A Knock

These last few days I've been finding it difficult to write so this morning I was trawling the internet for inspiration. Some people say if you're not 'feeling' it then don't force it but I think sometimes you just need to try and push past the block.

Greyscale pvc door

After a couple of hours I managed to find a prompt site and was half inspired by one of the prompts so here we go, here's what I came up with.

A knock on the door in the middle of the night is never a good thing...

I pried my eyes open wondering what the hammering was. The boom echoed through the house and I heard the door shaking in its frame. I glanced at the clock, 3am, and heaved back the covers, huffing. Three bangs again and I grabbed my dressing gown, slipped it on and ran down the stairs. I knew he’d do it again, just as soon as he said he’d be going out with friends. Another late night, him banging on the door because he couldn’t find his keys. Stumbling into the house with his arms flailing as he tried to kiss me and tell me he was sorry, again. It was getting old.

He banged on the door again and I swore, if he woke the kids up he would suffer. It took me 3 hours to get Sam to sleep. The last thing I needed now was for him to be woken up. The keys jangled as I grabbed them and turned them in the keyhole. The bracing wind blew in, sending goosebumps over my body, as I opened the door. Half asleep I stepped back with the door wide open.

“Um, Miss?”

I looked at the person standing in my doorway. The yellow hi-vis jacket stunned me and when I looked at his face my heart jumped into my throat.

“Are you Mrs Kent?” The policeman said.


“Mrs Kent, I’m afraid your husband has been involved in an incident.”

“Oh great.”

My shoulders sagged and I began cursing him under my breath. I’d have to get the kids up and go fetch him.

“What’s he done this time?”

“Um, Mrs Kent… He didn’t do anything. Earlier this evening he was stabbed and rushed to hospital.”


“I’m sorry Mrs Kent but he didn’t make it.”


My head was spinning. Did he really just say that?

It's not much but I've tried.

What do you do to try and banish the block? Do you have a trick you'd like to share with the rest of us who are struggling? Please?



  1. I find getting someone to suggest a topic to write about can be very useful. Just forces you to be creative. #mmwbh

    1. That's a good idea, thanks John.

  2. There is a lot of blog topic list sites that I have found in the passed when I have experienced a 'block' but then I end up just thinking of my passed and remembering certain times in my life that I think or hope people would enjoy to read about. Thanks for linking up to the #madmidweekbloghop

    1. I think sometimes no matter how many sites you look at or how many hours you scan your brain for ideas it just doesn't work. I'm kind of having that at the moment. Not great but I'm sure it will pass... Thanks for stopping by. xx


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