7 Things that make me proud of my boys

When you're a parent to school-aged children it is so easy to get bogged down in the routine of things and nagging them to get ready for school. You go through the daily motions of sending them to school and sometimes forget about the things they do to make you proud. That's why I'm taking this moment to think about 7 things that make me proud of my boys.

The Teen makes me proud

BP has always been a bit quiet, he doesn't like to talk and would much rather sit and watch a movie than talk about his days at school. Despite him being quiet he can get enthusiastic about some topics, like drawing or writing, and lately he's taken an interest in music too.


I have an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil which are great for drawing, I use an app called Procreate and I love it. I can sketch as much as I like and not use up lots of paper, my pencil never needs sharpening, and my colours never run out. It's brilliant. 

Recently BP came up with the idea that he wanted to make his Christmas cards this year and started out by drawing his designs on pieces of paper. He told us he wanted to have them printed and so we helped him look into it. Then it occurred to us that if he recreated his designs on the iPad he could have them look so much better once printed onto the card. The last week or so BP has been borrowing my iPad (much to my disappointment come game time!) so he can recreate his designs. He's doing really well with it and using my things has convinced him he wants an Apple Pencil of his own. 

Drawing makes you see things clearer, and clearer and clearer still, until your eyes ache. 

David Hockney

I love to see him get enthusiastic because it so rarely happens. While we're not about to go out and buy him an iPad and Apple Pencil (it would cost about £900!!) I will continue to let him use mine because I want to encourage this new enthusiasm. 


BP's writing floors me sometimes, he has a natural talent that actually makes me question myself. I feel inadequate when I read some of his written work. When encouraged to write, or when I give him a prompt, he can come up with some amazing pieces of writing. At 13 years old he has a way of writing that pulls you in, as long as he is given a little direction at the beginning. 

Of course a lot of his stories are fantasy based, which is great but we're trying to encourage him to write outside of his comfort zone and it's these times that he surprises me most. If BP continues with his writing I have no doubt he will do well, he really does have a natural talent for creating written content. 

How do we encourage his writing? I give him prompts, I give him a setting or I tell him about something and then tell him to go write about it. One of his most impressive pieces of writing was written after me telling him to write about a girl standing under a tree in the middle of a field. What he came up with floored me, I was truly impressed.


This has been a very recent development but he came home with a few letters a couple of weeks ago saying how he'd signed up to sing with the School Choir. It surprised me because BP has never really mentioned music but I liked that he was trying to get involved. Over the next couple of weeks he's going to be singing in the town with the School Choir, he's taking part in the Christmas show at school, and there will be another performance with the choir at school. 

BP has never been confident on stage but as a group with his friends he tends to do better. I can't wait to see how he does with these few things.

7 Things That Make Me Proud Of My Boys | They're growing so fast!

The Tween makes me proud

LP is more confident and outgoing than BP, he likes to be active and hates being still for very long. He's not one to sit around doing nothing. He has always enjoyed being outdoors and loves playing football with his friends despite him not being as good as them. LP also has a talent when it comes to maths, his mind works so fast that he amazes me with his mental maths sometimes. He definitely takes after his dad for that. While LP is a popular boy in school he is not afraid to show that he cares too, as a recent incident in school showed us.


Like I said LP is an active boy, he loves his football and running around. A few weeks ago he started going to Karate on a Sunday and is loving learning moves and wearing a uniform. It's great to see him enjoying learning every week, we tried him out with Taikwondo a few years ago and he didn't like it but he has really taken to the Karate. 

LP learned to ride his bike in July/August this year and since then he hasn't stopped. After learning to ride and going on his first official bike ride with his dad he has found a love of bike riding. In the last 2 months LP and the Hubby have done more than 250 miles on their bikes! We bought LP a light for his helmet and his bike so they could go on bike rides after school in the dark and since then LP has asked to go on his bike every day. The only trouble with this is that he doesn't know his own limits - he did 2 bike rides last Thursday after a trip to Wollaton Hall during the day with school, needless to say he was worn out.


Ever since LP started learning at school I noticed a natural talent for maths, he just seems to get it. It doesn't take him long to understand a mathematical concept, he seems to have a logical brain. I've written before about LP doing maths at home and he really enjoys it, he likes numbers being able to use his iPad makes even more enjoyable for him.

Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences.

Roger Bacon

There are times when he surprises us with his mental maths, for example the Hubby will ask BP a maths question and LP will answer it before BP has had a chance! I think it's great that he's so good with numbers and I hope that continues - it's definitely a relief when they're good at that stuff, even if they're better than you!


LP has always been popular in school, he's a friendly boy and is always kind. Add that to the fact that he's good at maths and everyone wants him on their team when it comes to maths quizzes! LP has lots of friends and it's good to see him mixing with friends when he goes to school. The best thing about all this though is not really his popularity but the fact that he isn't afraid to stick up for people. A couple of times he has come home and told me about bullying he witnessed at school and he reported it straight away. He is not afraid of the bullies and he sticks up for his anyone he thinks needs it. I love that about him. He has helped two boys to stand up against bullies in the last week and even discussed it with his head teacher. You know you're doing a good job when your boy stands up for people who won't stand up for themselves.

My boys

I have watched my boys grow into wonderful people - they care about their friends, they stick up for those less fortunate, and they know what they like. From their talents to their caring nature my boys make me proud almost every day and I am so thankful for that. Even though they can drive me mad and turn me into Evil Mum they are still my boys and will keep reminding myself how proud I am of them. 

Being a parent is a tough job, it can be tiring and frustrating at times but if you take time out and think about your children I have no doubt you'll be able to think of something your child does to make you proud. 

So tell me, what makes you proud of your children?