A Revelation

I hate chores. The ones that we have to do every day as mothers, washing, ironing, all of it. If there’s one room that never (and I mean never) looks clean is the kitchen. No matter how hard I try it will stay looking clean and tidy for all of about 10 mins and that’s when I keep the children out and don’t make a cup of tea or coffee for at least that long. It’s the room I spend most of my time in yet I can’t keep it the way I want. Things always get in the way.

My toast making facilities

Well, on Saturday I spent all afternoon cleaning my kitchen. Yep, that’s right… all afternoon. When I was finished I was quite pleased with myself and decided to have a cup of tea. The funny thing is that now I’ve started to change my routine, instead of placing the tea bag in it’s bag holder and leaving it there I put it straight in the bin. When I’d finished with my spoon I put it straight in the dishwasher. At dinner time I made dinner and resigned myself to the fact that there was no way the kitchen would stay tidy but again my routine changed. While waiting for the kids fish fingers to cook I washed the pans and things and dried them and put them away! The kids ate their dinner and their plates could go straight into the dishwasher, just like my spoon earlier. When I looked at my kitchen once dinner was all finished with I was surprised to find it in the same state I’d left it. My counter tops were still sparkling, there were no dirty plates left on the side and no pots waiting to be washed. OMG!

I can't believe I'm raving about 
a tidy kitchen!
Onto Sunday morning and I woke up and entered my kitchen and smiled. It was still tidy. I could make breakfast without having to reach over dirty plates or move things out of the way so I could butter some toast. It was all so easy. Who knew?! Here’s the thing, I thought it would be so hard to keep it looking nice but actually it isn’t. All day yesterday I told the kids to put their dirty things into the dishwasher, I washed pans when I had the opportunity and I kept my tea making ventures tidy.

This morning I walked into my kitchen with a huge smile on my face because I knew what I’d be walking into. It made me realise something… I’m growing up! I’ve taken that step and realised that with just a little work every now and again I can keep that clean, sparkling kitchen. I know this is quite a boring thing to rave about but being a SAHM sometimes it’s the littlest things that have the biggest impact on us. :)