How To Celebrate Your Teen's Birthday

With my eldest turning 15 this year it was difficult to work out how to celebrate. As teens our kids tend to want to do their own thing. They don't like the parties at soft play like they used to, having friends around for tea and cake isn't cool enough, and the idea of having a family party makes them run in fear. But there are ways you can celebrate your teen's birthday - you just have to ask them!

How To Celebrate Your Teen's Birthday | A cake of macaroons?

Start planning your teen's birthday celebrations

First of all work out when you'll be celebrating, that way you can put it in your calendar and plan around it. Weekends are best, that way if your teen wants to invite friends they're likely to be free. But if you can't manage the weekend then you'll have to try to make a weekday work.

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

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Talk to your teen about how they want to celebrate. Do they want to invite friends over? Do they want to go to a restaurant? Maybe they'd enjoy just hanging out in their room? By talking to your teen about what they want to do you can plan the food and any other treats - like these cupcakes by Yumbles.

How To Celebrate Your Teen's Birthday | Cupcakes are so much cooler than birthday cakes.
Cupcakes are so much cooler than birthday cakes!


Entertainment is key when it comes to celebrating your teen's birthday. From listening to music to playing games, and everything in between you really are best talking to your teen about what they'd like. 

A few ideas for you:

  • Movies - let the teens watch a movie. Make sure you get popcorn, snacks, and drinks in so they can be left alone to enjoy the movie.

  • Video games - Teens usually get into it when playing but you could leave a bowl of snacks on the table for them.

  • Listening to music - When they're listening to music they usually like to chat too. Snacks are always a good bet and give them a free room if you can.

  • Restaurant outing - They will all enjoy going out for a meal, but be sure to choose somewhere everyone will enjoy. A few of our favourites include TGI Fridays, Frankie & Benny's, and Wagamama.

Use your teen's birthday as an excuse to chat

Talking to your teen can be tough sometimes, especially with all those hormones raging. I find the best time to talk to my teen is when he's in a good mood, so what better time to talk to them than on their birthday?

Of course I'm not suggesting you burst into their birthday celebrations with their friends and start asking them personal questions, but you could take the opportunity to laugh and chat to them and their friends.

Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It's all about the memories.

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How we celebrated our teen's birthday

For BP's 15th birthday he wanted to invite friends over to go in the pool. We ordered pizza from our local delivery place and they all had fun playing video games and laughing in the lounge while I stayed out of the way. It was more like a gathering rather than a party but it was just what BP wanted. Add to that the cupcakes from Yumbles - which were SO tasty (I may have sneaked one!) and they could be ordered ahead of time.

How To Celebrate Your Teen's Birthday | Cupcakes from Yumbles - are yummy!
The cupcakes were yummy!

Yumbles is great for things like birthday cupcakes but that's not all they do. They also have chocolates, snacks, and they have a whole range of gluten free and free from products. If you're looking for some great treats check out Yumbles.

How will you celebrate your teen's birthday?

* I was sent the cupcakes for purpose of review. All opinions are my own.