Struggling to keep your children busy during the school holidays?

It is something that all parents know too well, and it can often seem impossible to keep the kids perfectly busy at all times throughout the holidays. However, as long as you take the time to stop and consider the possibilities, you should be able to find one or two things to keep them busy - some which can involve you, and others which need not involve you. In this way, you can hope the holiday period to be much more enjoyable for everyone, and maybe even feel a little bit quicker as well. Let's take a look at a few of the best ways to keep your children busy during the school holidays.

Arts & Crafts

The winter holidays in particular can often seem especially tough, because you will find it much more difficult than during the summer just to send your kids outside to keep busy. Nonetheless, there are always things you can do indoors instead, and arts and crafts have to be up the top of the list on that one. If you set up a corner of their room for this specific purpose, and perhaps even get involved yourself, you will find that it really does make a huge difference to how quickly the time passes. It is also hugely valuable to encourage your children’s creativity in this way, so really you are killing two birds with one stone here.

Keep In Touch With Friends

You might be surprised at how much your children can miss their school and in particular the social side of it during the holidays. If this becomes an issue in your household, you might want to encourage your children to keep in touch with their friends and even their teachers during the holidays. One great way to keep in touch with the teachers is to get your child to buy custom thank you notes and send them off. You can also help them to keep in touch with their friends via the web or just simply by organising a play date. Doing this will ensure that your child’s social side is being looked after, and that will mean that they will enjoy the holidays all the more.

Get Ready For School

The winter holidays are not too long, and it might be worth using the time spare here to help your kids get ready for the next term at school. There is plenty you can do here to really get them ready; you might choose to encourage them to start working on their homework, if applicable, or maybe you can take them shopping to get some new supplies together for the new school term. Getting ready for the next term will definitely make the holidays go faster for everyone, and it will have the added benefit of meaning that their next term at school is all the more successful as well. The sooner you encourage them to get ready for school, the more likely it is that they will do well.

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