Stuck in the Past?

I was talking to the Hubby recently about writing advice. I told him I'd noticed most advice says I should carry a notebook and pen around with me to write down ideas. This is good advice except for one thing, why does it have to be a notebook and pen?

I like to go for walks and throughout the summer, while the kids were off school, we took them for walks along the canal and through the countryside. It was really useful for me, it allowed my creative energies to flow. Carrying a notebook and pen was annoying.

Walking and writing aren't compatible and stopping every few seconds to write down an idea is frustrating. A few times I forgot the notepad and pen and by the time I got home I'd forgotten my brilliant idea. Losing notes was another problem. I wrote on anything I could get my hands on, including receipts from the supermarket, but they would get lost. 

"There has to be a better way." I thought.

It was when I started using the Hubby's iPhone 3GS that I noticed a useful App. Notes - it allows you to write anything in a document and it's saved onto your phone. Instead of carrying around a notebook and pen I just take my phone, which I take everywhere anyway. It's a lot easier to type out a note on my phone. Many phones these days have a voice recorder and if you don't want to type then you can dictate the note instead. Or you can use Siri on the iPhone 4S. I often hear the Hubby muttering something into his phone. It responds politely, informing him that it has done what he asked.

Siri, what can I help you with?

Much of the advice many experienced writers are giving out is dated. Most young writers would prefer to use their phone. Notes on a device are easily stored, can be copied to another device and accessed anywhere. I won't forget my phone when I leave the house and I'm not likely to lose it either. At least I hope not!

Progress is a good thing, it makes our life easier. I don't have the problems writers like William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens must have experienced. I can concentrate on creating my fictional world rather than remembering to make copies of my manuscript or saving my documents. Using a pen and paper doesn't make you a writer any more than using a saucepan and spoon makes you a chef. For me, using a computer or phone is necessary. I'm in favour of anything that makes a writer's life easier. 

All I need now is for someone to invent a 27 hour day and I'll be set.

Do you use pen and paper or are you a techie?

A Green and Rosie Life