Me & Mine

I’m Morgan Prince and I am a stay-at-home mum and have been ever since Big Prince was born. After years of trying I’ve finally managed to get into a routine and can usually keep the house tidy as well as taking care of the family and writing.

Celebrating BP's birthday in Orlando.
Three other Princes live in the house with me:

LP playing with a fire hydrant at Universal Studios
Little Prince is the one who drives me crazy most days with his constant jumping about the house and requests to play outside even when the rain is coming down so fast it seems like someone is just pouring it out of a jug. He is also the one who entertains us all, he’s confident, loud and loves a good dance. He likes football, fighting with his brother and Skylanders.

BP looking towards Morocco, Epcot
Big Prince is just entering that ‘tween’ stage which means lots of strops and sulking. I’m doing my very best to cope. He is the quieter one but does like a run around occasionally. On most days though he would much prefer to stay indoors where he can draw or play games on the Xbox 360 or Wii U. He hates anything that has lots of legs and is completely flustered by dogs.

My three boys wandering
Hubby (Prince) is a very talented computer programmer who has spent his entire (almost) working life making games. He has had various success and is currently working in the mobile gaming sector (eg. iPad, Android devices). He works at home so I get to see him all the time and he enjoys being around for the boys. He loves nothing more than a good film and a bourbon and coke to drink at the end of a taxing day.

We are a household of Disney lovers and have visited Walt Disney World, Orlando, we’d probably move there if it wasn’t so hot in the summer! We love going for long walks together and letting the boys wander into woods to explore and we enjoy playing board games like monopoly, although that does sometimes end in tears (BP’s usually - he doesn’t like to lose).

As for me? Well I’m the only woman in this house full of gamers and I guess that gaming instinct had to rub off. I like the Lego games and Mario games, especially Lego Harry Potter for the Xbox. I love writing and quiet time. In fact I NEED quiet time in order to keep hold of that last remnant of sanity, I’m clinging to it for dear life - hence the blog. I’m a very quiet and private person which some people translate as offhand or ignorant but when I get to know someone I like to consider them a friend for life. 

Hey, I know - let’s make friends!