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Welcome back to another Post Comment Love with Stephanie and me, these Fridays keep coming around don't they? Where on earth does the time go - I feel like it was only last week that we were talking about Christmas and here we are almost in Summer! I suppose the good thing is that there's some nice weather occasionally. So what have you been up to this week?

The sunshine was glorious over the Bank Holiday weekend wasn't it? On Saturday we went to Stoke on Trent where we went for a lovely walk in the sunshine along a canal. We walked 11 miles and were worn out by the time we got back to the car but the boys had a wonderful time playing in park, and we bought them ice-creams too. It's always nice when we can break up a walk with an ice-cream or a playground. 

Teen boy holds an ice-cream in front of his face. He is walking. There is long grass and trees in the background. The sun is shining.

Sunday was the usual routine and Hubby and I did a walk while LP was in his Karate class. Again the weather was beautiful and we got to walk with no jackets and enjoyed the sunshine. I did catch the sun a little, but was sure to use my SPF30 sunscreen so it wasn't terrible. 

Monday we decided to go for another walk, the weather was beautiful and nothing could stop us from getting out. This time we walked into Nottingham again, heading for somewhere the boys could have a milkshake (Shakaway in Nottingham) and grabbing lunch while we were there. We were going to get something from McDonalds but in the end decided to try out Wagamama. I ended up having a salad that was roughly 324 calories and I was rather pleased with myself - given that what I'd have had from McDonalds would have been more than 500! I do love Wagamama for that, their salads are so tasty and they're low calorie too - WIN!

To add to a brilliant Bank Holiday LP brought home a leaflet from school last week saying there was a yoga class starting in our local area. I think I may have shrieked a little bit when I saw it. It's been such a long time since I last did any yoga but I was so pleased to see there's a new class. I immediately emailed the organiser and asked what I'd need - she came back with "nothing, just yourself!" which was great.

So on Tuesday evening I attended my first yoga class in ages. And it was as brilliant as I remember! I am certainly a lot less flexible than I was when I did yoga before so some of the poses were a bit of a struggle, but I did it. I tried out all of the poses and I managed to last the whole class without giving up. I was SO pleased with myself. 

Once the class was over I didn't think I'd done too bad, I didn't ache too much despite being rather hot and I knew I'd worked hard. It wasn't until Wednesday/Thursday that I realised just how much I'd done. I ached everywhere. My shoulders, my legs, even under my arms! The funny thing is it's the best feeling - I truly love yoga and being able to attend a class again has made me so happy. I can't wait to go again on Tuesday and even if I still ache I'll be there. 

Overall it's been a fabulous week for us - what have you been up to?

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