Do Mums Do All The Work At Christmas?

I read an article on the Telegraph website today basically saying that mums do all the work at Christmas.

Now although I'm sure that's the case in some households in mine, and many others, it most certainly is not.

My Hubby is a star when it comes to Christmas shopping and wrapping presents. 

'Tis the Season for Pantos!

This is the time of year you'll see advertisements all over the place for Pantomimes. I love Pantos, they're a great way to introduce children to the Theatre.

In Nottingham at Theatre Royal the Panto is Aladdin starring Christopher Biggins, Simon Webbe, and Ben Nickless.

Aladdin Pantomime showing at Theatre Royal Nottingham until 10th Jan 2016.

The last time I went to see a Panto BP was five and it was a trip with his school. Every year I mean to take the boys to see the Panto and never quite get around to doing it.

3 Ways to Spend Time With The Family (away from screens)

This time of year is great, everyone is planning to take time off work and spend time with their family.

3 Ways to Spend Time With The Family (away from screens) | Morgan's Milieu: Spending time with family this festive season is important.

The Hubby isn't going to be working over the festive period which means there'll be lots of time for us all to do things together.

Often though there's that sudden realisation...

What do we do?!

Giving Back This December With #BlogItForward

A couple of weeks ago I was tagged by the lovely Mrs Tubbs over at Someplace Strange and when I clicked to find out what #BlogItForward was I smiled. 

Giving Back This December with #BlogitForward | Morgan's Milieu: Are you going to #BlogitForward this December?

Throughout December Wayfair will donate £50 to Habitat for Humanity for every blog post that includes this badge.


The idea is to give back this Christmas, blog about it, and add the badge to your blog post. 

I had intended to write about me having the Hubby's family over for Christmas lunch but last weekend the boys and I decided to go through all their toys. We had a good clean out and all the toys they no longer play with were put to one side.

An Attitude Shift

Last week I did some exercise!

I know, shock-horror right?!

On Tuesday I woke up so annoyed with myself that I got out of bed, put on my gym clothes and used our cross-trainer. 

An Attitude Shift | Morgan's Milieu: Working out on the cross-trainer was hard work.

It's been sitting there, doing nothing for months and after a chat with the woman at the gym I decided to give it a go. I started with just 10 minutes, figuring I'd build it up like I did with my running earlier in the year.

My Morning

Every weekday I get up at 6:30am (sometimes earlier) and begin my 'working' day. In the two hours between me getting up and taking LP to school I do tons of jobs.

My Morning | Morgan's MIlieu: A mum's chores are never done.

Here's an example of an average morning:

Arise at 6:30am, still dark outside.
Up, dressed and downstairs by 6:45am.
Toast, Orange Juice, and BBC News while I eat breakfast.
BP gets up, requires breakfast (my morning break is now over).
LP gets up, requires breakfast.

The Key to Communication with a Tween

As regular readers will know my eldest, BP, is eleven years old, and that puts him firmly in the Tween camp. 

The Key to Communication with a Tween | Morgan's Milieu: Want to know how to communicate with your tween? Check this post.

I used to joke about him being a tween because although he was meant to be at that stage because of his age he hadn't really reached it.

Well the joke is on me now!

I'm Holding Me Back

Right now I am my own worst enemy.

I get up in the morning with all the good intentions in the world. I want to eat healthily, I want to steer clear of the alcohol and I don't want to touch the chocolate.

I don't know what it is that happens but at some point during the day my determination abandons me and by lunch time I'm starving and digging into a giant Double Decker or having a glass of bourbon after dinner.

My weight last week: 11st 11.6lbs
My weight this week: 11st 13.7lbs

My weight has jumped up again. I'm not winning this battle, to be honest I'm not even fighting.

In my favour I did speak to someone at my local gym last week. She was a lovely woman who explained how things work and told me they run classes too.

I have been missing my yoga class quite a lot. Every Friday morning I would go to a yoga class and absolutely loved it. I found it helped my balance, my posture, and I felt wonderful after being there.

Then it got cancelled.

I haven't looked for any replacement classes since, until I called the gym. I happened to ask about classes and she said they do yoga classes, amongst others. 

I'm hopefully going to a class this evening, to try out. I'll let you know how it goes.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I was tagged by the lovely Agent Spitback in the What Home Means To Me series a while ago and I thought now would be a great time to share my post.

That saying sums it up for me.

As long as I am with my children and the Hubby I am happy.

What I Read November Roundup

Another month has passed and we'll soon be entering 2016, I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. It only seems two minutes ago it was January. 

Anyway, welcome to another roundup - this time of my November What I Read shares.

In What I Read 30 Kirsten hit a new parenting low, Kaye shared what she thinks is the perfect equation of motherhood, and Tayla listed the 10 real reasons why mums blog. Sarah shared Dangermouse's adventures with us, Catie worked out that children torture their parents and @MrsGrohl explained why she wouldn't be getting her tatas out for Breast Cancer.

Trust Yourself

Having a little bundle of joy completely dependent on you is a daunting prospect, throw illness into the mix and it's suddenly terrifying. As a new parent your confidence is shaky.

Trust Yourself | Morgan's Milieu: Feeling confident as a parent is tough - Trust yourself and your instincts.

BP's first proper illness scared me so much I can still remember it now.

How A Mother Can Strengthen The Bond With Her Son

As a mother with sons, sometimes it can be difficult to integrate into their lives as well as you'd like. Young boys are more likely to gravitate towards their fathers due to shared interests. And that, sometimes, can leave you feeling isolated. 

Don't get me wrong, mothers always enjoy a special bond with their sons, but they can't always bond over things so easily.

If you feel as though you're struggling to get involved in your son's life as much as you wish, there are a few steps you can take. Fair warning, though, most of it involves compromise! 

In the end, though, it's definitely worth investing the time and energy. You'll enjoy a more fruitful relationship as a result, and your son will certainly appreciate it! 

Here are the ways you can achieve this.

Am I A Terrorist Sympathiser?

While I was listening to the news this morning I heard something that made me angry.

David Cameron called Jeremy Corbyn, and all other opponents of action in Syria, "terrorist sympathisers". 

David Cameron "Terrorist Sympathiser" comment makes me angry.

I could not believe my ears.

Does that mean I'm a terrorist sympathiser?