Reading - Pass It On

Me and the hubby love to read. Getting in to a good book, living a different life and experiencing new things through the eyes of a character is brilliant. 
I have read lots of books including the Twilight Saga, the first Dexter book and a few books by Ben Elton. My all-time favourite author is Michael Crichton, his books are always interesting, even the science bits, and they make you think about your ideas about various subjects. 
If you haven't read State of Fear you should, it has some good arguments on both sides of the 'climate change' issues.
Reading - Pass It On | Morgan's Milieu: Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss
LP's favourite book of the moment

Why am I talking about how much I like reading? 
Well I'd hoped that my love of reading would rub off on my children. Big Prince is not much of a reader - he thinks of it as a chore. We've tried to get him interested in various books but nothing seems to grab his imagination. 
I'm hoping a new book I've found will help and before long he'll have the reading bug. Keeping my fingers crossed might help. Maybe.

On the other hand Little Prince has the bug already, he is 5 years old and can't get enough of books. He has a bookcase in his bedroom filled with all kinds of books and he picks one for me to read every night. 
Not only that but whenever I go into his room in the middle of the day I'll find books in his bed (that he's slept on), on the floor by his bed, down the side of his bed and under his pillow. I must pick up twenty books every day! 
Does it annoy me? 
No way. 
I think it's great that LP loves books and I will continue to read stories to him until he asks me to stop. 

I get to enjoy all the classic stories again as I read them to my boy. Last night we read The Gingerbread Man and he read along with me.
LP's favourite book is Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss, his favourite part being the tweetle beetles. If you don't know what I'm talking about you should get this book. It is a tongue twister but great to read.

Big Prince may not want to read (just need to find the right book) but Little Prince does. He can't wait to be able to read himself and I can't wait to listen to him.

Do you have readers in the family? 
What books do your children enjoy?