Self Love Made Simple: Start Treating Yourself Today

We all lead increasingly hectic, constantly connected lives which can leave being kind to ourselves at the bottom of a very long list. Taking time out to manage our own physical and mental wellbeing can seem like a luxury, when actually it's fundamental to our ability to care for others. When we choose to be kind to ourselves, life becomes lighter and we often see an improvement in our focus and relationships having recharged our batteries. As a popular modern saying runs, you wouldn't let your phone run out of battery, so why do you let the same happen to yourself? Making a positive change can feel like yet another effort that you don't really have time for. But by changing one simple thing each week, you can begin a journey of self-care that will serve you extremely well. 

Feed Your Soul

We never neglect to nourish our bodies, but nourishing our souls - through art, culture, great conversations, music and literature - is something we can easily forget to do. Spending just 15 minutes in the morning absorbed in something beautiful that uplifts you can feel hugely restorative when you're feeling burnt out and jaded. It could be listening to some classical music, reading a chapter of a self-help book or taking the time to call an old friend - just a few minutes will full up your cup with positivity. 

Smarten Up

Taking care over your appearance is often perceived as shallow, when actually it's a vital form of self-respect. That doesn't mean dressing to the nines in the latest couture. It means looking your best to feel your best - in comfort and style. Booking in for that manicure, looking into meeting with a cosmetic dentist, or even clearing out your underwear drawer and replacing all those sad, greying bras and pant with well fitting nice sets in a beautiful bright colour can give you a boost. 

Choose Your Friends Wisely

We all know people who make us feel a certain way. Instead of lifting us up, we emerge from encounters with these so-called friends feeling drained, self-conscious and resentful. Cutting out toxic relationships is not an easy process, but it is one which can make a fundamental difference to your life. Without those negative influences in your day-to-day world, how much energy would you claim back to put towards positive actions? 

Be Present

A huge reason why anxiety and stress are becoming so prevalent in our society is that we're mentally pulled in so many different directions at once. Learning to be more present can have a transformative effect on our interpersonal relationships - helping us become a better parent and friend - and our mental load. Try downloading a mindfulness app and using it each evening before bed to help you recognise your own needs and tune in to what your body is telling you. Many people also find that practicing yoga or simply setting aside time for a candlelit soak in the tub without any distractions, digital or otherwise, can give them the headspace they need to exist not in the future or the past, but simply in the here and now.