A Styling Event with Lands' End

Last weekend I attended my first ever blogger event at Lands' End in Oakham (not the one in Cornwall).

A Styling Event with Lands' End | Morgan's Milieu: Balloons galore at the Lands' End Event.

Although I'd never heard of Lands' End I was excited (and nervous too) to be finding out about them and attending my first event.

It was nice that my first event was so close, Oakham is a little more than an hour away from Nottingham and despite a couple of wrong turns LP and I got there with plenty of time to spare.

As I walked into the large room the Lands' End people had ready, the first thing I noticed was how many people were there. I recognised a few bloggers (from their profile pics), others were a little harder to place. It was all very surreal.

A Styling Event with Lands' End | Morgan's Milieu: Cakes everywhere, including LP's tummy, at the event.

The first thing LP noticed when we walked in was the food and cakes (of course!) and he was eager to start on the sweet stuff. 

After having a coffee (me) and juice (LP), and cakes of course, we got a chance to talk to other bloggers and look around while we waited for everyone to arrive. 

A Styling Event with Lands' End | Morgan's Milieu: A selection of children's clothes at Lands' End.

Lands' End kids range of clothes is brilliant and both LP and I loved these t-shirts (above). The red volcano shirt was LP's favourite, he made me laugh when he saw it because he said Anger (from Inside Out) should wear it - it says "Under Pressure". 

The t-shirts are colourful, brilliant quality, and educational. Yep, that's right - these t-shirts are educational. As you can see on the Structure of the Sun t-shirt, all the parts of the sun are labelled with the correct words. The same goes for the dinosaur t-shirts, on the skeleton one the bones are marked and on the other it has the dinosaur's name and where it lived. There were more too, and they're all on LP's Christmas list.

A Styling Event with Lands' End | Morgan's Milieu: They put on a great lunch for us all.Lunch was served once everyone had arrived and LP and I sat on the floor enjoying our picnic style food. He told me he was already having a great time, personally I think it was all the cake!

After eating lunch (which was yummy) the children headed into the Kids' room. Lands' End had a large room filled with activities for the children. There was a Wii, a movie was playing, a craft table set out with colouring pencils and paper, face-painting, and the room was filled with balloons. As soon as LP and I walked into the room I knew he'd be happy; he immediately ran to the balloons and started playing. 

I took my opportunity to take a look at the Lands' End Clothing, learn a little more about the company and listen to Monique and Helen tell us about the Autumn/Winter range.

Lands' End was founded by Gary Comer in 1963, it's been around for more than 50 years, branching into the UK in 1991. The company started by selling high quality wet-weather gear for sailing but over the years have expanded the range. Now they sell outerwear, knitwear, footwear, they have a big swimwear range in the US, and they have a range of surf and scuba gear coming in Spring.

A Styling Event with Lands' End | Morgan's Milieu: New collection at Lands' End.
The cream jumper and dark skirt here would totally work together, they're on my Christmas list!

Getting to walk around, look at the clothes, even touch them and try them on, was great. I loved the styling and particularly liked the new "moodier" range for this season (pictured above). There were a few things I wanted to add to my Christmas list and I even spotted a few things I'm certain the Hubby would've liked.

The men's range was smart, sophisticated but not overly 'fashion conscious', it had an easy style about it. The kind of clothes you could just throw on and know you'll look good without even thinking about it. Exactly what the Hubby loves; easy to wear, no big logos or emblems, and smart-casual. 

A Styling Event with Lands' End | Morgan's Milieu: Women's style, men's clothes, a great selection.

My favourite item of the day has to be the Grey Luxe Wool/Cashmere Double Breasted Coat (pictured above - bottom right. £190). Soft to the touch, thick enough to keep you warm on a cold winter's day, and smart. 

What more could a girl want?

The kids range blew me away and one feature in particular was the "iron knee" on the trousers. 

An invisible polyester patch that adds double the durability where trousers need it most. 

Both my boys (not just LP) are always crawling around on hands and knees, I've thrown away countless pairs of jeans in the past because of the tears at the knees. This feature was something that piqued my interest, in fact they pretty much guaranteed themselves a sale! 

Lands' End is the kind of place I could go to and buy something for each of us. BP would love the dinosaur t-shirts, LP loves the sun and volcano t-shirts (and took a liking to the black fleece), the Hubby would like any of the jumpers/sweaters and maybe even the coats, and I could spend all day shopping and still want more.

Later in the afternoon we took a boat trip on Rutland Water (somewhere I've never been). It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun shone and LP loved watching the boats float around. 

A Styling Event with Lands' End | Morgan's Milieu: Rutland Belle at Rutland Water, it was brilliant.

After a while the sun went it and there was a slight chill in the air, that's when LP decided that he was cold (he'd left his jumper in the car). I think he was just worn out from all the playing with balloons in the Kids' Room. 

A Styling Event with Lands' End | Morgan's Milieu: LP holding onto his Lands' End coat.
He wouldn't let that balloon out of his sight!

With a very tired LP we headed back to the car with our lovely goody bags from Lands' End (more about this later). I had a wonderful time and got to actually speak to real-life bloggers(!) and LP made friends, played, and wore himself out.

All-in-all a fantastic day out.

I'd like to thank Lands' End and Joe Blogs Bloggers Network for making my first bloggers event very special and enjoyable. 

LP enjoyed it so much he keeps asking me when the next one will be!

Lands' End Discount!

Wait - What?

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