Thank You

So far on this blog I’ve not made a big thing about my writing, it’s just something I do to keep the boredom at bay and hold on to my sanity. When the idea first struck me I thought I’d give up before I finished anything but it seems to have stuck and I keep going. 

Morgan's Milieu | Thank You: My new toy, a Macbook Air.

To be honest I’m just kind of winging it. I’ve written one novel that is in the editing stages and half-written two others - one abandoned and the other I’m currently working on. I try to fit in the writing whenever I can but sometimes the chores of motherhood get me down. 

Well… not motherhood, more housewife chores, the constant tidying, hoovering, polishing, washing clothes, all those things that no one else does. I look at my house and see piles of clothes ready to wash, notice the dust that has settled on the surfaces and see the dishes ready to be put into the dishwasher and a darkness descends around me. 

Why can’t someone else do it for a change? Why am I the one everyone turns to?

Instead of asking for help I keep quiet. I put the dishes in the dishwasher, put the clothes in the washing machine and grab the duster and polish, all the time muttering to myself. I end up feeling angry and I have no idea why. After all, it’s my own fault for not asking for help, right? The problem with asking for help is I feel guilty. The Hubby works (well someone has to!) and the kids, well they’re just kids. So either way, whether I ask for help or not, I end up feeling bad.

The writing has been like having a therapist and even if I don’t write down what I’m feeling, the process of typing words into the computer helps. It’s turned into something that I need to do. 

Morgan's Milieu | Thank You: A hot cup of tea.
The fact that the Hubby is taking it seriously helps too. He’s spent time and money making sure I can work to the best of my ability. He came up with a genius plan for keeping the house tidy, it’s a sticker chart for the kids. Every day they have to put all their toys away before going to bed, if they can do this they get a sticker and once they get 10 stickers we can all go out for a meal. They get to choose where we go and the current aim is TGI Fridays and they have 8 stickers. I can’t believe it’s been working as well as it has but I think it’s wonderful. It means that I can walk around the house first thing in a morning and see that it’s tidy. I can have a cup of tea knowing that there’s not hours of work before I can sit in front of the computer. It brightens my day so much.

That’s not the only thing the Hubby did. He bought a new iMac recently and I was delighted when he said I could use the old one, it meant I could get a new program I’ve been wanting for ages and perhaps even get more writing done. Then, last weekend, we took a trip to PC World and he surprised me by buying a new Macbook Air! Wow! I’d been saying how much I love working on the iMac but it’s a bit uncomfortable sitting at the dining table and that was his solution. Now I’m sitting on our recliner in the lounge with the Macbook Air on my lap writing this blog post.

Sometimes I focus on the wrong things, like getting worked up about having to do housework. It’s just one of those things and seeing as I don’t have to go to work I think it’s okay that everyone expects me to take care of them. That’s my job. I’m a mother and housewife and that’s what we do, but we also need time for ourselves. Everyone needs private time, a time to think or do something they enjoy and having an understanding partner makes all the difference.

In the last few weeks I’ve gone from having hardly any time for my writing to being able to write as much as I choose to and that’s all thanks to the Hubby. So, here’s to all the understanding husbands and wives out there who do all they can to support their partners. Even if that’s just making them a cup of tea in the morning. 

Thank you x