A Tough Decision

As you all know I've been writing a novel for nearly three years. It's been a long time in the making and has gone through various stages but over the past few weeks I've noticed a change and I've made a decision.

Going on walks with my boys makes my day.

Since the February half-term I haven't touched the novel. Not one fresh word has been written, the document hasn't even been opened. 

But the funny thing is I don't feel guilty or sad about it.

Yes, I have an unfinished novel but I also have a growing blog and a happy family.

Ducklings and their mum,
enjoying time together.

When I was trying to finish that novel I wrote constantly, I forced myself to put words on the page. The problem with that was on reading it back I could tell it was forced. It didn't ring true.

I was stressed, trying to think of ways to work out problems in the novel. I worried that I was leaving the blog behind and not 'keeping up with the Joneses'. 

It all became too much.

So, I gave myself a break. I let go and concentrated on what I enjoyed; writing here for Morgan's Milieu.

Since that decision I've noticed a few changes. Two weekends in a row I have spent an entire weekend with my family - not worrying about getting posts done, not stressing about writing a novel, just enjoying time together.

They have been the best!

My boys are happy because mum is doing stuff with them. I am happy because I can enjoy the time with the boys and not be distracted by thoughts of the novel.

Waiting to go in at Alton Towers.

We've enjoyed building K'nex together, we've been out to Alton Towers, and we've spent the day inside (when it was raining) playing Mad Libs.

That time with them is priceless. 

And that is why I'm putting the novel on the back-burner for the time being.

It was a tough decision and it doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing creatively.

I will continue to write. There are loads of linkys that I used to love taking part in and lately I've been missing out. The Prompt run by Sara Murray and Prose for Thought run by Victoria Welton come to mind (not to mention What I'm Writing with Maddy and Chrissie). 

So my plan for the coming months is to continue writing the blog. The creative writing will happen, just not on any schedule. 

I hope you will stick with me.

Check out the CBeebies House at Alton Towers!

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