Chocolate, Alcohol and a Choice

Since the end of the Christmas holidays me and the hubby have been on a weight loss campaign. We have a holiday planned for Summer 2013 and we both want to be at our goal weight by then. This is the fourth time (I think) we’ve done it and so far I’ve never managed to reach my goal. 

Morgan's Milieu | Chocolate, Alcohol and a Choice: Latte and biscuits.

Previously we have tried various techniques to lose weight, every time opting to do lots of exercise as well as eating differently. I have always found it very difficult and watch as the weight drops off the hubby. I believed it was because I’m a woman and it is harder for us to shift that excess fat. However, this time things are a bit different.

Since Christmas I’ve lost about 35 pounds and I’m still going! This is the best I have ever done and for some reason, this time, the weight is dropping off me. There are so many things that are different this time, for example I’m not really doing any exercise (unless you consider housework exercise but I’m guessing not). All I have done is reduce my portion sizes, I’m past half way to my goal and I think I might actually reach it this time!

I think all the difficulties on previous efforts stem from my ignorance. All the times we’ve tried to lose weight before I’ve eaten the same amount as the hubby. We would each have half of whatever I was cooking. I never considered that I was eating far too much for my size (5feet 5inches tall) and I would complain about his success, not understanding why it was so difficult for me. 

After realising what I was doing wrong and adjusting portion sizes it’s much easier. I don’t expect to be able to get to my target weight without doing any exercise but so far I’m liking that I can lose the weight without much effort. I feel so much better, I can fit into some of my good clothes again and I look forward to being able to do some jogging on the treadmill without all my wobbly bits attempting to punch me in the face! 

With all the magazines, TV, internet etc, spouting about weight loss and obesity it can get many of us down. Some people try to lose weight because they think it will please others. People can become so obsessed with their food intake they end up with a problem like anorexia. Society is so worried about having a country full of fat people that it has forgotten that we are human. 

I’m losing weight because I wasn’t happy as I was. I was tired all the time, had no energy and couldn’t play with the kids when I wanted to. I couldn’t find any clothes that I liked to wear and was generally unhappy. Losing half of my target has made me much happier.  I’m losing the weight because I want to not because I’m being told I should.

We should all be less concerned about telling others what they should or shouldn’t do. We control what food we put into our bodies and  we’re all aware that if we eat lots of McDonalds Big Macs we may well get fat. In order to avoid that we need will power, we need to make a choice, the Big Mac or a healthy meal at home. The healthy meal is good for us but the Big Mac is more appealing. Either way it is a choice we have to make for ourselves, we have no one else to blame for what we eat.

I was fat. Still am, but now I'm happier. I'm losing weight and can still have the occasional chocolate biscuit.

Sometimes it’s ok to eat chocolate and drink alcohol, it’s all about personal choice.