Hosting Christmas Lunch

Cooking Christmas Lunch is challenging enough when there's four people (me, the Hubby, and our two boys), but this year we invited the Hubby's side of the family. I had 15 people to cook for!

Cooking for 15 people is not easy, I can tell you. On Christmas Eve I was stressing over how I was going to manage to cook everything without letting something go cold.n My brainwave came when I realised that my microwave oven is a Panasonic combination microwave oven. My microwave can be used as an oven, and a fan-assisted oven at that! Luckily that meant I had three ovens for the day and it worked out great. I cooked the Turkey in the large oven, my stuffing and various other things in the small oven, and my roast potatoes in the microwave oven.

As the 15 of us sat down at our dining table pulling crackers and tucking into the Christmas Lunch I'd just dished out I smiled. Yes, it was stressful and hectic but as soon as lunch is on the table the stress is forgotten. Smiles, festive cheer, and lots and lots of laughing followed.

Well that and this...

Frozen Gran Marnier SoufflĂ© 

It is the dessert I made for Christmas Day. 

Again it was very complicated and stressful making it but having the Hubby there to help out (when he wasn't burning milk) was great. The Hubby was brilliant at adding the coulis and fruit while I got on with cooking lunch. We worked as a team and the whole day worked out great.

Once everyone had had their fill of food, wine, dessert, and wonderful company they went home, leaving us and the boys to veg-out on the sofa. 

I'm sure the words "never again" came out of my mouth at some point that day but looking back I'd do it again tomorrow. Regardless of the stress it caused at the time it was fantastic having the family together to enjoy the festive cheer.

How was your Christmas Day, was it nice and quiet or hectic like mine?