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Well it's half term this week so I've had the boys at home and it's been a bit of a pain keeping them busy. I never enjoy February half term, the weather isn't great and it seems to early to have a school break - or is that just me? To be honest they were ready for a break, I think it's just this time of year when the weather is still rainy and dull outside it makes it harder to think of things to do. I cannot wait to see more of the sun!

We haven't done much of anything this week, stayed at home mostly (I've had lots of stuff going on). But the boys have been happy that they can play their games so I guess that's good. It was Hubby's birthday yesterday so we went out for dinner - to Chino Latino in Nottingham. It's our favourite restaurant and we introduced LP to it on my birthday and he LOVED it. He liked that he got to try lots of different foods all at once so he couldn't wait to go back. 

Food is not just eating energy. It's an experience. 

Guy Fieri

We've been planning some of our Walt Disney World trip the last few weeks too. It's the kind of holiday where you need lots of planning, booking restaurants, thinking about what you might want to do on a particular day, checking out the opening hours of the parks, etc, so we've been getting that done. It gets me quite excited thinking about that holiday, spending so much time in the glorious Florida sun with no thoughts about work, cleaning, or anything other than having a great time. I cannot wait!

Gorgeous colourful flowers we see at Epcot every time we go!

Have your kids been on half term this week or are they back at school now?

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