5 Tips for Coping with Sudden Alone Time

This morning the hubby has headed off to London for an overnight stay. He's working and that means I am suddenly alone in the house. It almost never happens but when it does I struggle, it's like a part of my brain shuts down.

I have an evening planned out and wanted to give you 5 tips for surviving alone time when it is thrust upon you.

1.      Lock away chocolate, crisps, snacks, cakes etc...

I have a tendency to eat whenever the hubby is away. I don't just mean snack either, 4 packs of crisps at least, then a chocolate bar. A coffee and biscuit followed by another pack of crisps. The hubby goes  away and has business meetings in restaurants and I sit at home and eat my way through our cupboards. Ugh!

2.      Do something you enjoy while the kids are at school

I spent an hour playing a computer game this morning. It's time that I should've spent writing or cleaning but I decided to give myself some time to adjust to the quiet. I am now relaxed and ready for the kids coming home.

Listen to music, play games, sit and drink a hot cuppa - go on, you deserve it.

3.     Plan something for you and the children to do together

Me and the boys are going to be watching Frozen this evening. They love having a movie night and were excited when I told them. It gives them a chance to wind down before bed time, they get to munch on goodies and I get to forget about being alone for a couple of hours. Win.

4.     Use time for hobbies

I love reading and sketching (sometimes). When the kids go to bed I may get out my pencils and sketch something. Or I might read my book. Or I could write more. The possibilities are endless. 

5.     Wind down

Watch an adult movie alone (perhaps not a horror) and pour a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Allow yourself to be taken into the movie and forget. Enjoy your wine/coffee, snuggle under a blanket and cry your eyes out at the girly movie you chose (c'mon, you know you did).

Every single one of these things are on my list and I'm hoping that I'll still be sane this time tomorrow. Wish me luck!

How do you cope with sudden alone time?

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