The Flu Bug. Pah!

OK. So I'm sitting here with a tap running inside my nose, barbed wire attached to the inside of my throat and a head filled with cotton wool. I feel awful. It's dinner time, or at least it soon will be and when it comes around I will be expected to walk into the kitchen and cook something delicious. I would much rather go to bed and drink a hot cuppa.

Morgan's Milieu | The Flu Bug. Pah!: A hot cup of tea and a notebook.

I have two children and the days each of them arrived in this world will stay with me forever. Not because I love them and they mean the world to me (which is obviously the case!) but because it was a harrowing experience. My first born gave me 17 hours of labour, the second about 7. Before having children I never imagined what power my body had and even now I forget. A baby came out of me. Out of that small hole. Ouch! Thinking about it makes me squeeze my legs together!

Even when the children are here and the labour is over the pain doesn't stop. We bleed for a whole week each month, and for the most part don't complain (although I do my fair share of complaining at times). We take endless pills or injections or go through embarrassing examinations to prevent having any more children and we continue, regardless of how we're feeling.

Being a mother and a wife denies you the right to be ill. If I am out of bed, I am able to tend to my motherly/wifely duties. Forget about receiving any sympathy. The opposite sex seem unable to feel this particular emotion. You could look like a zombie and the family would still expect to be fed and watered at regular intervals throughout the day. But when the other half is ill it is completely different. You are expected to take care of them, bringing medicine/tablets when needed and making sure they are nice and cosy in bed or laying on the sofa. For men, being ill is usually the end of the world and no one could ever feel as bad as they do at that moment. Sometimes it really annoys me.

Then I realise that I'm a woman. My body has been made to endure so many things and a simple flu bug will not defeat me. Yes, I feel like my head is about to explode and my legs and arms feel 20 pounds heavier than usual, but I will go on. I will cook dinner and clean the house and take care of the children, just like always. I've survived giving birth. Twice. I've survived the monthly blood loss and I will survive the flu bug. This thing will not defeat me because I am a woman and I am stronger. I will feel bad for a few days and will sleep (hopefully) it off at night. 

As bad and annoying as it is being ill and being a mother remember one thing... You have been through much worse!