Limited Edition Disney Steelbook Blu-ray, The Rescuers - Review

I love all the Disney movie classics; Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty & Snow White. The Rescuers is one of my favourites. It is also one of the few Disney movies that the boys haven't seen. When I was offered the opportunity to review this Limited Edition Disney Steelbook I jumped at the chance.

Limited Edition Disney Steelbook Blu-ray, The Rescuers

These Steelbooks are limited run blu-rays in specially designed art cases available at the Zavvi website for varying prices. The Rescuers is available for £13.99 at the time of publishing. They have titles including Snow White, Frozen and Planes and they're becoming quite the collectible. 

The Rescuers Blu-ray
I have to admit my expectations were low, I've seen 'Steelbooks' advertised and they're low quality aluminium cases that are easily dented or broken. But when I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised. Wrapped in cellophane, the Steelbook had been moulded to match the bright picture.

I pulled the cellophane off and held the Steelbook in my hand. Although light it was of better quality than I was used to. Opening the case surprised me because I found only one leaflet inside; a Disney one. Not only that but the inside of the case has a picture on it too!

The steel is thick and the pictures are good quality and brightly coloured. It's a durable case, a bonus on a kid's blu-ray.

As for the movie?

While watching The Rescuers the boys stayed quiet. They didn't move the entire time it played and they loved the movie. 

Not seen The Rescuers? Here's a little blurb:

The story of two mice who are part of the Rescue Aid Society. They search for a little girl who's been kidnapped by unscrupulous treasure hunters. 

It is classic Disney. Check it out!

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  1. Fab review, I want to watch it! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

    1. You should, it's a brilliant movie! xx

  2. These steelbooks sound like a great idea. I have to say that The Rescuers is one that I haven't yet seen - I really must do that one day! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

    1. You really should! It's an oldie so you know it's classic. xx


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