17 must dos for your first visit to Walt Disney World

When you're planning your first trip to Walt Disney World it's so difficult to know what to do first. There are four parks and two water parks as well as all the Disney resorts and it gets overwhelming when you think of all the things there are to do. I have visited Walt Disney World nearly 10 times over the years and I've got a list of my favourite things that epitomise Walt Disney World so are a great place to start.

Magic Kingdom

17 Must Dos For Your First Visit To Walt Disney World | Head down Main Street U.S.A and go to Tomorrowland!
Main Street U.S.A - always makes me want to cry when I see that Castle!

1. It's a Small World

This slow and steady boat ride will have you smiling and singing along in no time. It opened in 1971 and features over 300 audio-animatronic children that dance and sing while wearing traditional costumes from different cultures around the world. 

It's a Small World is a ride that is perfect for all the family. Your babies will love the colours, your toddlers will love the singing, your school-aged children will drive you mad repeating the song over and over, and your teens will laugh while secretly loving the ride. This ride is what Walt Disney World is all about - inclusion - and that's why it's a must do for your first trip to Walt Disney World.

2. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

See inside some of Magic Kingdom's best rides from the second floor by riding the PeopleMover. It's a constantly moving transit system that takes you through rides like Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and above the Tomorrowland Speedway while a narrator talks about the rides and Magic Kingdom. You get to learn about Magic Kingdom as well as seeing around Tomorrowland without having to actually walk around. It is also one of the best places to get a quick rest when you need it!

17 Must Dos For Your First Visit To Walt Disney World | It's fun to watch the people milling around below you as you race on the PeopleMover.
Looking down from the PeopleMover on all the people queuing.

3. Walt Disney World Railroad

Another way for you to see around Magic Kingdom and save your achy feet is to ride the Walt Disney World Railroad. The train starts at Main Street U.S.A and travels all around the outside of Magic Kingdom, stopping in Frontierland, next to Splash Mountain, and Fantasyland, and you can hop on or off wherever you like. It's a great way to get around the park and you'll be entertained by the driver of the train - always entertaining.

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. 

Walt Disney

4. Dole Whip

When visiting Magic Kingdom there's one snack you have to have, it is a MUST - a Dole Whip from Aloha Isle. A Dole Whip is basically an ice-cream float, you get pineapple juice and a choice of vanilla ice cream or pineapple ice cream on top. My favourite is the vanilla ice cream, it is so good! The juice is refreshing and the ice cream is the perfect addition for somewhere it is always hot. They're big enough to share if you're only after a small snack but if you could eat a whole one to yourself then go for it - it's quite the treat!

17 Must Dos For Your First Visit To Walt Disney World | The snack you must try out is the Dole Whip - pineapple juice topped with vanilla ice-cream. Perfect.
One of the best snacks in Walt Disney World - a Dole Whip.


5. Spaceship Earth

You know the big golf ball looking thing at the entrance to Epcot? That is Spaceship Earth, a ride that takes you through time to see how we humans have changed the earth and the impact of technology on our lives. It's a great way for your kids to learn about the world, or even for you to learn one or tow things - like it was the Venetians who invented the alphabet we use today! It's also quite a peaceful ride, it gets you away from the craziness inside the park and you are inside (where there's air-conditioning) for a while.  Spaceship Earth is one of our favourite rides in Epcot and highly recommended.

17 Must Dos For Your First Visit To Walt Disney World | Spaceship Earth, a huge golf-ball-looking thing in Epcot, one of the best rides.
Spaceship Earth - one of my favourite rides in Epcot. 

6. Garden Grill Restaurant

If there's one place you're going to eat it should be the Garden Grill Restaurant which can be found inside The Land. This restaurant sits on a spinning platform (it spins very slowly) where you get to see inside Living with the Land while eating your meal. The food is good too - it's served "family style" which means you don't have to order, you're given a selection of food and you eat what you want. You can order more of whatever you like and they'll keep bringing it. I particularly enjoy the salad, but the meat is good too.

The other great thing about Garden Grill is the characters, you get to meet characters while enjoying your meal. Chip and Dale, Pluto, and Mickey Mouse will visit your table to say hi and you are welcome to get a photo while they're there. We love the Garden Grill for this and even BP, who is 14, got up to give Mickey Mouse a hug and have a photo with him. 

7. World Showcase

My favourite place to visit when I'm in Walt Disney World is the World Showcase in Epcot. You get to walk around 11 themed pavilions, see different cultures in the "countries" and see (and even buy) products from those places. For me it's a wonderful place to walk around and no matter how many times I've done it I still want to keep walking through the different pavilions. 

17 Must Dos For Your First Visit To Walt Disney World | Visit the Canada Pavilion and you'll see this beautiful waterfall spilling over the gorgeous orange rocks.
Do stop by the Canada pavilion where you can see this beautiful waterfall.

In each of the pavilions there are places to sample traditional food, one of our favourite places to eat is Tepan Edo where you watch the chef cook your meal at your table - it is quite an experience. And there's not just food either, there's drinks and snacks and plenty of souvenirs. Do not miss World Showcase!

8. British Revolution

Entertainment can be found all over the place in Walt Disney World but one of them you really mustn't miss is British Revolution, a rock band who play classic British music in the UK pavilion. You'll hear tunes from Queen, Oasis, and The Beatles, amongst others, and you'll be truly entertained. Whenever we're in Walt Disney World I do not miss a chance to see British Revolution if I can help it. 

Hollywood Studios

9. Toy Story Land

Newly opened in 2018 is Toy Story Land, a Toy Story themed area in Hollywood Studios. The brilliant thing about this area is how you're made to feel how the toys feel in the movie. Huge building blocks, other toys, and large footprints in the ground will make you feel you've entered the world of the toys. And one of the best bits I noticed during our trip this summer was the army men - they move around during the night! Each time we visited the army men figures moved, and once when we were exiting one of the rides I thought I noticed one was a little different - and then it spoke to me! It was BRILLIANT!

17 Must Dos For Your First Trip to Walt Disney World | Walk through Toy Story Land and you'll feel as big as a toy!
Toy Story Land is amazing - be sure to stop by and take a walk through.

10. One Man's Dream

Learn about the man behind the dream, Walt Disney. Learn about his life, how he grew up and what he went through. I have so much respect for this man, and it's thanks to One Man's Dream that I learned so much about him. I have always loved Walt Disney World but knowing the story behind the creation of Mickey Mouse and the world that followed makes it all so much more magical. 

If you can dream it, you can do it. 

Walt Disney

11. Meet Olaf

With older children meeting characters isn't so much of a priority, but new characters - like Olaf - make the cut. LP, who is 9, couldn't wait to meet Olaf and we made a special trip just to do so. Smiling and waiting to give warm hugs to all the children Olaf is a wonderful addition to the character list. Definitely one to prioritise.

Animal Kingdom

12. Kilimanjaro Safari

Hop on a truck and head out onto the Savannah where you'll see amazing animals you might not see anywhere else. From Giraffes to Lions, Ostrich and Rhinos, you'll not only get to see the animals but maybe even snap some photos while you're there. Your driver will also talk about each of the animals you spot, and some that you don't, telling you what they've learned while working for Disney. It's a great way to learn about the animals while being entertained.

Get up close with these majestic creatures.

13. Flight of Passage

If you are going to ride only one ride when visiting Walt Disney World then this must be it. It is THE BEST ride there is, and is truly a breathtaking experience. You get on a bike looking machine and are transported into Pandora where you get to ride a Banshee. Flight of Passage is an immersive experience, you will feel like you're really riding that Banshee and you'll be blown away at the sight of Pandora. 

14. Finding Nemo The Musical

There are some great shows around Walt Disney World but this one tops them all. If you have Disney fans in your house then you'll no doubt know the story but with Finding Nemo The Musical not only do you get to follow the story but there are brilliant songs in there too. There are 5 shows daily which gives you lots of opportunity to catch one, and it is 40 minutes long - which is a great chance for a rest! I found myself singing along, and even crying at the end of the show. It's entertaining and touches your heart - do not miss it!

15. Water Parks

So often I hear how people visited Walt Disney World but didn't go to the water parks. It is such an oversight to miss these brilliant parks. Not only is it perfect water park weather in Orlando but the parks themselves are both fun and entertaining and will keep you busy. From huge water slides for your teens and thrill-seekers to river rafts for all the family there's plenty of fun to be had in the water. And when you're in need of a rest they cater for that too - in the lazy rivers! Blizzard Beach used to be our favourite park, it caters for all ages but school-aged kids will no doubt love all the slides and the lazy river is brilliant. Chill out in a ring as you float around a winter themed wonderland. At Typhoon Lagoon, which is now our favourite water park, you can swim in a wave pool where every few minutes a tidal wave hurtles towards you ready to knock you off your feet. The little ones will love it in the shallow part of the pool because it's not so strong, and your strong swimmers will love how they can swim along with the wave and watch as they almost fly through the sky!

17 Must Dos For Your First Visit to Walt Disney World | Typhoon Lagoon is a great place for the kids, especially the surf pool.
My boys love the Surf Pool in Typhoon Lagoon - have you been there yet?

16. Parades

There are parades in all of the parks in Walt Disney World but some of our favourites are in Magic Kingdom. Check out the Times Guide to find out when you'll be able to enjoy the parades and be sure to get your spot early - the places at the side of the street fill up early.

17. Night shows

From Rivers of Light in Animal Kingdom to Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios if you're looking for some good night time entertainment then there are a few shows you should check out but Fantasmic! has to be the best. Fireworks, water fountains, and Mickey Mouse make an appearance in this show. It is a huge crowd pull and there are always hundreds of people wanting to see the show. Again you'll need to get there early to make sure you get a seat but it is definitely one worth seeing.

17 Must Dos For Your First Visit To Walt Disney World | Want to know which things to focus on during your first trip - check out number 8! Click now or pin to read later.

With the hundreds of rides and attractions in Walt Disney World it can be hard to decide which ones you should focus on. In our opinion this list of 17 is a good start, we always try to get on all the rides and never quite manage it but these are the ones we focus on. 

Which things are you most looking forward to seeing?

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How a health scare can help you focus on what's important

Life happens. Just when you think everything is going swimmingly something pops up that knocks the wind out of you. It can be completely out of the blue or you can sometimes see it coming, but usually it’s the things that you don’t see that make you think. Health scares are usually the things that “pop up” and more often than not they do knock the wind out of you. But they can also help you focus on what’s important in life - like it did for me.

Last year I went for a routine smear test, I’d delayed it for a few months because… well to be honest it’s because I hate them, doesn’t every woman? I couldn’t stand laying there again having the nurse poke around for a while and then waiting a few weeks for the letter that said everything was okay. I didn’t think it would hurt to delay it a while and it would give me the time to build up the courage to go again. The Hubby was the one who noticed I still hadn’t gone when he found my reminder letter on the side in the kitchen. He was mad. He stood over me as I made my appointment.

Life life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.

Matt Cameron

The smear test was as uncomfortable as always and I couldn’t wait for it all to be over. I headed home and waited for the usual letter - only this time the letter wasn’t what I was expecting. It was one of the worst letters I have ever received and scared the life out of me. It had words like “dyskariosis” and I immediately got on to Google to work out what the letter was saying. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t the end of the world either. So I headed to the appointment that had been made for me to find out what it was all about.

How A Health Scare Can Help You Focus On What's Important | When was the last time you went for a health check?

I had to undergo surgery to remove cervical tissue that was “abnormal”, that tissue was then sent off to be tested. That’s when I had my health scare - I received a second letter that said the consultant wanted to “discuss the results” and dread engulfed me. It’s never good when you receive that kind of letter is it?

I went to see the consultant who told me they had found cervical cancer. To be honest I don’t really remember the entire conversation, I do remember having a stupid smile slapped on my face as if I wasn’t really hearing what the doctor was saying. I had cervical cancer. I had to have more surgery to confirm they had removed all of the cancer cells and would have to have regular smear tests (every six months) so they could keep a close eye on me.

I have recently been back to the hospital for a check and so far everything is okay, the cancer was removed and my checks have all been clear. But the one thing that that diagnosis did for me was make me think about life. A cancer diagnosis will do that - even if it’s one that has already been removed.

Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life.

Avril Lavigne

I started to think about my boys, what if I’d left it longer and the cancer had grown? What if they hadn’t spotted the cancer? What if…

It’s not a good thought trail to be on, but one thing it did do was make me think about the practicalities of life - and death. It made the Hubby and I think about our future, about life insurance, about retirement planning, and more. We have since set up our life insurance and constantly look at our financial situation to make sure we’re okay if anything happened to either one of us. We have made provisions for each other should something happen.

But what my cervical cancer diagnosis also did was make me think about my parents. I didn’t know if they’d started planning for their retirement or not. I didn’t know if they’d even thought about pensions. I do know there’s lots of things they’d like to do when they retire - holidays and home improvements - and SunLife has great resources to help them find other things to do too. It’s great they’re thinking about how they’ll spend their time when they’re not working anymore.

How A Health Scare Can Help You Focus On What's Important | Morgan Prince looks off into distance, smiling.

Because that’s the thing that struck me with all the cancer stuff - how life is so fragile that you really ought to be living it. LIVE life while you can because you never know what is around the corner. Enjoy a family holiday, buy that dress, take a day off work and have a coffee with friends. Whatever it is you want to do DO IT. Life is too short.

How A Health Scare Can Help You Focus On What's Important | Health scares can help you focus on family!

How are you going to LIVE LIFE today?

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Ways to make sure your kids eat their packed lunch


My boys have always been picky eaters, they never liked vegetables (still don't) and refused to even look at fruit. So when I scrolled through Pinterest hoping to find inspiration for my picky eaters I thought I would find hundreds of useful pages. Unfortunately the "picky eaters" that Pinterest seems to cater for are those that will happily eat fruit and vegetables and for me that just doesn't work. If I put carrot in LP's lunchbox he would laugh at me. I've always had to struggle with getting both BP and LP to eat their packed lunch and over the years, they're 14 and 9 now, I've learned a few ways to make sure they eat their lunch.

Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed... I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself.

Delia Smith

The lunch box

The lunchbox is the first they see when they sit down to eat, so it's got to be something they're going to like. We've gone through phases of having Marvel character bags, simple plastic containers, and even just a regular bag. The lunchboxes he likes most are the ones with small compartments for each of his different things. If he can have his sandwiches separate from his snacks he's happy. That's why he loves his new Petit-Fernand lunchbox.

This box is great, you can personalise it by adding your child's name on the front and choose which pictures to have on the front, there's anything from unicorns to skateboards. The lunchbox has separate compartments as well as an ice pack that you put in the freezer and it clips into place underneath one of the compartments and keeps everything nice and cold. The compartments can be removed if you need more space so you can have all of the bottom of the lunchbox for your sandwiches or wraps and then use the compartments on top for the snacks. The lid fits into place easily with four clippable flaps so even your younger kids won't have any trouble getting into their lunchbox. It's sturdy too, it could withstand kicks from rushing children's shoes or bangs against the wall as your child heads into school.

Ways To Make Sure Your Kids Eat Their Packed Lunch | Give them a new, fun lunchbox like this one from Petit Fernand.
LP loves his new lunchbox and water bottle.

Both LP and I love the Petit-Fernand lunchbox and the fact that you can also grab a water bottle that can keep drinks hot or cold for hours, and stick-on name labels that will just stick into your child's clothes, while you're buying the lunch box was a winner for me. 

The food

Choosing the right food is key to making sure your kids eat their picked lunch. If they enjoy fruit and vegetables then great, you can create a colourful lunch for them and make them smile. But when you have truly picky eaters it's a little more difficult. 

Ways To Make Sure Your Kids Eat Their Packed Lunch | A sliced ham sandwich, that has lots of slices on it - perhaps LP would enjoy it?
If this was all different slices of ham LP would probably enjoy it!

LP likes sliced ham - that's a win. He won't eat sliced chicken, corned beef, sliced pork, eggs, and so many other things that if I listed them I'd be here all day. So giving him food that he will actually eat proves rather difficult. Ham is versatile, so that's good. And LP does like brown bread, in fact he prefers it to white - a very unusual choice for a picky eater. Ham sandwiches are something he has often, but they're getting boring apparently and so I need to think of ways to spice them up, like maybe using cookie cutters to create interesting shaped sandwiches rather than the boring rectangle ones - I liked these Disney inspired lunches.

I also liked the look of these rainbow sandwiches but there's no way I could use vegetables on LP's sandwiches. It would have to be ham, possibly jam, and I don't know what else! There's also the possibility of ditching sandwiches altogether. Wraps, bagels, even cheesy biscuits could be on the cards if LP agrees he would eat them. That's one to try out in the future. 

Then there's the hot lunch option - we've tried this with LP and it was very successful for a while. Pasta, rice, even soup, were some of the things he was taking to school and he even impressed his friends with his lunches, but that seems to have abated now and he's lost interest.

Write notes

This might sound silly but LP used to love taking a lunchbox to school because I'd hide little notes in his lunchbox. I'd write little poems or draw a small character to make him smile. It was a great way of showing him I was thinking about him during the day and even if he was having a tough day at school he could smile at lunch time. 

My children are the reason I laugh, smile and want to get up every morning. 

Gena Lee Nolin

Why not try a joke or two they could share with their friends?


Hiding treats they don't know about in the lunchbox is another way to make sure they eat. LP was always good when he found a treat in his lunchbox, he'd eat his sandwiches first because he knew that's what I'd say and he would tell me so when he got home from school. 

The treats don't have to be chocolate either, that's easy, but why not bake some flapjacks and include them in the lunch box. Breakfast bars are a good quick fix, or even breadsticks and a little chocolate spread?

Ways To Make Sure Your Kids Eat Their Packed Lunch | Secret treats are a great way to get them to eat - yes, it's bribery but it does work!
Have you tried to home baked treats in their lunchboxes yet?

When it comes to making sure your kids will eat their packed lunch it's never going to be easy, especially if you have picky eaters. It's trial and error, and just when you think you've found a winning combination they'll change their mind about what they like. But you can keep battling and you will win occasionally. 

Ways To Make Sure Your Kids Eat Their Packed Lunch | Looking for ideas to get your kids to eat? Try these top tips and your kids will be coming home with an empty packed lunch before you know it. Click now or pin to read later.

Why not try a new lunch idea tomorrow?

What unique tips have you used to get your kids to eat their packed lunch?

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Post Comment Love

Post Comment Love 26th - 28th October

It's Friday and that means one thing peeps - it's time for Post Comment Love. Link up your best or favourite post of the week and Stephanie and I will stop by and have a read and tweet out. If you're a newbie here - welcome! We love it when new people join us and we hope to see you back again. And for all you oldies (kidding 😉) welcome back - it's always great seeing people come back. 

It's been an interesting week, and I've been kept busy. The Hubby has been playing a lot of games just lately which means I've had time to get on top of housework. I know that sounds pretty boring but it's great to know you've done your laundry for the day and you only need to make sure the uniforms are done for Monday. It doesn't happen often I can tell you!

Post Comment Love 26th - 28th October | woman holding a pile of folded wool sweaters.
It feels good to get all the laundry done!

I've been staying organised too, so far, and I'm keeping the kitchen fairly tidy. As a result I'm more motivated to cook at the end of the day so we've been enjoying some great family meals which we eat at the dinner table rather than on a tray in front of the TV. Another win.

We had LP's parent's evening this week too and he's doing really well. We knew he'd been doing good with his maths, we've been to see his teachers about holding him back a few times since the start of the year already, but it was the other stuff we didn't know about. We were happy to see that he's doing really well in all of his subjects and is working at a high standard throughout school. It's great to see. 

The uncertainty I was struggling with last week is still there, but I'm not going to hurry on this one. I'll keep going with the blogging and stay at home for now, we've got enough going on at the moment without me adding to it. Being at home is best for us right now and that's all that matters.

I'm preparing for the boys being at home next week, I've got LP at home today and to keep him busy I've given him a copy of my Halloween Activity Booklet. He loves doing that kind of thing and I think he likes the fact that I've made it. As for next week I've got no idea what we'll do - probably a lot of movies, game playing, and staying home. It's getting to the time of year when staying in is much more preferable!

Have you planned anything exciting for half term or are your kids already back at school?

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7 Ways to save money when in Walt Disney World

Jetting off to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World is always going to be expensive, but that doesn't mean you can't save a few pennies here and there to make your wallet feel a bit better. When you're on holiday it is so easy to forget about money and think about having fun and then when you return home you get a nasty surprise. Over the years we've thought about ways to save money when in Walt Disney World and I'm going to share them with you today.

#1 way to save money when in Walt Disney World

Water fountains

There are water fountains all over the parks in Walt Disney World and the water is free. Either bring a bottle into the park with you or simply drink from the fountain whenever you'd like a drink. 

Water is the driving force of all nature. 

Leonardo da Vinci

The bottled drinks in the parks tend to be fizzy, it can be tough to find a drink that isn't either fizzy or filled with sugar. Now I don't know about you but when it's really hot and you're looking for a drink to quench your thirst a fizzy drink isn't what you're looking for. While we were visiting this summer it was difficult for us to find a drink that would quench our thirst and a lot of the time we used the water fountains. LP loved the fact that he could just get a drink whenever he pleased and would often hit every water fountain he could find.

7 Ways To Save Money When In Walt Disney World | Miss Piggy fountain in front of The Muppet Vision show spurts water.
The fountain in front of the Muppet Vision show is so awesome - be sure to check it out!

#2 way to save money when in Walt Disney World

Buy essentials off property

By off property I mean away from Walt Disney World. When you're staying on property (in a Disney resort) it can be easy, and rather tempting, to pop to the shop in the hotel to buy your essentials like toiletries, sunscreen, even pain killers, but I can tell you right now it is far cheaper if you head off property for those things. We liked Walgreens for our essentials this summer, I think we must've visited the store 5 or 6 times during our holiday and always came away surprised by how much we'd saved.

#3 way to save money when in Walt Disney World

Buy pins before you get there

If you're planning on pin trading when in Walt Disney World you'll want to buy your pins before you even leave home. Pins in the shops and hotels can be super expensive but if you buy a large pack of them from Ebay or somewhere like that it is much cheaper, especially when you consider that you're planning on trading those pins anyway.

7 Ways To Save Money When In Walt Disney World | Our pin board featuring all the pins we've traded in Walt Disney World.
This is just one of our pin boards, we've since had to buy another one which is also full!

#4 way to save money when in Walt Disney World

Use Disney Transport

When you're staying on property you can take advantage of the Disney Transport to and from your hotel, but even when you're not staying on property there are still some you can take advantage of. Monorails run from Magic Kingdom to Epcot via one or two of the hotels, which means you could go to one park and go on a few rides before heading to the other, without having to make your way back to your car. There are boats that can take you from hotels to the parks. If you don't fancy driving you could try out the new Minnie Vans they have and before long they'll have the new skyride - which looks rather interesting!

7 Ways To Save Money When In Walt Disney World | The monorail, coming out of the Contemporary Resort, is a great way to get around.
Get on the Monorail and zoom to your next park!

#5 way to save money when in Walt Disney World

Eat big

One of the tactics we used this summer was to have a huge breakfast. It sounds like a weird one but hear me out. We ate at Boma or somewhere like that and ate as much as we could, often when we left we were ready to burst, but this tactic works well. By the time lunch comes around no one is ready to eat because you ate so much at breakfast time, so you get to delay lunch, or even skip it altogether and head straight to dinner. Whether it's skipping lunch, or delaying it til later this tends to work well. A few times we used this for lunch instead - had a small breakfast and a HUGE lunch and didn't need dinner. Places like Via Napoli have great sharing options but also their meals are so big it's easy to share. It certainly saves money skipping an entire meal!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. 


#6 way to save money in Walt Disney World

Split meals

Many of the meals in restaurants around Walt Disney World are large by anyone's standards, but compared to the meals in the UK they are massive. More than once I couldn't finish even half of a meal because they were so big. That's why the Hubby and I decided next time we visit we'll probably share meals. The meals are big enough, most of the time, for two adults to share but if they're not why not share with your kids? I did that too a few times, LP and I shared a meal because one meal each would've been too much.

7 Ways To Save Money When In Walt Disney World | A tower of fiery sushi from Tepan Edo in Epcot.
This tower of sushi rolls actually has 8 rolls with prawns and scallops - definitely enough to share. 
Oh, and it's a starter!

#7 way to save money in Walt Disney World

Head off property

While the restaurants in Walt Disney World are amazing, (there's no doubt about that) they are expensive. Just because you're visiting doesn't mean you have to eat there, and there are plenty of brilliant restaurants to choose from that are cheaper. During our trip this summer we visited places like Chili's, Applebees, Joe's Crab Shack (one of our favourites), and Outback Steakhouse. You can find some of these places nearby on 192 or head a little further afield and find somewhere completely new. There are some great finds to be had, we loved Outback Steakhouse and will definitely be going there again.

7 Ways To Save Money When In Walt Disney World | Want to save a money when visiting Walt Disney World? After visiting many times I've learned lots - and I'm sharing my tips with you!

Like I said, going to Walt Disney World is never going to be cheap but there are ways to save a little money here and there.

Which tip can't you wait to try out?

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Post Comment Love 19th - 21st October

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This week I've started to think about my future as a stay-at-home mum. LP is 9 years old, he's not quite at a stage where he doesn't need me but he is slowly getting there. He started walking a little way to school on his own recently and suddenly I'm realising it won't be long before he goes to High School and he'll be getting the bus just like his brother. It's a scary prospect when all you've ever known is being a mum to your children. They'll both be at a stage where they need me much less and I'm not sure what to do with that.

Part of me wants to throw myself into blogging, make that my new baby, and part of me wants to go out and get a "proper job". Although I'm not sure how I'd cope in an office it would be something just for me really. To be honest I think this is just another one of those things where I'm having a bit of a personal crisis and don't know what to do with myself. I have no doubt I'll be back to normal before long and I'll be chatting about how annoying it is to have two teens in the house!

Or maybe I'm just panicking because it's half term soon and I don't know what we'll be doing all week! Eek.

How's your week been?

Blogger Showcase Anna from Yes, Little Hummingbird

Who are you? 

I’m Anna– Lovely Liminal Being, Bone Whisperer, Rose mother, and Professional Cat Herder… Which is really just a pretty way of saying I’m a Creative Type, Housewife to a wonderful Husband, Fur Mother to 4 beautiful (albeit devilish) rescues, and struggling (but determined) Plant Mother who’s aesthetic goals in life look something like “Ethereal & Otherworldly” had a love child with “Simple & Basic“- then ran off and had an affair with “Vintage“; you can read about my life story here if you’re interested.

Equal parts opinionated & energetic, I have more hobbies than is actually reasonable for any single human being to possess- including gardening, writing, food, photography, books, fashion, art, needlecraft, tea, and more; simply speaking I’m one giant, hot, anxiety riddled mess who’s passionate about a lot of things… Like “foaming at the mouth” passionate; there’s a reason I call myself an “overly excitable, anxiety riddled cucumber“.

How did you discover blogging?

I discovered blogging through Xanga all the way back in... You know, I'm not even going to count that far back. Fast forward to 2010, though, and I discovered Tumblr through a roommate- which kicked off several years of microblogging before finally moving to Wordpress in 2012 and blogging on both regularly. In 2015 I made the full switch to Wordpress and have been there ever since!

How did you start blogging?

All the way back in my Xanga days, I initially started blogging to vent frustration and anger as your average preteen does. Eventually I moved on to recording information about my religion as I converted and learned about it. That fell out and I didn't blog for a very long time, until I discovered Tumblr. There I used it to microblog about my frustrations (again) before discovering the Fitblr community. Having just recently made the decision to start losing weight the healthy way, I swapped gears and immediately made a Fitblr of my own. Eventually I made another (secondary) one to talk about my religion again. I blogged about those same things when I moved over to Wordpress; today my blog's an amalgamation of a lot of things- from Health to Hobbies, local adventures, homemaking and gardening, recipes, and even my own Mental Health.

What do you find most challenging?

Creating content, definitely; I really struggle with figuring out what to write about- especially because I consider my life incredibly boring; being chronically ill and disabled, I just don't think my daily life is really worth writing about very much. I also don't have a lot of money for things (My Husband and I only recently managed to break out of our Childhood poverty and reach the slightly higher Working Class / Lower Middle Class levels) so I just feel incredibly uninteresting compared to other bloggers and it really takes a toll on my ability to create content with subjects I feel are actually interesting enough to write about.

What is your favourite topic to write about?

Adventuring, definitely! I don't consider myself a "travel blogger" of any sort because I'm not jetsetting internationally or anything. But even if it's just a simple walk around the block, a several hour long hike at a local trail, or the rare trip into the big city, I really enjoy writing about little adventures around my state.

Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals?

I'd be a liar if I said that some part of me didn't want to monetize my blog. I mean, who doesn't want to make money blogging? But it's just not a feasible option for me- nor is it what I really want to do; I mostly blog just to have a voice somewhere, and to share. It's be nice to make money off that (and I do have a Ko-Fi in case anyone ever feels generous) but it's not really a necessity or goal for me.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Just... Getting it out! If I'm having a bad week, or I'm really struggling mentally. If I'm frustrated or have an opinion that's eating me up inside. If I'm super excited abotu a trip we took, or introducing a new furry child into the family... It's really cathartic to just have a space somewhere to talk- and sometimes that talking helps or resonates with others, leading to some super awesome friendships.

Have you ever attended a blogging conference and if so, what did you think?

Being broke and living in a location that- let's face it- is far removed from practically everything, I've never really thought of going to any sort of conference or blogging meetup. It's also just not in my interests as someone who doesn't particularly care abotu making money or networking (not that there's anything wrong with any of that). So, nope! Never been!

What are your 3 best posts?

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Anxiety riddled cucumber

Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake kind of person?

I'm a Tea and Cake kind of person- which says a lot about me, I think; I've always joked that I can't just be a "normal" person and always have to have the interests that are ever so slightly off from the norm.

What's your idea of the perfect night out?

My perfect night out is with my Husband- and it's short and relatively isolated because neither of us are very peopley types of people; we drive to the lake and watch the sunset before grabbing icecream or a snowcone from our favorite vendor, and taking a walk around. We finish out the night at home, cuddled up on the couch to catch up on our favorite Netflix shows, or a new episode of Critical Role.

Perfect night in?

I make us dinner. It's probably something interesting I found in one of my cookbooks (depending on whether or not it's a special night, it might be a particularly fancy / unique one from the antique cookbook I own). We eat. And then we cuddle up on the couch to catch up on our favorite Netflix shows, or a new episode of Critical Role. (are you noticing a trend?)

What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality?

My Husband routinely says that my best quality is my passion for the little things: The perfect colors in a sunset, a flower, spotting a Mississippi Kit, or the joy of watching the Sparrows at my Bird Feeder. He says it makes him slow down and stop being so bitter.

Thank you Anna for answering our questions, please feel free to grab our 'featured' badge and display it ever-so-proudly on your blog.

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Post Comment Love 12th - 14th October

Welcome back to another Post Comment Love - link up a post you wrote this week and Stephanie and I will stop by and check it out. Can you believe we're well into October now? Where has the year gone? Before you know it we'll be talking about Christmas and the New Year - it goes a little too fast sometimes doesn't it?

Another week has flown by and I haven't got a lot done. I'm not hugely bothered, I did get to go to Eden Hall this week and had a lovely day relaxing and reading. It was nice to just get away from it all and concentrate on myself for a change. I pretty much did nothing all day and it was wonderful. 

Post Comment Love 12th - 14th October | woman sits in the garden reading a book in the sun.

I am still catching up on my PoCoLo reading though, so if you haven't had a comment from me just yet know it is coming soon. 

I've also had a bit of a blogging falter this week, been wondering whether it's what I really want to do. Don't get me wrong, I love writing and I'm not sure what I would do instead but I think I'll be taking more breaks over the next few weeks to try to decide what I want to do. Don't worry though, Post Comment Love is staying. I'm not about to give that up!

Hope you've had a great week!

Blogger Showcase Marina from Marina Writes Life

Marina is a 16 year old British blogger living in France. She's currently blogging for fun but it could possibly become a career later in life. Marina loves tea and would like some cake with that - I mean who wouldn't, cake is awesome! She describes herself as a makeup loving maniac. Do stop by Stephanie's blog to check out Marina's answers to the rest of our questions.


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