Mistakes you could be making in an attempt to lose weight

There are many mistakes a person can make on a quest to lose weight. However, in this short post I'm going to focus on a few of the most common mistakes people make when they’re not noticing a change in their appearance. Could you be doing any of these things?

Eating too few calories

Something many people make is eating too few calories. This may give you quick results at first, but you will soon plateau and be unable to make any more progress, as your calories are already too low. It’s also unlikely the results will last, as you have deprived your body for so long. This means that as soon as you have a treat, your body holds on to all the fat! Following fad diets is a huge mistake, and usually leads to not eating enough. Everybody is different, and needs a different amount of calories to function. Diets should be balanced, taking it slow is the key to lasting results.

Only paying attention to the scale

The scale depicts nothing but weight, which can fluctuate multiple times during the day. Paying attention to measurements and photos is a much better idea. Don’t let those numbers derail your progress!

Drinking your calories

Finally, drinking your calories makes a difference too. Even juice, which can be one of your 5 a day, can be bad for your weight loss efforts if you drink too much. It contains plenty of carbs and sugar, so you shouldn’t really be having any more than 1 glass per day. If you’re a tea or coffee drinker who also has milk and sugar, those calories are going to add up too. They do count, no matter how insignificant they seem!

Want to burn calories? Check out the infographic below for more ideas.

credit to Shake That Weight

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