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It's Friday again and that can mean only one thing - Post Comment Love is here! Join me and Stephanie in our weekly linky, it's great to see so many of you coming back week after week. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for us this week!

Well this week I'm feeling much better - phew! I have to say last week was rough. It took me until Tuesday this week to feel better. I do still have a horrible cough but that I can cope with. I've got a stash of Strepsils and I'm drinking plenty so hopefully it won't last long.

It's been a quiet week, which I'm pleased about, it's allowed me to get back on top of housework and get the house looking somewhat normal again. It was only yesterday that I managed to get the kitchen looking okay. But again, I'm getting there.

Everything is else is back to normal too. Boys are at school, Hubby is working. I like it when things are quiet, it helps me think. Here's to a quiet weekend too!

Do you have a fun weekend planned?

Blogger Showcase Lois from Auburn Roe

Who are you?

Lois, a 21 year old female student from London, England.

How did you discover blogs/blogging?

I’ve always loved the idea of having a piece of the internet. From a young age I was always using social media and blogging sites such as Piczo and MySpace. I loved the creative freedom, and it wasn’t until about 10 years later that I realised people actually blogged for a living!

Why did you start blogging?

I was having a pretty rough time after starting university, and was tired of seeing this sugar-coated representation of university life on social media when I knew for a fact that those people weren’t always having the best time. I wanted those people to know that they weren’t alone and that university isn’t all that it is ‘hyped up’ to be. I wrote about my experiences and received such positive feedback that I just kept writing.

What do you find most challenging?

As a full-time student, it’s hard to push myself to create content regularly amongst my final year studies.

What is your favourite topic to write about?

Travel, for sure!

Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals?

At first it was just for fun, but after discovering that there were ways to monetise doing something I love so much like blogging, I made the decision to work towards making my blog a full-time business. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I believe that I can get there!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Sharing my experiences with people to inspire them to live their best life.

Have you ever attended a blogging conference, and if so, what did you think?

I haven’t, but I have recently been looking into them and as soon as I find one near by that I can attend, I’ll be there!

What are your 3 best posts?

Backed By Science: How To Start Achieving Your Goals Now

My Top 5: The Best Of Yosemite

6 Things To Do In Prague On A Student Budget

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Passionate, free-spirited, hard-working.

Are you a tea and biscuits or a coffee and cake person?

I don’t drink tea or coffee but I’m certainly a cake person!

What’s your idea of a perfect night out?

Eating good food and having deep chats whilst looking over the city.

Your perfect night in?

Candles, incense, yoga, watching a movie and eating chocolate cake.

What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality?

Not giving up and persevering. Picking myself up even when I feel low or can't do something.

Connect with Lois


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Organising And Accessorising Your Life

We all know that life isn’t always going to be as smooth as we’d like it to be. It all seemed so easy when we were youngsters and we had our parents doing everything – it was a piece of cake, in fact. It was all about enjoying ourselves and not having the faintest worry about any responsibilities that might be forthcoming. It was an overriding feeling of ‘everything will be alright in the end.’ Oh, how na├»ve we were!

We’re now at the point where we have an awful lot on our plates. We have work, we have personal issues, and we have other external factors that pop up out of nowhere. It can feel like an awful lot if we don’t have that level of calm and organisation to our game. We all want to have things arranged and assembled nicely in front of us, and it is possible to get things flowing and composed while adding a dash of your own flavour. It takes a little time and some effort, but let’s take a little look at the fundamentals. 

The House

If you’re not careful, you could end up living in a messy abode. It’s a normal and common thing to leave things lying around the house or go without a good clean for a while – due to forgetfulness or tiredness after hard weeks and months of work. The first step of organising and changing the home around is to declutter. You’ll then have a clearer vision of what needs to be done as well as a clearer, more peaceful mind. 

The Kids

When going to run amok, it can feel like the apocalypse. It happens in every household, though, so it’s not the biggest deal in the world! The best thing to do would be to write up a little routine for them. Set certain tasks for specific times, like bedtimes, meal times and play times. If you have a planned schedule for the family, then they may grow up with this kind of structure around them and that will only benefit them in years to come. It will also benefit you as you’ll be somewhat freer of stress (hopefully!) 


Earning money and keeping a roof over your head is of great importance and you’ll want to make sure you have a healthy balance between work and home life. Again, creating a little plan or a timetable is a wonderful idea – having that systematic approach usually leads to getting things done on time. If you work from home, it’s a good idea to create a workspace for yourself. If you have a little home office, it gives you more of a boost to get things done as opposed to sitting on the couch or the bed. Having a little room for you to work in also helps as you’ll probably need extra details and information – they can be kept here. 

The Garden

Much like the house, your garden will need looking after if you have one. Everybody knows that the grass grows quicker in the summer, so make sure you have the lawnmower ready and functioning correctly! If you have little ones, you might want to have some playthings scattered around for them, like a trampoline, a slide or a jungle gym. 

Your Car

It’s something that is super important to your everyday life. We all need one nowadays in order to get essential things done. You’ll want to keep on top of the maintenance of your car, as you’ll need to be aware of how safe it is to use – you don’t want to be involved in anything scary. It would be best to keep the boot organised, too, as you might have trouble if everything’s a big mess. When everything’s sorted, there’s no reason why you can’t add extra features. People like to have custom number plates so that they never forget it – you can click here to search for a personalised number plate if you feel that would be a good idea for you. People also use a satellite navigation gadget to help them get around unknown parts. 


Finally, life isn’t all about the stresses and strains that need to be solved! You need to make time for fun. Like we mentioned before, as robotic as it sounds, it would be a good idea to make room for hobbies and such by planning things out – if things are hectic, that is. If you want to get away from the kids for a few hours, you can also get in touch with a childminder and work something out with them. 

Collaborative post

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Where All The Good Stuff Happens!

We all have a comfort zone for a reason. It’s our safe space where we retreat to whenever we feel slightly scared or insecure. If it were up to most of us, it’s where we would stay for the majority of the time. However, when we do stay in this comfortable zone, it can be all too easy to end up stagnating. It’s true that not much good will come from staying in your comfort zone, and you won’t be able to grow and develop as an individual. There just won’t be the opportunity to do so.

So, it’s important that you try to push yourself out of your comfort zone as much as you possibly can. This won’t be easy to do, especially to start with, because of all the difficulty associated with trying new things. But the benefits of trying new things and facing exciting opportunities will make it all very much worth it.

If you want to try to push yourself out of your comfort zone more, you should try these following tips.

Tell Yourself Positive Affirmations

One way to feel better about moving out of your comfort zone is to try to change the way you think about it. Rather than dreading it being a potentially very hard and negative thing to do, you should instead frame it as something more positive. You can do this by telling yourself positive affirmations, which are statements that can help you overcome your negative thoughts. So, for instance, you could tell yourself “I can do this!” or “I will be a better person for doing this!”. Eventually, once you have told yourself plenty of positive things, you will eventually start to think that way without being prompted to.

Think About The Times Being Out Of Your Comfort Zone Has Been A Success

I’m sure there will have already been plenty of times when getting out of your comfort zone has been an entirely positive experience for you. It’s important that you remember these times, as they could prove to be very inspiring to you. When you think about all the times that moving out of your comfort zone has had a very positive effect on you, you will probably be a lot more inclined to try again. This is a great way to inspire yourself!

Travel More

Did you know that traveling more can really help to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone? When we travel, it’s the perfect chance to experience new cultures that will seem completely foreign to our own. Exploring these different cultures will certainly be putting you out of your comfort zone however you won’t realize it because it will feel so fun and exciting! If you visit a country that speaks a different language, you will find that this barrier pushes you further out of your comfort zone even though you might not realize it. If you aren’t too sure where to go to, you might want to travel to less well-known beautiful movie locations. You’ll be able to see some of the locations from your favorite movies but, as they aren’t such popular locations, you won’t have to deal with crowds of tourists!

Turn Trying New Things Into A Habit

Moving out of your comfort zone will come a lot easier to you if you practice it a lot more often. So, it’s worth trying to turn it into a habit. Why not make yourself break out of your comfort zone once or twice a week? At first these situations might feel quite strange and awkward but over time, the more you follow this habit, you will find that stepping outside of your comfort zone will become a lot easier for you to manage. You might even look back and wonder why you found it so difficult in the first place!

Take Baby Steps

Don’t ever underestimate how difficult stepping out of your comfort zone can be - it can be very tough at times! But if you use all of the steps in this blog post, then you will start to find that it gets quite a bit easier. The key is to not making it too difficult to start with. Ideally, you need to take baby steps and build up to bigger challenges that see you leave your comfort zone.

Hopefully, these steps will help you get used to stepping out of your comfort zone. You will be amazed at how many great benefits are waiting for you once you leave it!

Collaborative post

How to break your kid's screen addiction

The other day, while the boys were at school, I walked into my lounge and was shocked at the sight. Our coffee table was filled with empty, or half empty, glasses, plates covered its surface and there were crumbs and food bits all over the floor. Turning my back on the mess I wandered back into the kitchen, there was space above the dishwasher for extra plates and glasses so I didn't know why they hadn't been taken out. Then I walked into my eldest's "area" (it's an open plan room next to the kitchen) where I spied more glasses and plates on the floor. 

I didn't pick up the dirty plates or glasses. 

Teaching my boys about consequences

As a stay-at-home mum you might think why. Why didn't I just collect all the things and put the dishwasher on? Well, it's a matter of principle you see. In our house there's a rule for the boys - as long as their homework is done, and chores are completed, they are allowed to play games. Can you guess which bit they're choosing to ignore?

How To Break Your Kid's Screen Addiction | A tidy lounge is great, when they're not playing games and doing chores instead!
This is what my lounge should've looked like!

Yep - the chores.

I do my chores every day - if I didn't the house would be shocking, there'd be no clean clothes for anyone, and to be honest I'm not sure I want to live like that. So is it so unreasonable to ask my boys to do their bit? I don't think so. At almost 10 and almost 15 they're old enough to be able to do things for themselves but also know that they need to help around the house too. 

I learned a lot when I was 14 and 15 years old doing chores inside and outside the household, and as a result, I grew up with a good work ethic.

Jack Kingston

So back to the story. I didn't pick up those dirty plates, I left them there all day while the boys were at school. It was in my head all day, I kept saying to myself "why don't you just take them through and put the dishwasher on, it'll only take 5 minutes and then the house will be tidy". But I didn't. Or rather, I almost did once until the Hubby said "Don't do it." and then I left them. So, I waited for the boys to get in from school.

As usual they came in and got changed, they got on with homework. And then they asked about games. And I said no.

No justification. No arguing. Simply "No".

Cue the complaints, the stomping around the house. The strops are epic when I refuse to let them play their games. They think I'm being Evil Mum again and that it's all unfair.

How To Break Your Kid's Screen Addiction | LP's messy bedroom after he'd ignored his chores for a few days.
This is LP's bedroom after he'd ignored his chores for a few days. 

Once they had calmed down I pointed out all the glasses and plates. I showed them the empty dishwasher. And within about 20 minutes both my boys had done ALL of their chores and were asking about games again. 

It's all about the rules

My answer was no again and they didn't understand why.

So I explained.

We have a rule in our house (yes, another one) - if they don't do their chores one day, then the next day they don't get to play games. This has been a changing situation in our house for a long time. We didn't used to have this rule, but because the chores kept getting ignored we had to come up with another way to encourage them to do it.

Our rules include:

1. Homework, chores, revision to be done before any game playing/screen watching.

2. If homework/chores/revision doesn't get done, the following day is a no-tech day.

3. No-tech days are always on hand for disrespect or misbehaving.

Since screens and games play a large part in our kids' lives we decided we needed rules to ensure they thought about something other than the games they're playing. They need to learn that their actions have consequences and that they can't expect to be able to do the thing they enjoy whenever they like, especially if they've misbehaved.

Screen addiction, obese kids

There's been a lot of press recently about obese children, about screen addiction, and about the impact that games have on children.

First of all I will say I don't think my kids are addicted to their screens. I think they love to play games and watch TV, like all children, but it does not come ahead of everything else. I think if we didn't have our rules this would certainly be the case but because we are strict and stick to what we say our boys have learned that they can't do whatever they like. 

That said, last weekend we did a trial. We had noticed our eldest was watching a lot of movies and playing games during the day during the weekends. He was ignoring chores, playing games, and then when I mentioned chores he would say he was going out with friends. The chores got left. And off he went, probably to play games at his friends' house.

So we decided to try something new. We had a time limit on screens and games - for ALL of us. None of us were allowed to sit playing with phones or looking at screens until at least 3pm. Movies weren't allowed before 7pm. 

I tell you what, I never thought I was addicted to my phone, but I realised I'm in quite a routine at the moment. I'll wake in a morning, get up, make breakfast, switch the news on, and then pick up my phone. It was so difficult to not do that!

But here's the thing, it was a good day.

We got the house tidied. We played board games together. We went for a walk. LP built a fort. BP did some drawing. And the Hubby and I went for another walk later. It was a packed day, but not packed with games and tech, it was other stuff and actually I felt really good.

How To Break Your Kid's Screen Addiction | Get outdoors, go for a walk, and get your kids running!
Getting out and about did us all good!

We talked about it to the boys, asked them what they thought of the day. At first they said it was boring, but then they thought about everything they'd done and concluded that actually it was a really good thing and they wanted to do more of it.

The memories we make with our family is everything.

Candace Cameron Bure

As a family we've neglected playing board games recently - which used to be one of our favourite things. But since our trial at the weekend we've decided to get back to that. There's also the walking, which is not only good for our health but we get to go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine (when it's there!). Add to that the fact that LP is already deciding which old toys he's going to play with this weekend, and BP has been planning a writing project, and I think it's going to be a huge success.

How To Break Your Kid's Screen Addiction | Deer shading under a tree at Wollaton Park - something you could see on a walk.
Just one of the beautiful sights you could see on a walk!

If your kids are addicted to screens

First of all you need some rules. You can't be letting them look at screens whenever they feel like it. After all, you're the parent right? It's your job to teach them, to make them understand that in order to do the things they like, they have to do things they don't like first. 

  • I would start with introducing rules slowly. Talk to them about it first. Make them understand that if things don't change, then rules will come into place. 

  • Once rules are introduced - stick to them. No allowances. No get-out clauses. 

  • No tech in the bedroom. This is so important. My boys have lots of friends who have the consoles or keep their phones in their bedroom at night, and they also know that those friends suffer because of it. They show up to school tired. They don't get work done on time. We have no tech in the boys' bedrooms - it's simply not allowed. BP's phone is charged downstairs when he goes to bed, consoles are kept in the lounge. 

  • No screen time. Everyone has to have time away from screens - including you. So, like us, why not introduce a day, or even half a day, where you're all switched off from screens. Whether that's the gaming consoles, your phone, or the computer, step away from it all and enjoy family time together.

If you show your children that the rules don't just apply to them, it might be easier for them to see that it's a good thing. Talk to them about the addiction, about how it changes their behaviour, and admit to yourself as well as your children, that you need help with that too. 

How To Break Your Kid's Screen Addiction | Just a few rules could help you break your kid's screen addiction.

Like I said, our no screen time last weekend did us all good and I am so glad we did it. We had a lovely family day, our boys got to see us admitting we were doing something wrong too, and we all helped each other keep boredom at bay. 

Are you, and your kids, addicted to screens?

If you enjoyed this post you'll like Teaching your children about online gaming or if you're looking for ways to enjoy family time together check out Activities that will bring you together as a family.

Stop by Facebook and let me know what rules you're introducing to reduce your screen time.

And don't forget you can grab a Wonderful Winter Activity Book for your kids to do during their no screen time! There's colouring pages too, so maybe you could join in!

My Random Musings

Post Comment Love 15th - 17th March

Welcome back to another week of Post Comment Love where Stephanie and I welcome all bloggers to share their best or favourite post of the week. I love that our little linky allows any bloggers to share, I think it's so easy to get stuck reading the same kind of posts and having a linky where lots of different bloggers link up gives me a wide range of topics to read. Yay!

Well right now I'm sitting on my recliner feeling pretty rotten. It all started last Sunday, I had a niggly cough and after having LP being ill over the weekend I figured I was probably getting what he had. I didn't think that almost a week later I'd still be suffering. Monday I pretty much spent the day doing nothing. LP was off school because he was still ill and I was feeling awful, I even ended up having a nap in the afternoon - for 2 hours! Tuesday I was feeling a little better, the aches and pains had subsided, my cough was worse and the headaches were bad because of all the coughing but paracetamol took care of it. I was able to get a little housework done but I still spent most of the day sitting. I had started to think I was on the mend. Then Wednesday happened.

Wednesday I started sneezing as well as coughing. LP was back at school so I had to do the school run, all the way I was hoping I didn't sneeze while driving - I hate doing that. The sneezing was annoying, but again I figured it was just a cold on top of the cough. Wednesday night was rough. I didn't sleep much because my nose was blocked and running (how does that happen?!) and when I did sleep I woke up in cold sweats. So another day on the recliner on Thursday, and my aches were back too - yay. It's been a long time since I last felt like this, this flu is kicking my butt. It's not something I was expecting to catch.

The most annoying thing about it all is that I'd started to take it for granted that I didn't catch stuff anymore because the kids were never ill. Then LP got the sickness bug a few weeks ago and I managed to avoid that one - phew! But flue - yep, it well and truly got me. My head is pounding, I feel like my limbs weigh a ton, and I am unbelievably sick of sneezing and coughing.

As you can imagine I haven't got much else done this week, it's all been about getting over the flu - which is proving to be a lot more difficult than I expected. I'm hoping it doesn't last much longer. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

How has your week been?

Blogger Showcase Megan from Not Scared 

Megan is a 29 year old Canadian blogger who discovered blogging by reading other blogs. She describes herself as kind, motivated, and crafty, and her perfect night in involves pizza and Netflix - sounds good to me! To read more about Megan head over to Stephanie's blog where Megan is answering our Blogger Showcase questions.

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Being more YOU

Today I was going to write a post about getting a lie-in in a morning. About how being a mum is tough and you should give yourself time to chill out. It's actually National Bed Month this month so it would be the perfect time to encourage you to get that lie-in. But I wasn't feeling it. I mean let's face it, if you have kids there's very little chance of you getting a lie-in unless the kids aren't home. I'm rarely in bed after 7:30am and that's classed as a lie-in! Instead I wanted to talk to you about being more YOU, allowing yourself to be the real you rather than that person you put out there everyday hoping that you fit in somewhere.

Way back when...

Every day I feel like I'm getting to know myself more and more, and it makes me happy. But it hasn't always been this way. There was once a time when I felt so completely overwhelmed by everything that I put on a facade, a mask, to fit in wherever I was. I would smile and laugh when I knew I was meant to but I never really felt happy. I never let "me" out because I was afraid of the reaction I would get.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

Helen Keller

I am an introvert. Very much so. I abhor nights out "with the girls", the thought of going out clubbing makes me shudder, even the idea that Hubby and I may get a chance to go out at a weekend doesn't fill me with joy - I'd much rather spend the evening at home doing what we both love - watching movies. I don't like being around lots of people at once, I don't like loud places, and I especially don't like strangers. Whenever we go into Nottingham for a shopping trip, or head to a family party, I breathe a sigh of relief when we get home. I'm drained by the effort. I feel that other people zap my energy and it takes a lot of alone time to get it back.

Being More You | Being an introvert doesn't mean you can't have friends.
I like to be by myself but that doesn't mean I don't want friends.

Okay, so I know I'm sounding like a bit of a hermit. But I'm being honest. That's me. I would much rather spend the day in my little office listening to music as I type away on the keyboard than heading out to a conference or even a meet up in town with friends. As I type I am at my happiest, the Hubby is downstairs working, the boys are at school, and I am in my little bubble.

Getting out there

Even though I want to spend every day in my room I don't want to be friend-less. I want friends. I want people to understand me. I want someone to say "You know what? ME TOO!". And that's why I'm writing this post - to be more "me" and let you know that it's okay to want to be on your own at the same time as wanting friends.

I have always held myself back, I don't reach out to people and then I wonder why I don't have many friends. It's obvious really isn't it?

Which is why I've started going to more effort, chatting online, putting myself out there more. Being honest. I don't have to put on a facade, but I do have to try. I do have to think about other people, and I do need to be nice to others. Not that I'm nasty to others but I don't generally go to much effort. 

It's the connecting with people that always scares me. I was never any good at making friends so connecting, especially online, feels more difficult. But I'm trying, I'm reaching out online, answering peoples questions and putting in more effort. I've realised I want the connections, I want friends, and I want to be able to help others.

Being more YOU

The point of this post is to help you see that you can be honest and still have friends. You can be you, you just need to be brave enough to do it. Whether you're a stay-at-home mum to school aged kids (like me), a working mum with babies, or not even a mum at all, being genuine with people and reaching out as the person you are will help them (and you) see you have something in common.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

Yoko Ono

I recently interacted with people in a Facebook group, it's a group I've been a part of for a long time but never really spent any time in. I didn't think I would have anything in common with anyone. But over the weekend I spent some time responding to comments and chatting to other women in the group. And you'll never guess what happened? I made some new friends! Shocking right? All it took was for me to be honest and write about my opinions and people are suddenly saying they agree with me, and that they wish we'd met ages ago! It's so lovely to be able to connect with people you actually have something in common with, and even when you have kids of different ages, or your personal circumstances are different, there's still things you can agree on or have in common. 

Being More You | Show people who you really are!
Me enjoying chill out time with the Ice Gator at Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World.

While it may be scary putting yourself out there, or reaching out to people, it can make such a difference. Being honest with the world and saying "this is me" is the only way you'll make genuine connections, and that's what we're all after in the end isn't it?

Being More You | Put yourself out there and you may find new friends!

I hope that in some way this post has helped you, whether that's to just nod along or give you the confidence to put yourself out there. And if it did give you the confidence to put yourself out there stop by Facebook and say hi!

Do you hide behind a facade or are you being more YOU?

If you liked this post you'll enjoy Stay-at-home mums - why we shouldn't be ashamed or if you're looking for ways to learn about yourself check out Take time to do something new for you.

Don't forget to stop by Facebook and let me know how you're putting yourself out there.

And you can grab the Organised Mama Pack to help you get organised so you have more time for you.

Post Comment Love 8th - 10th March

Yes, it's Friday again and the weekend is almost here! Yay! Welcome back to another week of Post Comment Love where you can link up your best or favourite post of the week. Stephanie and I look forward to reading your posts each week. What have you got for us this week?

I've been doing some learning and growing this week. If you're a regular visitor you'll know I'm trying to start a new prints business, using some of my own drawings. I had never considered offering a logo design to bloggers. But early last week a blogging buddy asked me to design a logo for her. I was SO scared that I wouldn't be able to do it but after a little discussion I put it together and she loved the result. I couldn't believe it. I had managed to create something real for someone and they liked it! It felt so lovely knowing she liked her design and that I had created it. So apparently I can design logos too! hehe.

I've also been learning with my drawing too. I was struggling to get my drawings looking just right, there was something off about it, but after doing a little reading and playing around with settings I think I've found a solution and things are looking better. Now all I need to do is re-colour everything!

As for everything else, well we had a weird evening on Tuesday this week. LP was out at the Nottingham Playhouse doing something with school and he wasn't due home until 6:30pm. BP came in from school and promptly told us he was going out again to meet up with friends. It was 4pm and the house was quiet. And I suddenly realised that it won't be long until the house is like that all that time. When LP is a teen and off out with friends all the time and BP is either at Uni or has a job our house will be quiet. It was both a daunting and exciting prospect. My boys are growing up, they're starting to need me less, and while I hate that the house is quiet when it isn't usually I do love that they are growing and learning to need me less. They're becoming independent. Their lives are in front of them and it is so exciting (and nerve-wracking) to watch.

I'm looking forward to chilling out this weekend, although I'm not sure we'll get time for much chilling because we have a few jobs around the house planned.

What are you up to this weekend?

Blogger Showcase Precious Udoh from Upwrites

Who are you? 

My name is Precious Udoh. I'm a Nigerian and a soon-to-be 20-year old blogger. I am currently in my finals as an undergraduate in the University of Lagos. Although I'm studying Marine Biology, I love writing. 

How did you discover blogs/blogging?

I first discovered a blog on instagram by one of the ladies I follow. She was into poems and short stories and that captivated me. That was over 2 years ago. There was a chance to blog at WordPress and I didn't hesitate to click the button. Now, I've moved to a new blog with an hosting plan. 

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I loved writing and I found it a medium to share many things which are pinned to my memory. 

What do you find most challenging?

I find thinking and writing on the next post very challenging. With time, I'm getting used to it, hence I prepare ahead. 

What is your favourite topic to write about?

My favorite topic is 'Health' because this is a very crucial aspect in our lives. I center on mental illnesses such as depression. 

Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals?

I find it blogging to be fun. Nonetheless, I have goals. I want to be a unique blogger in my time such that I don't have to depend on lies to make money like most bloggers do. I want to, at the same time, be happy to reach millions and billions of people due to my passion to help people and eradicate depression.

Have you ever attended a blogging conference and if so, what did you think?

I have never attended a blogging conference. 

What are your 3 best posts?

My best three posts are:


Describe yourself in three words!

Three things about me: I'm calm, tolerant and enthusiastic. 

Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person?

I'm a tea and biscuits person

What's your idea of a perfect night out?

Unfortunately, I don't do night outs! 

Your perfect night in?

For a night in, I'd love to watch movies, chat and tweet, yeah. 

What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality?

My best friend will say I'm amazing because I keep unwrapping God's grace in my life daily.

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7 things to do in Epcot when it rains

When you visit Walt Disney World it's useful to know that it rains, a lot. During summer there's lots of rain, and while it is sometime a welcome relief from the hot sun there are times when you really don't want to be standing around in a ride line while you get rained on. There are lots of ways to avoid the rain, so many that I probably shouldn't cover them all in one post, so for this one here's 7 things you can do in Epcot when it rains.

The Land

7 Things To Do In Epcot When It Rains | Head for The Land where you can learn about living with the land, planting and growing food.
Head inside to learn, see amazing sights, and grab something to eat.

The Land is a place you can learn about the world, take a ride on a boat in Living With The Land. You'll learn how Disney is learning about plant and food growth and using their knowledge to help them grow food that is actually used in restaurants like The Garden Grill

There's also Soarin' which is a brilliant ride where you fly over amazing sights around the world like the Great Wall of China. 

The Land houses a food court too, so if you happen to be peckish you could grab something to eat while it's raining outside. Be aware though that lots of other people could have this thought too.

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. 

Dolly Parton

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

7 Things To Do In Epcot When It Rains | The Nemo ride is great fun as well as getting to see lots of ocean life.
Inside the seas you can see all sorts of sealife. I LOVE it.

Another large area you can walk around inside is The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Head for the ride entrance, and once you've spotted Nemo with his buddies you hop off the ride and get to walk around the aquarium checking out all the fish. There's dolphins, I saw manatees once, and plenty of sharks. There's always Disney Cast Members on hand to answer any questions you have and sometimes they even hold shows with the dolphins where they do tricks or play with their toys. It's a brilliant way to get out of the rain.

O Canada!

7 Things To Do In Epcot When It Rains | Canada is a beautiful place, both the pavilion and the country!
I never knew how beautiful Canada was!

Once the spots of rain start outside head into the Canada pavilion where you can watch a short movie about Canada. To be honest I thought this would be really boring, I didn't know much about Canada (and still don't) and thought there wasn't much point watching it. But, it was a brilliant movie because it showed me how wrong I was. Canada is a beautiful country and I would like to visit one day - and that's because I watched O Canada! 

You do have to stand to watch and it is "circle-vision" which means there are screens all around you. It's an interesting concept, if you get motion sickness at all it could trigger that but there's always the exit so not to worry.

The American Adventure

7 Things To Do In Epcot When It Rains | See past and present presidents as well as hearing amazing a capella voices!
Learn about American history, and maybe even hear the Voices of Liberty!

Listen to the re-telling of American History while you sit in a theatre. Listen to America's past, and present, presidents tell the story of their history - their wins as well as a few fails. It's an interesting show and one we have seen a few times. We like to use it as a way to get a rest but it's also a great way to escape the rain.

Mexico Pavilion

7 Things To Do In Epcot When It Rains | Mexico is amazing inside - check it out!
Go inside the pavilion to spot some beautiful glass figures.

This is one of my favourite places in Epcot and I'm always happy to spend some time inside. To start with there's a boat ride - Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros - which takes you through Mexico searching for Donald Duck. Then you could try out a margarita in the bar or walk around the small market checking out all the colourful figures and things they have on display. During our last visit we bought BP a dragon, which he loves and has it in his room taking pride of place on his mantlepiece. 

Predicting rain doesn't count. Building arks does. 

Warren Buffett

Mission Space

7 Things To Do In Epcot When It Rains | Mission Space - A great ride with a play area near the exit!
Go through the shop to find the play area near the exit of the ride.

A ride that takes you into space and all the way to Mars! For those that don't like rides though, there's always the waiting area near the exit of the ride - which you get to through the shop. I've waited in this area a few times because I don't like the more intense version of Mission Space, but my boys do. It's a handy place to wait around, there are seats and a play area for younger visitors as well as something for the older kids too. Definitely a good place to shelter from the rain.

Club Cool

7 Things To Do In Epcot When It Rains | Club Cool - where you can get FREE drinks in Walt Disney World.
Try out free samples of Coca-cola inside!

While it gets quite busy when it's raining it's still a good place to shelter if the rain gets heavy fast and you're in the area. Really it's just a small shop, but they have FREE samples of Coca-Cola flavours from around the world for you to try. We stop into Club Cool whenever we need a quick drink, when it's raining, or when we just need to get out of the sun for a while. It's a great little stop.

7 Things To Do In Epcot When It Rains | There's lots of ways to get out of the rain - or even enjoy it!

There are so many other things to do in Epcot when it rains but these are my favourites. Don't forget there's World Showcase in Epcot which means you can visit each of the pavilions around the World and there's always something interesting to see.

Have you ever been caught in a Florida rain storm?

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