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How did the Easter school holidays treat you? Or perhaps the kids are still on holiday?

My two went back to school on Monday and I'm happy to have a little peace, although we did have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. We did lots of walking, took the boys to Park Hall in Stoke-on-Trent to walk around, and visited family. It was great. The weather helped of course, and it made me look forward to the summer.

On the other hand though, like I said it's nice to have some peace. And getting the house back in order is taking a little longer than I thought it would. That's the trouble with school holidays, everything suffers but particularly the cleaning. We're so busy going out and having fun that the house doesn't get cleaned. Never mind though, at least we're having fun eh?

How did you enjoy the Easter Holidays?

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Teach your kids what stay-at-home mums do

How many times have you told someone you're a stay-at-home mum and seen their eyes glaze over? Isn't it about time we taught our kids what a stay-at-home mum does? We need to be teaching them it's just as important as being a high-flying executive with a high paying job.

As a stay-at-home mum I am at home all the time - it's in the job title. But, I'm not the kind of person that cleans all day, or even who's entire life is about my kids. I am me - Morgan. I am a writer, an artist, I love music, and nothing makes me smile more than a good coffee first thing in a morning. And yes, I am also a stay-at-home mum. I cook the meals, clean the house, and take my youngest to school every day. So why is the fact that I'm a stay-at-home mum what defines me?

What stay-at-home mums do...

So the presumption when you tell someone that you're a stay-at-home mum is that all you do is change nappies, clean the house, and watch daytime TV (🙄). And it's even worse when you have kids who go to school - people just presume you're going to get a job. What they don't realise is you already have one, and it's pretty full on!

A stay-at-home mom is a working mom. Being a stay-at-home mom is a job.

Cobie Smulders

As it's the school holidays I thought I'd take this time to teach my kids what stay-at-home mums do all day, and to be honest I think they've been surprised by how much I do. I'm sure they imagine me sitting at home drinking coffee all day!

A standard day

Breakfast - After getting up early (usually around 6:30am for me) I head downstairs and make breakfast for me and the Hubby. Having older kids means I can leave them to do their own breakfast. Of course that doesn't mean there's no cleaning to be done when they're finished. In fact the mess is probably worse than if I'd done their breakfast myself. So after everyone is finished with breakfast I spend some time in the kitchen cleaning. Wiping the sides, putting the dishes into the dishwasher. 

Teach Your Kids What Stay-at-Home Mums Do | Using the dishwasher is a skill, teach your kids about it!
Do your kids know how to use the dishwasher?

Then on school days I have to make LP's packed lunch and take him to school. 

After school drop off I'll put the washer on, make myself a coffee and head upstairs to my office where I spend the morning writing. Well, I say I spend the morning writing but what actually happens is I'll take a break mid-morning to check on the washer, empty it and put a new load in.

Lunch time rolls around fast and then I'm in the kitchen again making lunch for the Hubby and me. I actually take a lunch break, step away from the computer and spend some time with the Hubby. Sometimes I'll take the opportunity to do some exercise too. Sometimes.

After lunch, and before going back into my office, I attend to the washer again. Emptying, loading. And then it's back into my office for more writing, drafting, social stuff. Before long though it's school pick-up time and I get in the car to head to school. 

My day isn't over just yet.

Once I get home I attend the daily chores. I clean the kitchen, tidy the lounge, clean the bathroom. Once the daily chores are done I'll tackle the weekly chores - so depending on the day I might deep-clean the bathroom, sort out all the bedding in the house, or sort out my office.

Oh, and don't forget the washer, again.

You'd think my day as a stay-at-home mum was done - but no, I haven't made dinner yet!

So making dinner is one of the final jobs I do daily, once dinner is made I leave the dishes for the following day and chill out in the evening. I'll sit down and watch my favourite show (The Office, or Grey's Anatomy) or Hubby and I will watch a good movie.

So, there you have it - that's just one day. And that is pretty much every day of my life. I may be a stay-at-home mum but that is not all I am.

And again that's why I think it's important to teach kids what stay-at-home mums do

Take them with you

When the kids are off school take them around the house with you and show them the work you do while they're at school. Even if you have a different routine, you should be showing them the work you do. 

Teach Your Kids What Stay-at-Home Mums Do | Time to mop the kitchen floor - get the kids involved.

The great thing about involving the kids, showing them what you do everyday, is they learn that you don't just sit home all day waiting for them to come home. Those jobs you do all the time, the ones no one notices (until they're not done), they're the ones you should spend your time pointing out. 

It's about time we all raised our hands and said we work hard, and are here ALL THE TIME if our kids need us. 

Teach your kids what you do as a stay-at-home mum

When you're taking the kids around with you, showing them the chores you do every day why not take the opportunity to teach them how to do the chores. Teach them about putting the washing machine on, teach them how to dust the surfaces, how to clean the countertops. Even if your kids are young teaching them about the jobs you do as a stay-at-home mum is a good thing, they'll see you work hard, but they'll also see how to do the jobs when they're old enough.

Teach Your Kids What Stay-at-Home Mums Do | No, you can't daydream all day - you have work to do!
If only you could sit there daydreaming...

All stay-at-home mums are different, and the same

Everyone's routines are different and that's fine. You might enjoy taking five minutes to watch daytime TV while you eat lunch, or you may tackle your chores in the morning, but either way you do them - every day. 

It's the best job in the world, and the toughest job in the world all at the same time.

Angela Kinsey

And I can guarantee one thing about you - you see those glazed eyes when you tell someone you're a stay-at-home mum. As a way to tackle this I'm suggesting we all start teaching our kids what stay-at-home mums do, how much effort it is being there all the time and making sure the house is tidy so they can pull out their toys whenever they like. 

Teach Your Kids What Stay-at-Home Mums Do | Isn't it about time we taught our kids what a stay-at-home mum does?

If our children grow up knowing what stay-at-home mums do maybe, just maybe, one day you'll tell someone you're a stay-at-home mum and they'll get animated and say "oh goodness! You're a star!".

Do you talk to your kids about what you do as a stay-at-home mum?

Want a minute to enjoy a hot coffee? Put the kettle on then print this Captured! colouring page for your kids to colour in. Take a minute, sit in the lounge and watch your kids colouring while you drink your coffee!

11 ways to cope with school holidays

Use my top ways to cope with school holidays to maintain your sanity, keep the kids busy AND happy, and end the holidays with a smile on your face rather than relief! The school holidays can be a tough time for parents, but also for the kids. Routine is thrown out of the window and you have to think of things to keep the kids busy so you don't lose your sanity. The kids are constantly "bored" and you need space. 

First of all if you haven't planned for the school holidays don't panic. There are still ways to cope without having to make sure you have things at home prior to the holidays. Planning for the school holidays is helpful, so in the future perhaps highlight the holidays in your calendar or use your phone to remind you there's school holidays coming up. I do both!

Visit Family during the school holidays

This one is easy right? If family works you could wait until the end of the day but if, like my family, they're taking time off you could spend the day visiting your family. It's almost like a day out but you're spending the time with your loved ones.

This week I'm taking the boys to see my parents. My parents do work but they have a week off as it's my Dad's birthday and we'll be visiting then. For us it has to be a day trip, they live 90 miles away so it's a 2 hour drive there and a 2 hour drive back. Thankfully we often get to spend the whole day with my parents and the kids have a brilliant time. The boys enjoy spending time with their grandparents because they don't get to see them very often and I love watching them chat to their grandparents.

11 Ways To Cope With School Holidays | Visiting family is a good way to get a rest and enjoy a coffee while chatting to your parents.
Oh yes, and someone (usually your mum) cooks for you! I love my mum's Sunday lunches!

Another reason visiting family is good is that it gives you a little rest. The family members, whether your parents or in-laws, will enjoy spending time with the kids as well as chatting to you. It gives you someone other than your kids to talk to and the kids are occupied some of the time so you may even get to drink a hot coffee!

Free resources in your local community

During school holidays most local libraries and community centres will run activities for the kids. It could be an Easter Egg hunt at Easter, or a craft day but there'll always be something the kids will enjoy and that won't cost you the earth.

You can be childlike without being childish. A child always wants to have fun. Ask yourself, 'Am I having fun?'

Christopher Meloni

In our local area the library is running an Easter Picture Hunt on various days during the Easter school holidays and later in the week they're running a collage competition too. This means I could take the kids along, no cost involved (apart from getting there), and the kids can have fun and I can probably have a coffee.

Sports and clubs in school holidays

Some kids love sports, LP is one of them, and whenever it's school holidays there are various sports and clubs that he likes to attend. This week he's attending a club where he gets to play with other kids, have fun playing sports, and even watch a movie. He's there all day and I give him a packed lunch - it's kind of like a school day. But best of all is that he has a fabulous time.

11 Ways To Cope With School Holidays | Football, or sports clubs, are a great way for your kids to have fun during the school holidays.
My boys love kicking around a football from time to time.

A great way of coping with school holidays is to find the sports and/or clubs that run through the holidays. Sometimes there's cost involved, sometimes it's free (if it's run by your local council for example), but you can be sure that your kids will love it!

Stock up on craft equipment before the holidays

Perhaps for one of the days during the school holidays you can let the kids go crazy with crafts. Trawl Pinterest and you'll find some great craft ideas for the kids to try. Hold back on the clean freak in you and let the kids play. Sometimes it's nice to let them have fun with crafts, even if they make a mess.

11 Ways To Cope With School Holidays | Stock up on your crafts and you can let the kids play for hours!
A good stock of crafts can keep the kids busy for hours.

My two don't often want to do crafts so when they do I let them make a mess. It's not fun cleaning afterwards but it's worth it to see them having fun creating. Also I get them involved in the cleaning, that way they get to see the effort it takes to clean up after making a mess - a great teaching opportunity.

Board games - a great way to distract them during the school holidays

Whether it's Scrabble or Connect 4 playing board games with your kids is not only a good way of spending time together but it's also one of the brilliant ways you can cope with the school holidays. Getting the kids to sit around the table, either work together or use strategies to beat each other, and generally spend time together as a family is always a good thing.

11 Ways To Cope With School Holidays | Board games are a great way to spend time together and enjoy the school holidays.
Scrabble is one of our favourites, especially for LP who likes coming up with good words.

Some of our favourite board games include Ticket to Ride, Carcassone, and Scrabble - I've even won a game of Scrabble during these school holidays! Go ME! (it doesn't happen very often).

Go somewhere "off peak"

Coping with school holidays is tough enough when you spend all your time at home, but when you try to do a day trip and every single other parent in the land decides to do exactly the same day trip on the same day it can leave you exhausted. Not only do you have to make the kids listen and pay attention but you also have to watch them like a hawk so they don't get lost amongst the hoards of other people.

11 Ways To Cope With School Holidays | Don't let the rain put you off that day out - you might enjoy it more!
Heading to Chester Zoo when the weather isn't great means you'll be able to see all the animals because there won't be many people about!

That's why I try to go to places that aren't busy. Like going to the beach - in winter. Or going for a lovely walk when it's really windy or raining. Or visiting the play centre when it's lovely and sunny outside. Chester Zoo is brilliant when it's raining - no one wants to walk around in the rain to look at animals and the animals love being out in the rain! Win Win! Admittedly there are some things that are just better at peak times, but if you can get away with it wouldn't it be good?

Games help you cope with the school holidays

One of my favourite ways of coping with school holidays is letting the kids play their games. Fortnite, Overwatch, whichever is the most popular game at the time is the one they'll spend playing. I'll be able to make, and drink, a hot coffee and maybe even watch a movie (!) while they play. The kids will be quiet (okay not quiet but they won't bother me about snacks!) and I don't have to worry about what they're getting up to.

Gaming has been a great way to get to know people. That's part of what I love about games, that they are social.

Rich Sommer

I also believe that playing games teaches kids, it's not all about screens and how bad looking at screens is for them. These games can teach your kids about strategy, about how to win without shooting everything in sight. Some games can make them think, and they're sociable too. My boys chat to their friends all the time when they're playing games, it reminds me of me back in the day when I used to spend hours on the phone to the friend I'd just seen at school that day!


Letting the kids watch movies, or even watching with them, is a good way of getting chill out time and helps to cope with the school holidays. Why not rent a new movie like Ralph Breaks the Internet, or let them choose their favourite, be sure to have snacks like popcorn or Doritos for them to munch on while watching too. 

11 Ways To Cope With School Holidays | Have the right snacks so your kids can enjoy a good movie!
Having the right snacks is essential!

My boys love watching new movies when they get to have snacks and call it a movie day. They'll choose their favourite movie, pick out which snacks they want, and then they'll sit for an hour or two (depending on the length of the movie) and I don't hear a peep out of them. It's lovely, and it means I can get other stuff done while they're watching. Win!

Time apart - cope with school holidays easier when you get a break

If you have more than one your kids are going to want time apart as well as spending time as a family. It's not only you that gets used to them being at school and if they're together 24/7 the bickering will be bad and you'll lose all your hair before you know it! Giving them time away from each other does them good and it helps to avoid the bickering. 

LP often goes out for a bike ride with his dad, they can be out for at least an hour, sometimes more. This gives LP the chance to be outdoors, which he loves, and it also means he's away from his older brother. BP is relieved because he's not being bothered and can scroll away on his phone in peace!

Spa Days

Okay, so I know this is unlikely during the school holidays but if you manage to get a spa day booked for one of the days in the holidays you're going to win! You can spend an entire day on yourself, forget about home, just chill out and read a book - ALL DAY! It is magical.

11 Ways To Cope With School Holidays | Spa Days are a brilliant way to cope, because you can concentrate on yourself.

Getting a spa day will be enough to let you cope with anything in the school holidays. Think about summer right now - book that spa day, tell your Hubby he'll have to look after the kids, and look forward to your day off!

Treat at the end of the school holidays

Towards the end of the school holidays why not plan a treat for you and the kids. It could be a day out to Chester Zoo, it could be a meal in your favourite restaurant, but make it something special. It'll help with getting the kids ready to go back to school and you'll give them something to talk about with their friends.

11 Ways To  Cope With School Holidays | A treat at the end of the holidays, like Barburrito, will give them something to talk about when they go back to school!
Visit Barburitto and have a yummy meal together!

As well as visiting family towards the end of the holidays we'll probably take the boys to a restaurant to enjoy a nice meal together. They'll go back to school and I'm sure the meal will be the main thing they talk about!

11 Ways To Cope With School Holidays | From video games to days out, there's something for you all to enjoy.

Like I said, coping with school holidays can be tough but as long as you have a few plans you'll be fine. I hope you'll use some of these tricks to help you cope.

Do you have any ways (I haven't mentioned) to cope with school holidays?

Put the kettle on, make yourself a coffee and grab the Captured! colouring page so you can enjoy your hot coffee while the kids colour in!

Post Comment Love 12th - 14th April

Welcome to Post Comment Love, our little linky hosted by myself and Stephanie where we welcome all bloggers to share with others right here. I enjoy reading your posts and think it's great connecting with people each week.

It's been a quiet week this week, well apart from the kids being at home of course! It's not been too bad to be honest, they've pretty much entertained themselves. Hubby and I took a day off on Monday and we went into Nottingham, then on Wednesday we all went for a walk at Wollaton Park. It's nice to get outdoors when the sun is shining - although it was quite chilly when we were walking, despite the sun being out!

LP is looking forward to next week when he'll be attending a sports club for a few days, then we're visiting my parents on Wednesday which I'm quite looking forward to. It'll probably feel quite hectic next week, but I think we'll all enjoy being busy.

We're also going to be celebrating my brother-in-law's 40th birthday next Monday, we're all going for a meal, which will be nice. This year we've got lots of 40th birthdays!

Oh, and just a little reminder - as it's Easter Weekend next week we'll be taking a Post Comment Love break. Go enjoy that bank holiday with your family!

How are you enjoying the Easter holidays?

Blogger Showcase Bethany from New Age Dream Chick

Bethany is a married mum of 2 who says writing is her number 1 passion and hobby. She enjoys writing about parenting and describes herself as creative, air-headed, and intelligent. And she is over on Stephanie's blog today answering our Blogger Showcase questions. Head over there to find out more about Bethany.


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Help us spread the #PoCoLo word on Twitter and include the badge on your post.

Please do pop over and say hi to this week's Blogger Showcase. It's always nice to get a comment or two. 

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Post Comment Love 12th - 14th April | Come join in our little community and share your posts with others.

Thank you for popping by.

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Kids' activities you can both enjoy

As busy parents we're always looking for activities for the kids to do, but sometimes we want kids' activities we can both enjoy. We want to join in the fun and spend time with our kids, but we don't want to be bored with the same old kids' activities. With the Easter holidays upon us I've been thinking about all the ways my kids and I could spend time together doing fun activities, here's what I came up with.

Enjoy Outdoor games together

This time of year, when the rain holds off and maybe the sun makes an appearance, it's good to get outdoors. There are loads of kids' activities you can do outdoors, particularly if your kids enjoy being outside.

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy | Play balancing games in your garden and you'll both have fun!
You can even play balancing games!


LP loves playing badminton, and because I used to play when I was in school I enjoy it too. This past weekend LP and I got out in the garden and played a few rounds of badminton. We have a little set that we can put up in a few minutes and get to playing quickly. Playing badminton with LP made me think about the summer, and how lovely it would be to go for a picnic and take the badminton set with us so we can all have a go - It's on my list for summer kids' activities now! Badminton is a brilliant outdoor kids' activity that will keep them running around and maybe even give you a little workout too.


With a boy who is into his sports obviously football features on his favourites list. I don't usually play with him, he has a net that he uses and can entertain himself for a while. But sometimes it's nice to get out and kick a football around, even if you don't like football. The thing with playing football is it gives you a workout as well as wearing out your kids - win win! 

At the end of the day, if I can say I had fun, it was a good day.

Simone Biles

Swing ball

We bought a swing ball set a few years ago and it's a good activity for LP to do outside. He can spend ages hitting the ball around and he never loses the ball because it's attached to the pole by elastic. It's good to watch him playing, enjoying being outside, but sometimes it's better to get involved myself. LP always screeches with joy when I head outside and tell him we'll play swing ball. 

Again swing ball is a good way for you both to get exercise, and even if you're not looking forward to it, you'll find that after a while it's a kids' activity you'll both enjoy!

Get your kids drawing

I LOVE drawing, it's a peaceful activity that I can put all my effort into. It is also something that LP likes to do when he gets encouragement and advice. When we spend time together drawing LP listens to my advice on how to make his drawings look good as well as watching what I do and copying. We've created monsters together, he's helped me make my other drawings better, and he's a budding artist. 

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy | Draw together, even if you can't draw, show your kids you'll try something new.
Drawing together is a great way to connect, even if you can't draw!

There are some brilliant books you can buy that teach you how to draw using simple shapes, and it's a great way to teach your kids about drawing. Spending time together doing simple kids' activities will show your kids you're not afraid to do the things they love too!

You can both enjoy gardening

Getting the kids outdoors and messing around in the garden is another good teaching opportunity. Particularly if you have younger kids. I don't spend a lot of time in the garden, I don't know much about gardening, but getting the kids outside and learning about trees and flowers is something I used to do when they were younger. 

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy | Teach them about the garden, the animals, and even all the bugs!
Teach your children about the wildlife that lives in your garden.

Once outside you could get the kids to plant trees, flowers, and more, and when the plants grow you can point to them and remind them it's something they planted. We have Daffodils around the garden that the kids planted when they were small. They return every year and every year I remind them that they spent time with their day planting the flowers. It's lovely to hear them talking about it and they even remember doing it - which is so cool!

Why not pop to a supermarket or DIY store and pick up some flowers bulbs, then get the kids outside and you can enjoy planting them together.

Crafts is a great kids' activity you can both enjoy

If you're any good at crafts, or even if you're not, you can grab some colourful paper and bits and pieces and get crafting. As it's Easter there are lots of fun kids' activities you can find on Pinterest that are fairly simple to try out. I love the Easter themed activities, there's bunnies as far as the eye can see and as long as you've got a few bits I have no doubt you'll be able to come up with something. 

I am not good at crafts, but that doesn't stop me enjoying these kids' activities with my youngest. In fact, all the ideas are helping with his school project where he has to create a miniature garden!


Who doesn't love Lego? Okay, so it's pretty annoying when you stand on it when it's been left on the carpet but when you're working together to build something amazing isn't it satisfying?

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy | Whether it's a set, or regular Lego, build together!
LP building his Lego TIE Striker.

The Hubby and I have lots of sets of Lego, including the Taj Mahal and The Disney Castle, but we also have tubs of Lego that aren't part of any sets. The boys have collected them over the years and during the school holidays we often get out the Lego so they can create something. 

Sitting down with your kids and creating something unusual together is fun and you'll laugh as you come up with new and weird machines or houses. Lego is a kids' activity everyone will love, which is why it's on my list of activities you can both enjoy.

Build a fort together

On the theme of building something together, forts are another great way to connect. You have to work together to move the furniture to the right spot or to build the set in the right way. And it's not just the building you can both enjoy, the fun stuff you do inside the fort is good too!

'Have fun' is my message. Be silly. You're allowed to be silly. There's nothing wrong with it.

Jimmy Fallon

Spend 10-20 minutes building a fort, but you can spend all day enjoying time inside the fort with your kids. We've put LP's TV in his fort once or twice, and you can even take other kids' activities into the fort, like Lego or drawing. 

Forts are great, they let your kids imagination free and when you get involved too they can bring you into their fantasies. 

Go have fun together!

Kids' Activities You Can Both Enjoy |  Spend time with your kids and enjoy the activities they enjoy too!

Sometimes as adults we end up thinking we couldn't possibly enjoy kids' activities but when we get our kids involved and really get into it there are loads of kids' activities you can both enjoy. You just have to be in the moment with them.

What kids' activities do you enjoy?

Why not enjoy some colouring in with your kids with this Captured! colouring page - or alternatively grab a hot coffee while your kids colour in!

How to stop feeling guilty about spending money on yourself

It's just been your birthday and you have a little money to spend on yourself, but just as you're about to purchase that nice top you've had your eye on the mama guilt hits and you stop yourself. Sound familiar? It was my birthday back in January and I still have a gift voucher I haven't used. What's stopping me? Mama guilt. I've been doing some research on how to stop feeling guilty about spending money on yourself - here's what I've learned.


As you get older your birthday is less of a big deal isn't it? Really it's just another day, unless it's a big birthday (I'm knocking on the door of 40!). But to be honest it's just another day when you'll have to clean the house and cook the meals right?

You get cards, and sometimes even money inside. You take a moment to imagine what you could spend that money on. A snazzy new tee? Some colourful nail polish? Maybe even a new handbag. Wouldn't that be nice... And then you bump back to earth when you remember it's your youngest's school trip next week and they need spending money. Or there's another birthday coming up and you need to get something for that. What do you do? You end up spending the money you were given for your birthday to someone else.

How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Spending Money On Yourself | Spend your birthday money on YOU rather than saving it to spend on others. You deserve a treat.
Spend your birthday money on yourself!

Like I said, I still have a gift voucher sitting on my desk in front of me right now that I got for my birthday back in January. And I still haven't spent it. It's like my brain won't let me think of anything to spend it on for myself so I'm just letting it sit there. There's a struggle inside my head, I could spend it on the boys, or on the Hubby... but it was a gift for me - so why shouldn't I spend it on myself?

If you're anything like me you already spend all of your time thinking about other people. You cook and clean, you drive the kids to school and back. So once in a while it really is okay to spend a little money on yourself.

Guilt can stop us from taking healthy care of ourselves.

Melody Beattie

Make changes

To help you feel less guilty for spending money on yourself you could try a few changes to your routines and the way you spend money. Here's a few ideas...

Cheaper brands

A few years ago the Hubby and I looked at our finances and decided we needed to reel it in a bit. We weren't having money troubles but we could see it on the horizon and decided to make some changes before we got there.

How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Spending Money On Yourself | No matter what you choose coke or cola, it looks the same in a glass!
Whether Coke or Cola, it looks the same in a glass...

After looking at how much we spent and what we spent it on we realised that a lot of our money was used to buy expensive branded things like Pepsi, Cadbury chocolate, and Warburtons bread. In order to save money we made a switch and started buying supermarket's own branded things. From cola to bread we made a change and soon noticed our finances improving. Right now we get through a lot of cola during the week, but the cola we buy is 17p for a 2 litre bottle, compare that to the £1.50 or more for the branded stuff and we're already making a huge saving every week.

Have you made the switch yet?

Spending on the kids

When you have kids you're forever spending money on them. They need new clothes every month, or at least it seems like it. They get through shoes like they're sweets, and toys may as well be disposable. But let's face it, the spending on the kids isn't about to change is it?

How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Spending Money On Yourself | Kids, a constant drain on our money!
Kids - a constant drain on our money. Not that we'd have it any other way. 💖

If you suddenly said you weren't going to spend money on the kids you'd feel even more guilty. But there is a way you can continue to look after your kids without spending money on them all the time. You could think about saving for your kids' future! There are things like Junior ISAs, Trust Funds, all sorts of ways you could save. Wouldn't you feel good to know your kids future was sorted and they wouldn't have to worry about money for a while? I know I would.

There are lots of places you can find out more about the Junior ISAs and Trust Funds.

Motherhood is like a big sleeping bag of guilt.

Anna Faris

Sell online

I'm betting that somewhere in your house is a load of stored toys/clothes/bits and pieces that you're not going to use again. Toys from when the kids were babies. Clothes you'll either never fit into again, or even if you did you'd never wear. And all the things you've put into storage thinking you might need it one day. You won't need it. Ever.

A good way of getting some money together (to spend on yourself or the family) is to sell some of those things online. Why not put the kids' old toys on Ebay or similar. There's always going to be someone out there looking for toys!

Don't overspend

When you've spent a little time saving money by switching to supermarket brands, or you've made some money back from selling online, you can spend the money on yourself if you choose. You know it's money you've only made because of the changes you made, so you deserve a treat.

How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Spending Money On Yourself | Buy that treat for yourself, just remember to not overspend!
A new handbag would be lovely right? But can you really afford the designer handbag?

Buying yourself a treat is all well and good, just don't go overboard. I wouldn't recommend buying yourself a new Louis Vuitton handbag for example. Or splurging on a dress you'll never wear. Think about how you spend the money, think about the thing you're spending the money on and make sure you'll use it to make yourself happier. And don't overspend! Keep an eye on your budget.

How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Spending Money On Yourself | Making small changes to your finances you could feel less guilty about spending money on yourself.

Now I'm not saying these changes will make the guilt go away completely, I mean, we're mums aren't we? We feel perpetually guilty. But making the changes might help, and when you do spy something you think you'd like you might be less likely to stop yourself.

When was the last time you spent money on yourself?

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Post Comment Love 5th - 7th April

Welcome to another Post Comment Love, a linky hosted by myself and Stephanie where we welcome all bloggers, all topics, to share with others right here. We look forward to reading the different types of posts every week - what have you got in store for us this week?

Where on earth did March go?!?

It was LP's 10th birthday yesterday and I spent the day reminiscing. He was born at 5:05am on 4th April 2009, and ever since that day he's been a morning person. He has always enjoyed getting up early and, of course, yesterday was no different. He got out of bed... or rather he burst out of bed (!) at 6:30am and smiled immediately. As he opened his presents all I could hear were screams of "YEESSS!!!" when he saw what he'd got. It was so lovely.

He went to school on his birthday too - it doesn't happen often because of when his birthday is. It's usually during the Easter Holidays but this time the holidays start just after his birthday so he got to see all his friends on his birthday - which he was rather pleased about! He took a bag of sweets to school too - to hand out to his friends. He's seen so many of his friends do this and he's always asked if he could, but with his birthday being in the holidays it's always been awkward. But anyway - he got to do that yesterday too.

On our way to school he was chatting away and said he was really pleased with his presents. This is something that had been bothering me because we had no idea what to get for him. He's at that awkward stage where he didn't really want anything. We did get him a new bike, which he's been ready for for a while. He was going to buy his own (his decision) but as it was his birthday we decided to get it for him anyway, and he LOVES IT. He wanted to go out for a ride yesterday morning!

So yes, now I'm a mum to two boys who are both double digits old. OMG! It's amazing how fast the time goes isn't it? It seems just yesterday I had a little firework racing around the lounge every day looking for some mischief to get into. Ah, motherhood is awesome!

I'm hoping for a peaceful weekend this week. Lots of resting and playing games. I'm hoping. It might not happen but I can cross my fingers. 

Did you celebrate anything this week?

Blogger Showcase 

Who are you (a short introduction)

Hi I’m Nicola a 40 year old mummy to a 3 year old son. Living in central Scotland with my incredible husband and our crazy dog Alba. 

How did you discover blogs/blogging?

I discovered blogs and blogging through YouTube actually! I was watching a beauty video or something like that and the person mentioned they had a blog. Where they shared more information. After visiting their blog I ended up subscribing. I wanted to do what they did but never had the confidence to start my own channel or blog. 

Why did you start blogging?

A good friend encouraged me to start a blog as a diary. He knew I loved writing and wanted to start a blog but wasn’t sure. I had been diagnosed with chronic illness and had a setback in with my eyesight. This meant I wasn’t able to work. To attempt to stave off boredom I started writing. At first I didn’t have a set niche. I went from wanting to write about beauty, plus size fashion. Now I feel settled in the what I write about which is disability, parenting and lifestyle.

What do you find most challenging?

Getting the words out is the most challenging part of blogging for me. It probably sounds ridiculous. A blogger not able to get the words out!! I can have a vivid picture in my mind of what I want to discuss in my posts but getting the idea down onto paper or print that makes sense to readers is tough. Especially when I suffer from brain fog due to my chronic illness. I get frustrated with myself. The amount of posts I’ve scrapped because I can’t get the right words out is shocking. 

What is your favourite topic to write about? 

One of my favourite topics to write about is mental health and chronic illness. Being chronically ill or mentally ill can feel so isolating. I want people who might be in the same situation as me to see that they are not alone. 

Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals? 

I do have goals in terms of the amount of people I want to read my posts and read my story. I don’t have a goal of making money or a living out of it. Don’t get me wrong if the opportunity to make some dosh was to come knocking on my door. I would grab it with both hands and start running. At the moment though that isn’t my priority. 

What is your favourite thing about blogging? 

My favourite thing about blogging is that my writing might help someone who is in a similar situation to me, feel that they are not alone, that they are doing an amazing job and that they are supported. 

Have you ever attending a blogging conference? And is so what did you think? 

I was meant to go to one in 2017 in Glasgow. Sadly anxiety ruled that day and I ended up not going. I’ve been to an Instagram meet-up with that Nic from Weeslice organised. I was petrified about going. One of my besties came with me and I had an amazing time. 

What are your three best posts? 

Chronic illness & the grieving process -

Shining the Spotlight on Chronic Illness & Disability Q&A with Amanda -

Shining the Spotlight on Chronic Illness & Disability Q&A with Jaime. 

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Over-thinker, sarcastic 

Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person? 

Tea and biscuits all the way or maybe tea and cake.

What’s your idea of a perfect night out? 

Going for a nice meal at the local Italian restaurant. Seeing a comedy show or musical, then home for an early night. Secretly I’m an 80 year old in the body of. 40 year old whose body feels like a 90 year old. 

Your perfect night in?

My perfect night in would be a nice new pair of clean cosy pyjamas. The fire on, candles burning and a movie or tv show on. With endless cups of tea, snacks and cuddles. 

What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality? 

I think my OH would say my best quality is my kindness & loyalty I show for other people.

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