained by your dangling toys for hours as you batted at them and listened to the classical music they played.

As a toddler you loved running around, kicking footballs, and playing in ball pits. You were our little entertainer, you enjoyed putting on costumes and dancing around in the lounge. You'd dance and sing, and loved to make us laugh. 

The day you started school was the day you got a taste of independence and you haven't looked back since. You've always loved to do things by yourself, trying to button up clothes and put on your own coat. You watched as your brother walked to school on his own and began to ask me if you could do that, you were 4!

Being your mum has been a challenge, your need to stay active and be constantly entertained can be draining. You're such a popular boy at school and like to socialise. This is so different from me and your dad that I've found it hard to adjust. But I'm glad I did.

I've made new friends because you made new friends, I've been on outings and chatted to other mums (something I wouldn't have done) because you were invited along. I have watched your enjoyment of sports and you've inspired me to try and stay healthy. 

You make me smile every day, even when you're driving me mad. I love your eagerness to learn, your insatiable appetite for books, and your caring and friendly attitude towards others.

At 7 years old you are changing, becoming more independent by the day. I will take advantage of every opportunity to sneak a hug from you while I can before you decide you're too old for it. I will enjoy my chances to play with you with your cars and their tracks. I will take pride in teaching you new things before you think you already know everything.

And above all else I will love you, always.