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Fridays keep coming around so fast don't they? Welcome back to another Post Comment Love, where Stephanie and I welcome all. I have to say, although the weeks seem to be flying by I am happy we're getting closer to the weather improving, I'm looking forward to seeing the sun a bit more often!

I've got the boys at home next week for half term, and LP is home today. Luckily he can keep himself occupied some of the time so I can still get stuff done. We don't have anything special planned for half term this time, LP is going to a fitness club for four days and we have Hubby's birthday at the end of the week but apart from that there's nothing. I like it that way sometimes though, it's easy.

Do you have anything special planned for half term?

Blogger Showcase Becky from The Bonefide Brunette

Becky is a blogger who's been at it for about a year and lives in Canada. She discovered blogging through Instagram of all places, and loves to cook dinner and play board games. To find out what she prefers - coffee or tea - or to find out what she plans for the future head over to Stephanie's blog where Becky is answering our Blogger Showcase questions.


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Taking care of my family and myself!


As a stay-at-home mum I take care of my family, that's my job. I make sure they get up on time in a morning, take them to school, look after them, and cook most of their meals. Teaching them to be decent human beings, as well as being able to look after themselves, is something I try to do each day. And with all that I often forget to take care of myself, to give myself a little break and as part of taking on 2019 I have decided to start taking care of my family AND myself.

Morning coffee

I adore my morning coffee, whether I choose a fancy coffee (hello Nescafe Gingerbread Latte!) or a regular coffee it helps me get ready for the day ahead. The thing is, for a long time I've had to make do with instant coffee. It's certainly not the same as "proper" coffee but I couldn't justify buying a coffee machine when I'm the only person in the house that drinks it. I did try out a cafetiere at one point, but it took so long for the coffee to be ready I just didn't have the patience for it.

Taking Care Of My Family And Myself | This Coffee machine lets me have fresh coffee every morning - a little something for me.

Recently though I've been enjoy a proper coffee thanks to the lovely people at Wayfair who sent me this wonderful Digital Filter Coffee Maker, and I have to say it really is wonderful. Since no one else likes coffee I can keep it in my office and have freshly made coffee while I'm working. It's so simple to use too, I thought it would be really complicated because the machine was a lot bigger than I expected but to be honest it's easy.

To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions. 

Hugh Jackman

You can use ground coffee or you can choose to buy coffee beans and have the machine grind them for you! How awesome is that?!

Taking Care Of My Family And Myself | This machine can grind your coffee beans or you can use ground coffee. It's awesome.

It can make up to 12 cups of coffee at once and it can keep it warm for up to 35 minutes - another great thing. Needless to say it's getting a lot of use at the moment!

I get to enjoy a morning coffee, the rest of the house don't have to deal with the coffee smell (because it's in my office), and best of all I can leave it to it while it makes the coffee. All I have to do is pour and stir. Awesome.

Just a little thing for me at the start of every day.

Easy dinners

I do enjoy cooking for my boys, making sure they get all the nourishment they can out of the meals I cook. But sometimes it's nice to do something simple, a meal that doesn't involve lots of ingredients and standing in front of the cooker for more than an hour.

Again Wayfair came to my rescue with this 3-in-1 Contact Grill. My boys have been asking me to cook quesadillas for ages, ever since we first took them to Taco Bell in Nottingham. I don't particularly like tortillas, but when they're grilled or toasted they're nice. So I figured with this new grill I'd try out quesadillas.

My recipe was fairly simple - chicken mini fillets cut into small chunks, mushrooms, cheese, taco seasoning, and the tortillas.

First I cooked the chicken and mushrooms, then coated them in the taco seasoning. I made sure the chicken was cooked before putting it onto the tortillas.

Once the chicken was cooked and it was all coated nicely in the taco seasoning I heated up the Contact Grill - it's easy, you just have to plug it in!

While the grill was heating I put the first quesadilla together, starting with the tortilla. I then folded it in half, opened it up again and covered half the tortilla with grated mozzarella. I then added the chicken and mushrooms to the tortilla and added more mozzarella on top. Then I folded the tortilla over. By this time the grill was hot and ready.

Taking Care Of My Family And Myself | Putting quesadillas together is a little messy!
Putting them together is a little messy!

I put the tortilla onto the grill and closed the lid down. This was where I was a little nervous, having never cooked quesadillas before I was a bit worried it wouldn't work very well. I waited a few minutes and then lifted the lid on the grill. The lines on the top of the quesadilla looked a little burned so I figured it was time to remove it from the grill. I used my big fish slice to do this because it was much easier than trying to use my hands and burning myself!

Taking Care Of My Family And Myself | Cooking quesadillas is surprisingly easy with this grill.
Simply squash it down and the cheese seals it together. Yum!

Once it was on a chopping board I cut the quesadilla into four and handed it over to LP. He gave it a bit of a worried look but when he bit into it he had a huge smile on his face. Within a few minutes the whole quesadilla was gone - I took that to mean it was good!

Taking Care Of My Family And Myself | The quesadillas were actually really good - one to be added to the list!
They really were good!

The only downside I can see with this grill is that it's only big enough to fit one large tortilla at a time, which means when I'm cooking one for each one of us we're all eating at different times. But to be honest I think that's okay, given their reaction to being able to have quesadillas at home!

With the success of the first I have no doubt this new contact grill will be getting a lot of use over the next few weeks. I have a few ideas for the different kinds of things I could put into the quesadilla, including mince beef, mince turkey, peppers, onion... I have so many ideas!

Cooking is an art form, a creative thing. 

Clarence Clemons

At least my boys will be looking forward to their dinners for a while!

Taking Care Of My Family And Myself | I can still take care of me when I'm a mum - in fact, it's quite easy!

Like I said, I cook a lot and most of the time it's meals that take time. The great thing about this new grill is that I can still know what my boys are eating but the meals don't take a long time to cook and it's nice and easy. Giving me more time to chill - and that's gotta be a good thing right?

How do you take care of yourself as well as your family?

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Stop by Facebook and let me know how you take care of yourself. 

Grab the Wonderful Winter Activity Book for you kids so you can get that hot coffee during half term!

Why planning your days in Walt Disney World is a good thing

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World at all is a good thing right? But planning every single day? That sounds a bit too overwhelming and to be honest who wants to plan every day down to the minute? How do you know what you're going to want to eat? How do you know you'll want to ride that particular ride at that time? It might all sound a bit crazy planning out your days down to the minute, but actually it's a good thing - even great at times!

Why plan?

To start with we all know how busy Walt Disney World is, especially at peak times like Christmas and summer. When we visited (summer 2018) it was the busies we've ever seen it, queue times topped 4 hours and if it wasn't for the planning we might not have been able to go on some rides. And that's the thing - with numbers rising all the time if you don't plan your days you could miss out on some amazing experiences.

Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.

Walt Disney


Use it. Everyone who books a trip to Walt Disney World has access to Fastpass+ but if you're staying on property you get early access. This means you can book ride times up to 60 days before you travel. You get a time slot to go to the ride and you skip the lines, which sometimes can be very long.

Why Planning Your Days In Walt Disney World Is A Good Thing | Getting your Fastpasses booked is essential if you want to enjoy the rides.
Expedition Everest is definitely a ride you'll want to book a Fastpass for!

You have 3 every day, and once those 3 have been used you can try to get more on the day if you choose.

Fastpass+ is an essential part of your trip if you're planning to ride any of the more popular rides, like Avatar Flight of Passage which gets busy from the moment it opens. Booking your Fastpass+ times can also help you plan the rest of your trip.


Restaurants are similar to rides, they can get busy and full up so booking ahead is a good idea. Some restaurants allow booking up to 180 days in advance, and get booked up too so if there's somewhere you really want to go I'd recommend booking.

Why Planning Your Days In Walt Disney World Is A Good Thing | The food is exceptional, and you NEED to book ahead of time.
This is halibut, and it was amazing - available at Narcoossee's.

My favourite restaurants (California Grill, Garden Grill, Sanaa) require booking in advance because they get so busy. They're not the kind of places you can just turn up to and be able to eat. There are plenty of quick service places around the parks if that's what you choose but if you're looking for a sit down meal planning ahead is essential.

Knowing what time you're going to be eating a meal helps you during the day when you're rushing around the parks. If you have a restaurant booked for, say, 6pm but it's only 3pm and you're by Aloha Isle there's no reason you can't grab one of the best snacks in Magic Kingdom, a Dole Whip!

Chill out time

When you have Fastpasses and restaurants booked you know how much time you have for relaxing, whether that's staying in the hotel a little later in the morning or heading to the water parks to have some sliding fun.

Why Planning Your Days In Walt Disney World Is A Good Thing | Chill out in the afternoon by going to the water parks - they're loads of fun!
Typhoon Lagoon is great for cooling down in the afternoon.

As our kids have got older we've found that having a later morning start is preferable so we tend to book our Fastpasses for later in the day. The boys like to lie-in in a morning, they hate getting up after a busy day, and knowing we have rides booked for later means we don't miss out if we're not at a park at opening time.

It also allows us to chill out in the hotel pool or head to the bar for a drink when we have a little spare time.

Other activities

Having your days mostly planned out helps when it comes to other activities on offer, like water skiing or bike riding. You can hire bikes at The Wilderness Lodge and take them around Fort Wilderness and you can hire water runners at Contemporary Resort (at least you could when we visited).

Why Planning Your Days In Walt Disney World Is A Good Thing | Boat hire is available at Grand Floridian...
Hire a boat to go out onto the lake - it's brilliant!

We fit in these other activities around our plans, if we had a spare morning and LP and the Hubby fancied a bike ride we'd head to The Wilderness Lodge so they could hire a bike, and the same for water runners. These activities don't usually get booked up and it's a great way to break up your day.

We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together.

Walt Disney

Afternoon naps

Lots of people recommend sleeping in an afternoon, and to be honest when we first heard that we thought it was ridiculous. I mean, you're on holiday - why would you sleep in an afternoon? But as time has gone on and both us and the boys have got older we've realised how helpful an afternoon nap can be.

Why Planning Your Days In Walt Disney World Is A Good Thing | Try out the lobby in Grand Floridian for an afternoon chill out.
Chill out in the Grand Floridian lobby where there's a pianist who plays Disney music.

We plan our days to allow the odd afternoon nap, and then plan more things for in the evening. Like when we have an evening meal planned, and then a fireworks show, we'd have an afternoon nap so we're wide awake for the fireworks.

Why Planning Your Days In Walt Disney World Is A Good Thing | Planning is great, it allows you to forget about what to do next because you already know!

Of course all the planning doesn't mean you have to stick to what you said 6 months ago. Fastpasses and restaurant bookings can be changed or cancelled and you can choose what you want to do. We just find that planning our days ahead of time helps us work out what to do every day and lets us get the most out of our holiday.

Are you a planner or do you like to wing it?

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Stop by Facebook and let me know how your planning is going.

And don't forget to grab the Wonderful Winter Activity Book for your kids to do on the plane!

How Having a Pet Can Make the Quality of Your Life Better


If you’ve ever found yourself idly scrolling through cat videos on the internet, you’ll know that pets are pretty adorable, not to mention hilarious. But did you know that getting a pet can actually benefit your quality of life in a lot of different ways? Let’s take a look at some of the unexpected benefits of owning a pet.

1. You’re more likely to meet other people and make new friends

Pets make great icebreakers, especially those like dogs that need frequent outdoor exercise. If you’ve ever been to a dog park, you’ll notice that most owners will have a chat to each other while their pups play, and some people will even choose to meet up at the same time every day so they can meet their dog-walking friends. 

How Having A Pet Can Make The Quality Of Your Life Better | Meet friends for dog walking!

Even if you get a pet that doesn’t come out and about with you, it can still be a great talking point, whether when your friends come round to your house, or with other enthusiasts at meet-ups or online forums. People just love talking about their pets!


2. You’ll get into a better routine, leave the house more, and get more exercise

If you’re the type of person who’s always meaning to get out and about more, or who’s always about to start exercising tomorrow, getting a pet could be the incentive you need to kick-start your new routine. It could be waking up earlier to feed the cat, or meeting your step count target while walking the dog a couple of times a day, but chances are, you’ll find yourself in a healthier, happier routine with a pet to keep you company.

3. Your blood pressure will be reduced and you’ll be less stressed 

It might sound too good to be true, but this one’s actually scientifically proven! If you’re a dog (or cat) lover, spending time petting your furry friend can release a feel-good cocktail of hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin. It also blocks cortisol, the stress hormone.

How Having A Pet Can Make The Quality Of Your Life Better | Pug sitting looking at the camera.

As such, being around a beloved pet can help to reduce stress, and, as a result, help to lower blood pressure. Combine that with getting more exercise, and you’re well on the way to a healthier lifestyle. 

4. The chances of your kids getting allergies will be reduced 

Although adults with fur or dander allergies will probably want to steer clear of furry pets in favor of fish or reptiles, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that children who are exposed to pets from a young age (under six months) will have stronger immune systems and be significantly less likely to develop allergies as they grow older. 

Of course, if you’re considering keeping a pet in a household with young children, you should never leave the two unattended together. 

5. You’ll learn the meaning of responsibility and discipline

No one is going to pretend that walking the dog is always fun, especially if it’s freezing cold and raining outside, and you’d much prefer to just have an extra hour in bed. But there’s something about knowing that not only will you do it, but you’ll probably enjoy it once you’re out there, that is very empowering. 

If you can apply the same logic to writing that report you’ve been putting off, calling your mother-in-law, filing your taxes, or any other task you’ve been avoiding, you might be surprised how much you’re able to achieve. 

6. You will have a constant source of company, love, and affection

Human relationships can be complicated, and sometimes exhausting. Yet we’re social animals, and everyone needs a little company from time to time. Pets won’t nag you, they won’t complain about you behind your back, and they’ll always be excited to see you when you get home (though this may be somewhat motivated by food…). Honestly, what more could you want?

How Having A Pet Can Make The Quality Of Your Life Better | Cuddles with your cat can make all the difference.

7. For people whose pets go above and beyond in making their lives better… Could an emotional support animal be right for you?

Almost anyone with a pet will happily talk your ear off about how much their life has improved since they got their precious furbaby. Yet for some people, their pets really go above and beyond in helping them to cope with everything life throws at them. 

One such case is the emotional support animal, which helps its owner to live with the symptoms of an emotional disability or mental health condition. These amazing animals, which can only be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional, have helped countless people with conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, cyclothymia, borderline personality disorder, and more. 

If you have a pet that helps you to cope with a condition like these, the good news is that your existing pet could become your emotional support animal! If this is the case, or you think that you could benefit from an ESA, there are a number of free screening processes available online that can let you know instantly whether you qualify. If you do, you’ll need to get a valid ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional to ensure that you benefit for the full legal protection.

How Having A Pet Can Make The Quality Of Your Life Better | animal cuddles

Before You Get a Pet, Ask Yourself These Important Questions! 

Getting a pet can be a truly amazing experience. However, we would never suggest that anyone should get a pet without being fully prepared for the responsibility of caring for another living being. Before you rush to the animal shelter, consider these key questions: 

  • Can you afford a pet? The average cost of pet ownership in the USA is over $1000 for the first year alone, so this is not to be taken lightly! 

  • Do you have enough time? Depending on which pet you opt for, make sure you consider time for play, feeding, grooming, cleaning, training, and shopping for essentials! 

  • Do you have enough space? Pets take up more room than you think! Will there be enough room for a cage, crate, or tank? Where will your pet sleep? Does it have enough room to run around? 

  • If you have to travel often, will the pet be able to come with you? While pets have to pay fees and are barred from traveling on some airlines, ESAs travel free with their owners on all commercial airlines in America, even the ones that ban pets! 

Celebrate Valentine's Day at home

Celebrating Valentine's Day when you have kids is difficult isn't it? You're either fighting to get the kids to stay in bed, as usual, or you're so tired that you want to go to bed yourself. Or both! Either way Valentine's Day can be the last thing on your mind. The thought of having to go out and buy gifts, going to extra effort for a day that is usually the same as any other.

Sometimes though you have to make the effort don't you? That doesn't mean you have to spend money - just go to some effort to make your partner feel special.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Mignon McLaughlin

Making your partner feel special is super easy, you just have to give them some of your time!

Do a jigsaw

The Hubby and I love jigsaws and we got a few for each other for Christmas. We have a stash of them in the cupboards and get them out occasionally - we even have one planned for the weekend. Since Christmas we've gone through a few of them but we've still got a couple left and I have no doubt we'll get through them in no time.

Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home | Jigsaws are a great way of coming together to celebrate, you spend time together!

Doing a jigsaw together is a great way to be together, even when the kids are around. You can both sit at the table and work towards a common goal as you fit the pieces together. And when you finish you can celebrate together too!

Build a Lego set

Like jigsaws we LOVE Lego and have lots of sets - Taj Mahal, Tower Bridge, and Cinderella's Castle to name a few. Every so often we'll decide it's time to build another one we'll get a set out. It can take anywhere from a week to a few weeks/months (depending on the set) but it gives us a slot of time every day to be together, much like when doing jigsaws. The best thing about building Lego sets together is you get to laugh at all the little touches as you find them during the build. And then when it's finished you can leave it for a while, until it's time to break it up and put it away - ready for the next build!

Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home | Building towards a common goal, and you're working together.
One of our favourite builds!

Again you're working towards a common goal, and the Lego sets are great because you can split them up so you're both building. If you're looking for a set or series of sets to get so you can build together I'd check out the Street sets, there's a bank, a cafe, even a detective's office! They're loads of fun and you get to spend time with that special someone.

Play a board game

I usually save these for when the kids can play but sometimes it's nice to just be a couple. We used to play Scrabble all the time before the kids could join in. I never won - but to be honest it wasn't about the winning, it was about spending time together. Of course there was always some competition but really it was about the time.

When was the last time you played a board game with your partner?


You might be the kind that likes ballroom dancing or simply jumping about the living room, but either way when you do it together you smile. You connect. Again this can be done when the kids are about - your kids will see you having fun together - a bonus.

Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home | Dancing together will bring you closer and help you reconnect.

I always have to laugh when the Hubby attempts to do the Floss, which he does regularly, and in turn he'll laugh at me when I try to dance at all - needless to say I'm a bit rubbish! But either way we laugh, and the laughing brings us closer.

Laugh together

Watch your favourite comedy movie, a stand up comedian you both like, even a game show with comedians (we like Would I Lie To You), or just tell each other jokes! Laughing together is so important and when you can make each other happy just by being together it'll bring you closer. Hubby and I often end up in tears we laugh so much. When you've had a rough day laughing with your partner can make everything feel better.

Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul, that you never knew was missing.

Torquato Tasso

Be affectionate

Whenever I leave the house I give the Hubby a kiss, and again when I return. I don't know what started it but I've always felt the need to do it. To me it's just a way for me to say "I love you" as I leave the house, and that way he always knows how I feel.

Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home | It doesn't hurt to be affectionate towards one another.

We hold hands when walking, and give each other cuddles "just because". Being affectionate to your partner is essential to a healthy relationship and is a great way to show how you feel without using words.

Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home | Ways to celebrate without leaving the house!

It's easy to give a nod to Valentine's Day without going to too much effort and you don't need to go to a fancy restaurant to do it either. No need for cards or gifts, just yourself.

Wayfair are running a competition right now where you can win £150 Wayfair voucher - check it out.

Do you have any special plans for Valentine's Day or is it just like any other day?

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Head over to Facebook and let me know your plans for Valentine's Day.

And to keep the kids busy for a while so you can start that jigsaw grab this Wonderful Winter Activity Book.

Post Comment Love 8th - 10th February

It's Friday and that can mean only one thing - it's Post Comment Love time. Stephanie and I welcome all bloggers, all topics, and we can't wait to see what you've got for us this week. Are you joining in?

I've been spending most of this week thinking about my Etsy shop. It's a new venture and exciting as well as terrifying. I'm not sure it will actually work, and I'm considering offering actual prints that can be sent and framed by the buyer. I've just finished a print for my parents, which I hope they'll love, and I'll be sending that soon. It's given me ideas for more prints I could offer - which is great - but it does mean I need to work hard to get pictures done and put onto Etsy. There's so much involved and lots to think about. It's even keeping me up at night!

The boys and the Hubby are doing good, all getting on with school/work and looking forward to the break for half term. LP has already decided he wants to do activities four of the five days he has off but given that we didn't have anything else planned I've said it's okay. I think BP intends playing games and watching TV the whole time!

We've got a fairly busy weekend planned with some house fixes (leaking patio doors, missing sealant on kitchen window), my yoga class (yay!), and LP has a party, as well as the usual weekend jobs. 

Do you have a fun weekend planned?

Blogger Showcase Lisa & Dan from Let's go somewhere, McKinney

Who are you? 

We are Dan and Lisa, a married couple, who coach baseball and softball and travel as much as we can.

How did you discover blogs/blogging?

We discovered blogs by looking at other peoples awesome photos and stories about traveling the world.

Why did you start blogging?

We began blogging to keep our friends and family updated about our lives and in hopes to travel more in the future.

What do you find most challenging?

Working a full time job while trying to run the blog and increase followers!

What is your favourite topic to write about?


Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals?

We are blogging for fun and goals. Unsure of what this will turn into but loving the new experience!

Have you ever attended a blogging conference and if so, what did you think?

We started blogging 3 weeks ago so no conferences yet but maybe in the future!

What are your 3 best posts?

Versatile blogger, Sydney, and My Life as I know it is Over

Describe yourself in three words!

Lisa: Organized, Curious, Explorer 
Dan: Outgoing, Caring, Researcher

Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person?

Used to be coffee and cake but because of new diet more like water and meat! Haha

What's your idea of a perfect night out?

Perfect night out traveling: experiencing new cultures. 
At home: dinner and drinks with friends.

Your perfect night in?

Watching our shows or baseball together.

What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality?

Lisa: Determination 
Dan: Socializing

Connect with Lisa & Dan:


Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions guys, and feel free to grab our featured badge and display it ever-so-proudly on your blog.

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Essentials to pack for a trip to Walt Disney World

Taking a trip to Walt Disney World is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to packing for your trip it can be difficult to work out exactly what to pack. In my years of going to Orlando I've learned that thing that always get left behind and the things that I really didn't need in my suitcase, so I'm here to help you plan for your next trip to Walt Disney World.


Obvs! If you're from the UK, you're going to want to take shorts, t-shirts, whatever you wear in the summer. There haven't been many times I've visited Orlando and been cold, even in October. So for your whole family you're going to want your summer clothes. And don't forget the underwear too!

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | All your summer clothes and some good shoes are what you'll need.
Pack for the summer - even when travelling in October!

Of course you could always buy some things when in Walt Disney World. There are lots of shops where you can purchase clothes and accessories and you will love them all if you're a Disney fan.


We tend to travel in our main footwear - which tends to be trainers or sandals. But you're going to want to pack a spare pair too. You do lots of walking around the parks and hotels and if you're first pair aren't up to the task you might need that second pair. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes - with all the walking you're going to do the last thing you need is to get blisters.

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | You do LOTS of walking so be sure to have good footwear.
You can walk about 10 miles per day in WDW!


Not that you'll probably use them in the parks (apart from your phone) but you may want them later in the day when you're back in the hotel room so be sure to pack tablets, handheld consoles, and other entertainment devices. Oh, and don't forget the chargers and an adapter for the American sockets!

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | We all need our devices, even if we don't use them during the day.
Devices are great for winding down at the end of a busy day.

Chargers are obviously necessary - but the adapters are too. You can buy these online before you go - you won't find any once you're there!


If you're planning on carrying around lots of things when you're in the park you'll need a good, sturdy bag. Be aware that at every entrance to the parks there are bag-checks which means you'll be waiting in lines to enter and if you have a large bag it might take a while.

I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things. 

Walt Disney

I always try to get away with a bumbag, it's big enough to fit in essentials and fits around my waist. It also only takes a few minutes to be checked, and can sometimes be left behind!


If you're planning on pin trading you'll want to pack your pins and lanyard to take with you. You can buy these in Walt Disney World if you choose but buying pins to trade ahead of time is definitely a pro tip. Pins in the Disney shops are expensive, and you often end up not wanting to trade them. We always take a bag full of pins we want to trade and keep them in the room ready to swap out when needed.

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | Buy your pins ahead of time to save money.
Buying pins to trade is best done before you leave.


Don't forget the dollars! In a lot of the shops and restaurants you can pay with card but there are places that only accept cash and it would be a mistake to forget it. Think tips in restaurants or valet. There's always the chance your kids will want to spend money too so having cash handy is a good idea.


I'm not thinking aspirin or calpol here - I'm referring to your prescription medication. Whether it's creams, tablets, or something else, if you need it for your health don't forget to take it. You can buy painkillers and other simple medical stuff from any supermarket when you're there but if you require a prescription you'll need to take it with you.

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | Have your medication with you at all times.

Sanitary products

Women - if there's a product you prefer to use and you're not sure if you can get it over there - take it with you. On a few trips I've ended up feeling rubbish during my period week because I didn't take any products with me and I didn't like the ones I could buy in the supermarkets. I learned my lesson and always take my products with me now. The product range in Orlando has increased significantly in the years I've been visiting but it's still not the same as at home.

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained. 

Walt Disney

Hair products

Again ladies, if there's a product you can't do without take it with you. Whether it's shampoo, your hair straighteners, or some mousse, there's not always the same products available in local stores so take it with you.

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | If you're partial to your shampoo take it with you - you might not be able to buy it there.

When it comes to hair I tend to not fuss too much. The difference in the water will make your hair feel different anyway. I always take hair bobbles to tie my hair back and use the shampoo provided by the hotel. I tend to leave it at that because fussing with hair is last on my list of things to do when I'm in Walt Disney World!

Essentials To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World | A few things you'll definitely need to take with you rather than buying it there.

So there you are - a quick guide to a few essentials to pack for your next trip to Walt Disney World.

What things do you always forget to pack?

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7 ways to de-stress this half term

Half term is just around the corner and mums with kids in school know how stressful half term can be. With trying to find activities for them to do as well as dealing with their constant requests we are put on edge and they slowly drive us crazy. But this time I'm putting a few ideas together to help you de-stress and hopefully cope with the week.

Play Centres

Back when they were babies we dreaded going to the play centre didn't we? Climbing up those uncomfortable stairs with our little one, trying to show them not to be afraid walking over the wobbly bridge despite being terrified ourselves. It was an hour that zapped our energy and sent us crying to the bathroom whenever the request came. 

Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it. 

Eileen Caddy

Now though things are different. Play centres are wonderful places when your child can be told to "go off and play" and they're happy to. With boys at 9 and 14 I'm at this stage and have been for a while and I love play centres. Sometimes BP, 14, won't want to "play" but he still goes off to mess around with his brother, which is great. 

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | Head to the local play centre to wear your kids out - you may even chat with friends!
The play centre. Once a dreaded trip now a welcome break!

Once your kids are old enough to go off on their own play centres are amazing. You can arrange to meet up with your kids' friends' parents so you can sit and have a chat while your kids play together. It's a great way to let your kids run riot for an hour while you have a coffee and catch up with friends. It also wears out your kids so by the time you leave they're ready for a rest and you can go home and chill out. 

Local activities

Libraries, leisure centres, even local village halls tend to run various activities during half term. They're there to help you keep your kids entertained and usually there's refreshments on hand for you too. It's a quick and easy way to get your kids out of the house doing something and doesn't take much effort on your part, apart from getting them there. Check Facebook, your local supermarket's "what's on" advertising space, or ask around at school - people are sure to let you know.

Movie day at home

Plan a movie day. Stock up on popcorn and other snacks, plan an easy lunch/dinner and select a few of your favourite movies - you could even choose some movies you haven't seen yet. Then settle down for a lazy movie day. It's not often you get to stay in your pyjamas and watch TV all day but if you make into an "activity" your kids will love it.

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | Pick movies, grab the popcorn, and wear your pjs!
My boys love a good movie day.

We have a few movies on our must-see list currently and I've been checking out the movies so I can organise our own movie day this coming half term. We already have Ready Player One on the list and I've got a few other ideas too. What movies would you watch?

Play outside

Let - or make - the kids play outside. Even if it's drizzling or snowing getting them to go outside encourages them to be kids. It's easy, particularly during half term, to let them sit and play video games all day so that you can get some peace but making them go outside for a while will get them doing something - getting a bit a of exercise.

Being outdoors is good for them, even if they claim to hate it. I have often made BP, 14, go outside to kick a football around with his brother because if I didn't he would never get any exercise. It's not good for them to be indoors the whole time so being Evil Mum occasionally helps them. And as an added bonus you get to enjoy a hot coffee while they're outside playing!


I know I just said you can't let them play games all day but allowing them time to play is not a bad thing. Consoles and video games are constantly called out as the cause for a lot of anti-social behaviour but I do think they have a place in our society, particularly now.

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | Let them play - it's okay occasionally.
I don't know what my boys would do without their consoles!

My two play games a lot. After school, at weekends, and especially during holidays and half term. Sometimes I wonder if they play too much, and I will reduce the amount they're allowed to play - but usually I don't mind them going on their games. Back when we played games (if you ever did) it was always a solo venture - you sat in front of the TV on your own and made your character tackle monsters or jump over gaps in the landscape, but these days it's a more social thing. My boys are always talking to their friends when they play and they come up with strategies and tackle obstacles together

Talking to each other is something that doesn't often happen these days as kids are constantly on their phones, but as they are concentrating on the game at hand it encourages them to talk to people. Working together towards a common goal teaches them about cooperation and they feel a sense of accomplishment when they reach the goal. And coming up with strategies to tackle problems can never be bad thing can it? They also get to learn which strategies work and which don't - helping their mental capacity to solve problems.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. 

Benjamin Franklin

Allowing them to play their games also means you get to have a little peace while they do! Grab that coffee while you can. 

Days out

Theme parks, Castles, even a walk through the woods. Get outside with your kids, teach them about the world around them, about the history of a castle or how roller-coasters work. I've always found that we talk about the world a lot more when we go out for the day. 

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | Visit a local castle and learn about its history...
We love visiting our local area and learning the history of it.

Walking around your local area is a great way to get out and about and talk to your kids. We've discussed everything from how trees grow to complicated science and maths questions. It gives your kids a chance to "get bored" and start wondering about the world. Once they do that the questions might never stop, but getting them thinking about the world around them can never be a bad thing.

If all else fails

If you tried the play centre and the kids didn't like it. Local activities were "boring". Movie day failed because they just argued about which movie to watch. Getting them to play outside was a non-starter. Their consoles were confiscated because of all the arguing, and days out are just not going to happen right now there's only one thing left for you to do... 

Lock yourself in the bathroom!

Let the kids run riot in the house, forget about doing any chores or cleaning up after them, and just hide. Take a coffee with you, and your Kindle or a book and just hope they can keep themselves busy long enough that they don't notice where you are!

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | You don't have to spend a fortune or go to lots of places to have a great half term.

Being a stay-at-home mum during half term is taxing, the kids are always fighting that boredom and it's your job to make sure they have enough to keep them busy. But hopefully these things will help you during the upcoming half term.

What plans do you have for half term?

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