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Oh boy what a week. Sunday night, or rather Monday morning, Hubby and I were woken up by LP epically throwing up in the bathroom. For the next few hours LP was up and down being sick and Hubby and I got almost no sleep. In the end, at about 3am, the Hubby took LP downstairs and they played games together to try and take his mind of the sickness. He just couldn't get his stomach to settle and every time he laid down he was sick. At 5am they both went to bed and slept until 10 am - I, on the other hand, slept from about 3 am until 7am when I had to get BP up for school.

Needless to say we didn't get much done on Monday, we were all very tired, and LP was still being sick. Later in the day on Monday LP was feeling better and we were hoping that was the end of it. He went to bed at his normal bedtime and slept for a few hours.

Post Comment Love 7th - 9th December | Join Stephanie and me for our weekly linky!

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of it - at 12:05am LP woke up and was being sick again. I spent the night getting up with him, and eventually he went to sleep. I think he was just exhausted. Tuesday was a little better, LP managed to keep food down and was drinking plenty, but he was complaining about a tummy ache all day. To try to get him to sleep, because we were all worn out, we let him stay up until late - I think he went to bed at about 11pm. Thankfully though that seemed to do the trick and he slept all night without any sickness.

Wednesday was better with LP eating more and drinking plenty, and he's now back at school - which he's very happy about. He spent all day Wednesday complaining about how he was missing school and not being able to go to his football club. It's such a shock when my boys are ill because it happens so rarely. I'm just glad it's over!

Thank goodness BP has been able to pretty much take care of himself. I've been getting up in the morning to see him off to school but haven't really been myself. I'm just glad he can sort out his own breakfast and stuff, I'm not sure how I would've coped if I'd had to do the school run and everything that comes with it.

Here's hoping for a better week next week!

How has your week been?

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The importance of a good bedtime routine

With two boys aged 9 and 14 I've had a few years experience at getting my kids to go to bed, and most importantly, staying in bed. Now I'm not saying I'm an expert at this, I've had my fair share of going up and downstairs trying to get them to go to sleep, but for the most part they've been good sleepers - and I put that down to having a good bedtime routine.


The amount of sleep kids get can impact their behaviour, if they're tired they're more likely to misbehave. Having a bedtime routine helps but making sure they get enough sleep is where to start. Setting the time they go to bed, and sticking to it, gives your kids a routine. They know that at 7pm it's bedtime and so they have to be ready for bed. 

The Importance Of A Good Bedtime Routine | Sticking to the same bedtime every day allows children to get used to a bedtime.

The time they go to bed usually depends on their age, so be adaptable as they grow. I can't imagine BP being particularly happy if I told him he had to go to bed at 7pm. LP's current bedtime is 8pm, but he can read as much as he likes when he's in bed. BP's current bedtime is 9pm, and the same reading rule applies - but he doesn't usually use it!

Weekends are different, or at least non-school nights are different. On a Friday and Saturday we give them an extra hour. This is a recent development and we're giving it a go, so far they're both doing well with it. 

Any kid will run any errand for you, if you ask them at bedtime.

Red Skelton

Start early

Don't ever spring bedtime on kids - the only thing you'll do is make them want to stay up. Kids, younger kids particularly, need time to settle down, time to get used to the fact they'll be going to bed soon. Establishing a 'get ready for bed' routine is a good way to get them settled and ready to go to bed.

When my boys were young reading a bedtime story together was part of our routine and they both looked forward to it. LP loved bedtime stories, he would spend ages before bed choosing his story and he had his favourites, Dr Seuss featured a lot. In the winter we would grab a blanket, one we could snuggle under, like our Aqua Blue Herringbone Throw that keeps us warm and makes reading the story extra special. Reading together while snuggling under a blanket creates a bond, and it's something your child will remember. Even now LP talks about how we used to read stories together. Dr Seuss Sleep Book was a great read, and often put BP to sleep - it's a genius story - but LP never slept, he had to hear the end of the story and then he would go to sleep.

The Importance Of A Good Bedtime Routine | Grab a blanket, their favourite teddy bear, and a bedtime story, and settle down.

Whether it's bedtime stories, a night time bath, or just having 20 minutes to settle down, giving your kids something they can mark bedtime with makes it easier for them to understand bedtime is coming.

Security blankets and teddy bears

Security blankets, or favourite teddy bears, can really help with the night time settling. A blanket that they absolutely have to sleep with (don't forget to have more than one!) or a teddy bear who keeps them company, is another way to help them settle. 

The Importance Of A Good Bedtime Routine | Security blankets and teddy bears can help your child settle.

Both my boys had security blankets. When BP was a baby - up to about 2 years old - he would cling to his blanket, put it next to his face, and suck his thumb. He would fall asleep this way every time. As he grew older, and because we had many of the same blanket, I started to cut it up to make it smaller as a way of weaning him off needing the blanket. LP ended up more bonded with his blanket than I expected. His blanket was an embroidered thing that came with a Buzz Lightyear teddy, and we only had one - probably the biggest parenting fail I have ever made and it still haunts me to this day. He would do the same as BP, holding it next to his face while sucking his thumb, only he would go further and make it touch his eye! We would freak out every time we saw it but it's how he could fall asleep. Unfortunately for LP we lost his blanket when on holiday one year, he was just over a year old, and I felt awful. We tried getting him a replacement but he never really took to the replacement like he had the original blanket. 

As for teddy bears, again they both had them. BP didn't really need his much, the bedtime stories would put him to sleep and he was always a heavy sleeper. LP was different again, he was a light sleeper and the teddy bear helped him. LP's teddy was a Build-a-Bear teddy that he made himself and gave the teddy a roar. He decided that if the teddy - a leopard by the way - could roar then he could scare away the monsters and nightmares. As he got too old for the security blanket he switched to the teddy and used it for years to "protect" him at night. He couldn't sleep without it. 

Security blankets and teddy bears are a great way to settle kids for bed, or give them something to cling to when they're feeling uneasy. 

Be consistent

As much as you can you want to make sure you have the same routine every day. The same bed time, doing the same things when you tell them to get ready for bed. It could be a bath, then bedtime story, then sleep, or it could be other things too. But always do the same things, it establishes a good routine and prepares the kids for going to bed. 

Like I said, we always had a routine when getting ready for bed. Bedtime stories, time to settle down, and then bed and sleep. Every single day.

No tech in bedrooms

For older children it can be more difficult to get them to settle. With the pressures of social media and having phones with them all the time, including in their bedrooms at night, the chances of them missing out on sleep is high.

The Importance Of A Good Bedtime Routine | Don't allow tech in bedrooms - it makes it easier for teens to turn off!

We used to let BP have his phone in his bedroom at night, it's where it would get charged. However, in a morning when I'd try to get him up for school I'd often find that he was very tired and cranky. After research I found out he'd been using his phone until very late at night, sometimes until 4am, and that's when I decided we needed a new rule. No tech in bedrooms at night. Now I know it's not always possible, with consoles and such being kept in bedrooms, but when it comes to mobile phones if they can be charged overnight elsewhere I'd suggest doing so. Remove the temptation to constantly be checking their phones into the night and they will sleep better - they can disconnect from the online world, and it will at least give them some down time. 

Calm down period

Again thinking of older kids security blankets and teddy bears don't work, which means you need to concentrate a little more on how to get them to settle before bed. Having a 'calm down' period before bedtime gives them a chance to let their brain settle before heading to bed. 

Switching off consoles, and no screen time for at least 30 minutes before bed is how we do this. You can't really dictate story time to a 14 year old, but you can stop them from playing their console games or being on their iPads and phones right before bed. Give them a chance to switch off and they're more likely to sleep well during the night. I have found that BP is much more pleasant when he has a good night's sleep. 

My dad did every single accent under the sun, and he would read bedtime stories.

Lily James

Once in bed - STAY IN BED

Ever since the boys could understand, we've had a rule about bedtime. Once they're in bed, they stay in bed. You could help with this one by getting them a bed they like - like these cabin beds for sale from Room to Grow. Once they are in bed they have to either read, or go to sleep. No getting up to have a drink of water, no shouting downstairs to talk about their day at school. I've always been strict with this one because I believe it makes the biggest difference. If you give in and go upstairs numerous times to settle them, that's the routine they get used to. 

Now, I'm not saying these tips will always work. When kids are ill all these rules go out of the window and to be honest they should. But routine is important, and it makes a difference to your child's behaviour. 

Why not start a new routine for the Christmas period by picking up a new blanket for you to snuggle under while you're reading a bedtime story!

What is part of your kids' bedtime routine?

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And to help you stay organised so you have more time for the bedtime routine grab this Organised Mama Pack, which includes chore checklists for you and your kids!

Top 7 things you should do at Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World

When you have limited time at the parks in Walt Disney World it can be overwhelming to try and decide which rides and attractions you should head to first. But that's why I'm here, I've put together a list of things we think are the best at each park and today is the top 7 things you should do at Hollywood Studios.

Slinky Dog Dash

We're starting with rides and heading straight to the busiest part of the park currently - Toy Story Land. Slinky Dog Dash gets busy, think lines of about 2-3 hours, so be sure to book your Fastpass+ ahead of time. Slinky Dog Dash is a roller coaster, but a fairly mild one. I have to admit that when I ride it I'm left feeling a little icky but that's because I'm a bit of a wimp! The boys like it, although I think they'd prefer something a bit bigger. I'd say it's not one for people who hate roller coasters but it's okay if you don't mind them. 

At the end of the day, if I can say I had fun, it was a good day. 

Simone Biles

Toy Story Mania!

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World | The line at Toy Story Mania is fun too - there's huge toys!
See giant sized kids' toys in the line for Toy Story Mania!

One of my favourite rides in Hollywood Studios Toy Story Mania! is a great ride for all the family. You shoot at moving targets (while wearing 3D glasses) and try to get the biggest score. It's lots of fun and during our summer 2018 trip we must've ridden it 5 or 6 times. You will always leave this ride smiling, perhaps even laughing. 

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World | Do you like roller coasters? You'll love Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

This is one of my boys' favourite rides, it's on their list of must dos whenever we go to Hollywood Studios. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is a full-on coaster, that is mainly in the dark (so I'm told), you see lights but it's mainly dark. I have never had the courage to ride this one, but I'm told I wouldn't like it so I'd say it's for the thrill seekers in your party.

Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World | Head to the Hollywood Hills to see Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage.

Again one for all the family this stage show is truly brilliant and not one to miss. Hear famous songs from the movie sung live, watch as the cutlery and household objects dance around the stage and see the Beast as he makes a transformation. The show is performed on stage but it is outdoors - under a covering (so it doesn't matter if it's raining) - but it will be hot so before entering to see the show grab yourself a cold drink or an ice-cream!

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Another great show for the family, and you could even get involved in the show yourself. If you get to the auditorium before the show starts the casting director will call into the audience looking for volunteers to take part in the show. It's a great opportunity to get in on the magic, and it's one my boys got picked for a few years ago.

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World | Your kids could get to go on stage!
BP, aged 10, and LP aged 6, introducing the Indiana Jones show back in 2015.

The show itself teaches the audience about stunts and how dangerous, but also fun, they can be. It teaches about how movies make the fights seem real without anyone getting hurt, and about how they do the big stunts like explosions and things. My boys love seeing it and can't wait until they're old enough to take part in the actual show - rather than just introducing it.

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. 

Randy Pausch

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World | The Frozen show is brilliant, even for the boys!
We all had fun singing along.

If you have a Frozen fan in your party this is sure to please. The Frozen sing-along is lots of fun and even the Hubby got involved. It is a live show on stage, but you get to sing along with the songs because there's a big screen that has all the words on it - like karaoke. See Elsa on stage towards the end of the show as she sings her iconic song and watch as all the little princesses in the room sing at the top of their voices! So cute!


Top 7 Things You Should Do At Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World | See the fireworks show featuring Mickey Mouse.
Mickey Mouse atop a mountain - winning!

The night-time spectacular Fantasmic! is a brilliant night time show that you absolutely MUST make time to see. Watch Mickey Mouse fight the 'baddies' of the animated world, and obviously win in the end. Fireworks, water features, and live performances on stage are just a few things you'll see during this breathtaking show.

Be sure to book your Fastpass+ for Fantasmic! or book yourself a dining package which involves a pass for the show.

Top 7 Things You Should Do At Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World | Some of the best things to see and do at Hollywood Studios.

If you see these 7 attractions and entertainment you're sure to have a wonderful time at Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World - do let me know what you enjoyed most!

What are you most looking forward to seeing at Hollywood Studios?

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Stop by Facebook and let me know which is your favourite attraction at Hollywood Studios.

To grab activity books for your kids to keep them busy on the plane, or even to let them settle when in Walt Disney World why not join me?

Christmas Gift Ideas for your wife / husband

The Hubby and I have been together for 16 years now and it gets increasingly difficult to find gifts for Christmas, particularly when you buy things throughout the year that you both want. Again I've been trawling the internet, to put together a list of gift ideas for your husband or wife that you might not think of yourself.

For her

Orient Leather Flight Bag

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife / Husband | A great handbag is enough to make any woman smile!

I love a good handbag, and usually when they're good I use them until they're worn out. I've had to throw a couple away recently because the bottom is worn so much it's getting holes in it. I love bags with plenty of pockets too - so I can stay organised and know where everything is, even if I end up with a million receipts in my bag (which is inevitable). That's why I love this Scaramanga Orient Leather Flight Bag for £170 - yes, I know it's expensive but you can just tell it'll last ages and you (or your wife!) will look stylish while carrying it.

Personalised Interlinking Rings Necklace

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife / Husband | Jewellery is always a winner, especially if it's sentimental.

Jewellery is always a winning gift, I have so much the Hubby has threatened to never buy any more. But this is a little different (there's always an excuse!) because I think this interlinking rings necklace has more sentimental value than a regular necklace. It is personalised, so you can have names on it - that could be yours and your husband, it could be your kids, it could even be your dog! Buy this necklace from Wearth London for £70.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. 

Roy L. Smith


Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife / Husband | Flowers this time of year will brighten your wife's day!

Christmas time isn't one of those classic "give flowers" times and maybe that's exactly why they would make a great gift. With all the colour gone from the world and the weather miserable a lot of the time bring some colour to your wife's world with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Interflora. They come in classic Christmas colours with red roses and lillies (my favourite flowers) along with some greenery. I'd be chuffed to receive this for Christmas. Grab it for £50.

For Him

Man Crate Hamper

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife / Husband | Let him go crazy and have an evening to himself.

It's not much but if you tell him it's all just for him and he can go nuts I've no doubt he'll love this Man Crate Hamper from Dobbies. For £19.99 he'll get a bottle of Ginger Beer, pate, crisps, and a few other things too. 

Chef's Notebook

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife / Husband | A notebook for the chef in your life, or just someone prone to spillages!

This notebook sounds great, it has water and greaseproof paper - meaning it can be used in the kitchen and be safe from spills. It also has lay-flat perforated pages, again very useful. The thing I love about this notebook though is it wouldn't just be good for the chef in your life, it would be a great little notebook for those prone to spillages! Grab it for £18 from White Black Grey.

Atari Flashback 8 Gold HD

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife / Husband | Let him relive the 70s with this Atari!

Way back when, I remember the Atari. I have a recollection of my dad playing it on a huge* TV (*read big and bulky) - tennis springs to mind. Nostalgia plays a large part in this gift but everyone loves a gift that makes them remember the past right? MenKind have this Atari available for £69.99 (was £99.99) - make your husband's Christmas!

For Both

Luxury hamper

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife / Husband | Enjoy some time together with this luxury food hamper.

This is a gift that is for both of you, and it doesn't really matter who buys it because you both get to enjoy it. This hamper would make a great gift when coupled with some time carved out for the two of you. Wine, a picnic set, all you'd need is a blanket to keep warm and it would be a lovely way to spend time together. You can buy this particular hamper from for £74.

It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love. 


Tea and cake hamper

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife / Husband | Instead of heading out have chat over tea and cake.

If you'd rather not venture outdoors because the weather is too miserable why not enjoy a tea and cake hamper instead? This Relaxatherapy Tea and Cake hamper is a great way to spend time together, enjoy some tea and cake (mmmm cake...) and have a good old natter! You can buy this hamper from Smart Gift Solutions for £29.95.

Personalised Notebooks

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife / Husband | Giving notebooks may sound boring but the stationery lovers will love you for it!

Matching notebooks, personalised with your names, would be a great pick for stationery lovers. I'm forever writing things down, as is the Hubby, so this would probably be a great choice for us. All I'd have to do next is get him a pen he can't lose! You can buy this notebook in varying colours from for £6.99.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife / Husband | If you're struggling for ideas this year check out my list - there's a few things you might not have thought of.

There's just a few ideas here but I'm sure you'll be able to find something your partner will love.

What will you be buying for your wife/husband this year?

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Stop by Facebook and let me know what interesting gifts you've received in the past.

And to help you stay organised throughout Christmas check out the Organised Mama Pack, it'll help you keep check of your chores amongst other things.