Epcot, Walt Disney World

Ok, here we go. My plan is to post at least once a week at the start of the week and I’ll go through all of the Disney parks first then move on to others.This series of posts will take a while to get through but hopefully when it’s finished you’ll have some useful information about the theme parks in Orlando. I’m going to start with our favourite park, Epcot. Epcot has been the park we’ve visited most the last three times we’ve been to Orlando and it continues to be our favourite. There is so much there for all the family, from the very youngest to the oldest and if I’m honest I don’t know if we would ever get bored of it. 

Spaceship Earth from inside the park

When you walk into Epcot the very first thing you’ll see is what looks like a huge golf ball (that’s it in the pic), this is Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth is a ride that takes you on a journey through time and is great when you need a little rest. The ride lasts for about 15 minutes and keeps the kids quiet because there’s lots to see and listen to. One of the best tips I can give at this point is don’t go straight into the queue, most people do and that makes it busy. If you wait until you’re on your way out later in the day the queue will be almost non-existent and you’ll be on the ride within about 5 minutes.

JAMMitors, Future World

Another good ride at Epcot is Ellen’s Energy Adventure and this one gives you a decent break, it’s 45 minutes long. You join Ellen DeGeneres on a journey learning about energy, my kids loved it because they got to see dinosaurs! Our two favourite rides are ones that get very busy, the queues can reach 120 minute waits, sometimes longer. The first is Soarin’ where you hand glide over California enjoying glorious views, it is truly breathtaking. This is a ride that younger children can go on but they do have to be 102cm or 40” tall, my four-year old said he liked it because he was flying. Our second favourite ride at Epcot is Test Track, which Disney just recently updated. On entering the queue you get to see lots of concept cars, look inside them and design your own. The height restrictions for this ride are the same as Soarin’ but this one is a little more intense. You take a ride in your own concept car and put it through it’s paces, it’s an exciting ride that my boys loved.