10 Signs You're (finally) a Grown Up (Transgender Woman)

When I wrote my 10 Signs You're (finally) a Grown Up post I didn't realise how much you would relate to it. I've had so many comments and responses and it is lovely to know that something I wrote resonates with you.

A family member got in touch a few days ago to say that she'd read it too, and that she agreed with it (for the most part) but that there were a few differences for her because she is a transgender woman. As such we talked about it and I decided to invite her to write a guest post, so here she is...

Hi I'm Sionice, one of Morgan's many cousins.


I spent many years either living with her or visiting regularly as a youngster. I grew up in my birth gender of male, however, as Morgan will agree, I blurred the lines severely, usually going to college in heels and eyeliner. 

At the young age of 17 I transitioned and have lived in my correct gender for 17 years now (I know I don't look old enough). I often read Morgan's posts and thoroughly enjoy them but the most recent one (signs you are a grown up) caught my eye and got me to thinking.

For lots of women those signs are very real however for trans women I think the signs are a little different. So in collaboration with Morgan I have come up with these light hearted but very real signs that you are now a grown up (trans woman). 

1. You stop using your relatives'/friends' make up and start buying your own (thanks by the way Morgan!) 

2. Sometimes, just sometimes, when you go out you will wear black tights so you don't have to shave your legs. 

3. When adding to your inevitably large shoe collection you actually try them on before buying them. (This is not to see how comfortable they are, that's still irrelevant, it's purely to check you can get them on) 

4. When buying clothes you think about what you have to go with the item being bought (For years I had a wardrobe bursting with clothes and only ever wore three items out of it). 

5. You buy items of clothing with special care instructions e.g dry clean only or handwash, and ACTUALLY FOLLOW THEM. (If I had a pound for every time I threw a delicate item into a white wash and wept when it came out barbie sized I could buy... well another Angora, handwash-at-10-degrees jumper!) 


6. You stop experimenting with eyeshadow. Lime green is beautiful for a vase, or even a kitchen wall, but on a 34 year old woman... No just No! 

7. You throw clothes away because you've spotted a 20 year old wearing the same thing. Although this is a true sign it is the only one of these that I fail to give in to! My belly jumpers are still a firm favourite much to the bemusement of the public when I eat them! 

8. You realise that you don't HAVE to wear false eyelashes to go to the shop! Painful to come to terms with I know but it's a fact! 

9. Your toenails are only painted regularly between 1st June and 1st October. Yes you will still "top up" the summer pink in November but only on the rare occasion you wear open toe heels for a party. Of course come the middle of December you will paint over in red (or if you're really posh you may even take off the pink and start again) for the Christmas party period.

10. No more hair extensions! The only extensions you dream about go at the back of your house for the walk in wardrobe, full of special-care clothing you want!

And one more just because...

11. Your nails are a practical length. Now I'm not saying they are short **shudders** but you can actually go to the toilet unassisted and can even brush your own (all your own) hair.

Although this is not an exhaustive list it is the basics and if you have read through it and thought yes, yes, yes, then bad news - you're a grown up!

You're in great company though because I am officially a grown up, a grown up with her belly out and silly long nails but a grown up non the less!

**sighs** writing this has made me feel old, I'm going shopping for some lime green eyeshadow!

Thanks for that Sionice, it's so lovely to hear that you read my posts but not only that, I love that one of my posts inspired you to write your own! You really did make my day.


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  1. So made me laugh! Thank you both :) Lime green eyeshadow?! That may be taking the whole grown up thing too far!

  2. Hi Morgan and Sionice, I did laugh at the thought of having help going to the toilet due to having nails of a crazy length (and why not?) and it would take an age to soak off a summers worth of nail polish from toes, so painting over would be the only sensible option.

    As for wearing black tights to cover leg hair, I think that goes for all women (or maybe just the ones I know?).


    1. Definitely Debbie - although you rarely see me out of jeans. :)

  3. Sionice I love yr sense of style, and humour. A great read...you should start a blog! I have an amazing green shimmery eyeshadow by MAC but I must admit, it doesn't often see the light of day anymore!
    Thanks so much for sharing with #coolmumclub ladies xxx

  4. Oh I'm so pleased. I do some of these things and I thought it was lack of time but now I can say it's because I'm grown! #fartglitter

  5. Haha, we are polar opposites- I don't do any of these things. I think I'd benefit from a girly weekend with the gorgeous Sionice.


    1. Hehe, I think we'd all benefit from a girly weekend with Sionice! ;)

  6. Haha! Love it. I thought it was just me who touched up the nail polish on my toes in the winter :-) #fartglitter

  7. Haha - a grown up with her belly out and silly nails sounds like the best sort to me! & the black tights trick is a must do! #fartglitter

  8. This was entirely too cute and funny! I share some of these signs with you, Sionice, but I can still find the commonality and hilarity in the ones that are unique to the transgender woman's experience. Loved this post, and I thank you for sharing! #brillblogposts

    1. Thanks so much Regina, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading. :)


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