New Year, New Bathroom

I love the New Year, it always feels like a fresh start. Once the kids are back at school I'm eager to get back into routine, start eating healthily and plan my changes for the house.

Home, a house.

Let's face it, when the new year rolls around we all start planning for home improvements. We've already decided that we need to decorate LP's bedroom, it's been on the list for a while. Over the next few months I'll be talking to LP about what he wants and gathering ideas so that when Easter comes around we can get on with it. 

Bedrooms are not my priority though. One thing that has bothered me about our house ever since we moved in (just before BP was born 11 years ago) is our family bathroom. 

The suite is ugly.

I mean, really ugly. I've hated it for 11 years. What makes it so ugly? 

It's green.


Not just green, it's a dark, horrible green.

Ugly Bathroom Suite


Even when it is clean it doesn't look it.

Everything in that bathroom works fine; there are no leaks (that I know of), the shower is fine, and the toilet flushes (when the boys decide to do it that is). I have no reason to replace the bathroom other than its ugliness, but I think it's ugliness is enough. The Hubby doesn't really agree.

It may just be me but I think a bathroom suite should be white, pure sparkling white. When it's clean it shines, and sparkles, and best of all - looks clean! I've tried this kind of argument when trying to convince the Hubby about getting a new bathroom suite but it doesn't work, the colour of suite is not enough to replace the whole thing, apparently.

Minimalist bathroom by Angelina Alekseeva
Now that's a lovely bathroom - check out the white!

I remember a while ago we visited Wales for the weekend and the place we stayed (I can't remember the name of it) had a gorgeous bathroom. It had white sinks, a white toilet, and a white bathtub, the floor was tiled in rustic tiles, the walls were tiled too. It was my perfect bathroom.

So this year, as well as decorating LP's bedroom, I'm hoping I can convince the Hubby that we need a new bathroom. 

I'll start by gathering bathroom ideas, checking out pinterest, looking online at the kinds of bathrooms I love. If I can create enough ideas that he loves perhaps he will relent and we'll get a new bathroom.

All I can do is try right?

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