How to create zones to organise your home

Having an organised home can make the difference between feeling overwhelmed by everything or feeling like you've got it all together. Being organised isn't about having a clean and tidy home all the time either, your home can be a mess but also be organised - and being organised is what makes your home easy to tidy. That's why creating zones to organise your home can transform your days.

Back when my boys were younger (they're now 10 and 15) I was the overwhelmed stay-at-home mum. My house was persistently untidy, I felt like it was all too difficult to keep on top of and most of the time just gave up. I would tidy the boys' toys and try to keep some sort of order but inevitably it didn't work and I ended most days with a list of jobs to do that I was never going to get through. 

How To Create Zones To Organise Your Home |  Get the kitchen shelves organised and you'll smile every time you see them.

Then one day I decided to have a play zone in my home - an area where I would keep all the toys and the boys could get out as many things as they liked, and I could still tidy up in a short time and have at least some order in my home. With boxes to keep toys, and plenty of space for the boys to play, it was an easy thing to do, and actually transformed how I managed my home.

Organising is a journey, not a destination.


After that I used the same idea for the rest of my home. I had zones around my home, for dining, for sleeping, for gaming, all the things we loved to do had an area in which to do it. I organised everything so that it was easier to clean, I made it easier on myself to tidy up and then I found I had more time! Having more time by creating zones I organised my home and it made my life so much easier.

How to create zones to organise your home

  • Think about your home. Sit down and think about how you use the areas of your home - where you eat, how you use the lounge, the best places your kids play, etc. 

How To Create Zones To Organise Your Home | Sit and write a plan.

  • Make a list of the different areas you need. After you've thought about your home work out what areas you'll need. Play area for the kids, somewhere you want to sit and chill out without worrying about the kids' toys. For example, we have an area the kids play and a separate area where we sit and watch TV. The two don't mix.

  • Take a moment to identify storage solutions that will help you keep your zones organised. Think about how you would store the kids' toys, think about what kind of storage might help you keep things organised. 

How To Create Zones To Organise Your Home | Keep everything in place.

  • Decorate the zones. In the kids play area put bright pictures on the wall, make it look like a kids' play area and your kids will love it. If you have an area you like to sit and chill, make it a lovely place to do so. Hang things on the walls, decorate with scents or cushions. 

Organise each zone in your home

  • Lounge / Chill out area. The place you sit and chill, the place you entertain guests. No toys, no clutter. In my lounge I have a coffee table on which stands a lovely flower arrangement (faux of course). Coasters to keep mugs and glasses from ruining the table, somewhere to keep remotes for the TV, and cushions on my sofa all make it a lovely place to sit and drink my coffee each morning while I watch news on the TV.

Clutter is nothing more than postpones decisions.

Barbara Hemphill

  • Kids / play area. Think about how you want to store your kids' toys. It could be a toy box, a shelving unit, or a unit that holds many toy boxes. In my boys' area I have a few different storage solutions including a toy basket, and a unit that holds boxes full of toys. Make sure you choose the storage that works for you.

  • Kitchen / dining area. The place you do all your food preparation, eating, etc. Again my storage solutions vary. In my fridge I have a place I can keep cans so they don't take up a lot of space. In my cupboards there are wire shelves so I can have a little more storage room on the taller shelves. I've organised the cupboard I keep my coffee too - it's really helped keep me organised. I know where everything goes and it looks so much better than it did. 

How To Create Zones To Organise Your Home | Get organised, and you'll get more time for you!

Once you have your home zones sorted and your organisation solutions in place you can begin to think about how you keep your home organised. I find it's best to stay on top of things by doing the cleaning little and often. I spend about 10-15 minutes in a morning cleaning my kitchen and this keeps it clean and organised so I don't need to worry about it come meal time at the end of the day. This also gives me the time to spend on other chores around the rest of my home. So why not take a little time to work out what your routine could be to get your home organised.

Have you created zones to organise your home?

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