Relaxed Performance of Aladdin at Theatre Royal, Nottingham

On Wednesday evening we visited the Theatre Royal in Nottingham to see a Relaxed Performance of Aladdin. It was the first Pantomime I'd seen in a while (we're talking years) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Aladdin on his magic carpet, Theatre Royal, Nottingham

From the moment we sat down in the auditorium you could feel the magic of the Theatre and LP couldn't contain his excitement. There were a few shrieks from him as we sat waiting for the show to start.

Aladdin showing at Theatre Royal, Nottingham until 10th January

To begin with Scherezade (a character in the show) came onto the stage to explain what would happen when the show started. She explained that the lighting would stay on, and the doors would remain open during the show. She also said there were 'chill-out' areas for people to go to if they needed.

Then the show started.

Aladdin was a long show with a 20 minute interval, it started at 7:15pm and finished at 9:40pm. If I was to describe the whole show this post would be a crazy length so instead I'll list the bits I (and my boys) liked best.

Widow Twankey's outfits

Each time Christopher Biggins came back on stage he was wearing something different. Every single outfit had me laughing and some had brilliant little touches.

Christopher Biggins as Widow Twankey in Aladdin.
Just one of many fantastic costumes for Christopher Biggins

LP's reaction to the start of the show

Without giving too much away LP's reaction made my day. With wide eyes he gasped and stared at the stage, then he whispered "AWESOME!"

Interaction with the audience

I know that's what Pantomimes are for but this one felt special somehow.


There were old jokes (I'm talking 20 years old), new jokes, and just plain crazy jokes, but I haven't laughed that hard in ages. There was a particular Frozen joke that the boys loved.

My cheeks are still aching!

Ben Nickless as Wishee Washee in Aladdin.
Ben Nickless was brilliant - I couldn't stop laughing (and nor could he some of the time!)

Song choices

Again some old and some new but they were all entertaining. 

Simon Webbe and Emilie Du Leslay as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.
Aladdin (Simon Webbe) and Princess Jasmine (Emilie Du Leslay) sang awesome duets. 

The Relaxed Performance is targeted towards people with autism and other special needs but I think it would also be good for very young children. 

LP is 6 and with us attending the 7:15pm show it meant he had a late night. If we'd been in a regular performance I would've had to tell him to sit down lots, keep his arms to himself and generally behave. Don't get me wrong, he didn't start running around or anything, but he did get restless. Attending the Relaxed performance was a plus because it eased my stress during the show, I could talk to LP if I needed to.

The name Relaxed Performance was perfect, sitting in the auditorium and during the show everything felt more relaxed. The actors laughed (this just made me laugh harder!), and everyone clearly enjoyed the show.

We had a fantastic time at Theatre Royal, Nottingham and I think the next time a pantomime is in the area I may well be nagged to get tickets.

Aladdin will be showing at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham until 10th January so hurry up and get your tickets - I would highly recommend this show!

I was invited to see Aladdin free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.
All photos courtesy of Theatre Royal, Nottingham.

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