10 ways you can feel better in 10 minutes!

Being a mum can strip you of your energy, leave you wiped out and disorganised. From spending every waking moment taking care of others to tackling the washing pile that is looking more like Everest every day. And it wouldn't be too bad, if it wasn't for the fact that you never get time to yourself. Just 10 minutes to yourself can feel impossible, but if you can swing it, here's 10 ways you can feel better in 10 minutes.

Take a shower

A simple (and quick) shower may be all you need to feel better. Wash away the day, or start the day right, and give yourself 10 minutes to enjoy the peace.

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. 


Clear out a kitchen cupboard

It sounds dull, I know, but clearing out a cupboard can be therapeutic. Recently I decluttered a cupboard where I'd been old baby cutlery - can you believe I still had sippy cups and bottles?! I was so ashamed!
Clearing out that cupboard felt so good. I got rid of things I didn't need and made space for the things I use every day. Not only did I get extra space but I've saved myself time by being able to put useful items in a more useful and accessible place. It brightened my day and made me feel like I'd done something productive.

So why not pick one a cupboard you've been meaning to clear out and get on with it. You'll be surprised by how happy it'll make you.

Sort out your wardrobe

Keep season-appropriate clothes in your wardrobe and put the rest away. Throw away clothes you haven't worn in years, anything you'll never wear again, to make space for new purchases! We all like an excuse to go shopping right?!

My organising your wardrobe you're going to feel better in 10 minutes and you're giving yourself an opportunity to go shopping. Win, Win!

Plan a room makeover

Whether it's a real makeover plan or just for fun, planning what you'll do will make you feel both motivated and happy. Choosing paint or wallpaper, or adding your own unique touch to your home, is a wonderful feeling. Picking out furniture or ornaments, flowers or paintings, it's all fun.

Even more fun is planning what you would do with a room if budget wasn't an issue. Let your imagination run wild, pick out everything you always wanted and dream big!

Put on make-up

A touch of foundation, mascara and lipstick. That's what I do. If I'm feeling down, or a tad sorry for myself, I put on make-up. I may be feeling rubbish but I can at least look a little better.

Simple, easy, and you'll be done in less than 10 minutes!

Sit and have a cuppa

No kids (if you can manage it!), just you, your cuppa, and peace. Don't put the TV on. Just sit and enjoy the quiet while having a cup of your favourite drink.

Sitting quietly is not something us mums get to do very often so when you do, enjoy it. Take full advantage of 10 minutes and help yourself feel better.

Go for a walk

Fresh air, the great outdoors, nature... it can inspire and brighten your mood. A walk through the woods or at your local park will give the children time to run around but also give you the freedom to breathe fresh air without listening to whining.

I love the occasional walk, especially if it's somewhere the boys can run off for miles (as long as I can still see them). If you're in the Nottingham area Wollaton Park is great, the kids can run off as far as they like and you can still see them.

Go somewhere you can look at the scenery and smile. Trees, gardens, flowers, anything that makes you smile.

10 minutes for your hobby

If it's card-making, plan your next card. Sketching? Start your next project or continue your current one. Have 10 minutes doing something you love and wait for the stress to melt away.

If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax. 

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Whenever I'm feeling like I need a time out I take a 10 minutes (sometimes less than 10) and plan my next project. Sketching, card-making, or even writing, it doesn't matter - as long as I get time to myself doing something I love, I know I'll be happy.

Research a new hobby

As a mum you tend to forget who you are when those little bundles of joy come along. It's so easy to look after the little ones and forget that you used to love doing something. You don't allow time for yourself and as a result all those hobbies you had disappear.

Take 10 minutes, whenever you can, to find a new hobby. If you don't have any idea what to do then search the internet, you could even check out my post on hobby ideas. Think of the things you enjoy doing and see if there's a hobby that incorporates those things.

My hobbies include card-making, sketching, and writing. I get plenty of time for most of them but even when the boys are at school every day I make sure to get some time doing what I love.

If all else fails...

Lock yourself in the bathroom and put earplugs in. Take a book or a kindle with you, your phone even, and read or browse Facebook while getting 10 minutes to yourself. Try to forget about being 'mum' for a while.

Being a mum is a 24/7 job, but that doesn't mean you're not entitled to breaks. Take 10 minutes for yourself - you, and your family, will feel better for it!

How do you make yourself feel better in 10 minutes?