Getting Christmas-ready in your home

Christmas brings forth visions of strings of lights, decorated trees, snow and a fat man in a red suit. Christmas is a great time to go all out with decorations and rejig your home. But you don’t want to go overboard and turn your home into a tacky Christmas fiasco. Everyone has different tastes and traditions when it comes to Christmas, so it can be a really particular and almost ritualistic time when you decorate your home for the holidays.

Here are some stylish ways to get your home Christmas-ready.

The Tree

Don’t think that you have to put every ornament you own on your tree - you can leave things off for a year and switch it around next year. That way your decorations will stay fresh and not the same old thing. Choose a tree that compliments your room too - if you have high ceilings, then get a tall tree, but if the star is going to be scraping the ceiling, then crop it down a little. Also, think about real or fake - real smells amazing but will shed needles all over the place.

Dining Table

Making your dining room the best for Christmas can be as simple as decorating the dining table. A festive runner and table ornament can transform your room into a holiday haven. You can keep it simple on the run up to Christmas day and then jazz it up on the day.

Front Door

A Christmas Wreath is a very traditional way of expressing your festive cheer. But it doesn’t have to be a plain leaf wreath - there are some great options you can buy, or you can look into doing it yourself. A nature wreath is easy to put together, and you can incorporate more of your favorite flora. Or you can make a bauble wreath by hot gluing baubles onto a wooden ring. You can also use lights around the frame or in the wreath itself.


Lights can be used throughout the house to bring a bit of Christmas throughout the house. You can have them in the tree, hung up in windows and laced through bushes in the garden, but for some smaller light-up touches you can put strings of lights in jars or vases and dot them around. You can mix up the lights with baubles or with tinsel to make it even more Christmassy.


A big part of Christmas is the smell of roasted nuts, cinnamon, and log fires. They’re all scents people associate with the festive season even if it’s not their favorite smells. You can use scents you do love and spread them around your house. You can use candles, incense or aromatherapy to bring the Christmas feeling throughout your house.

Using lights in your garden will bring a winter wonderland feel to the place. Whether you enjoy it yourself, or it’s for your children, creating a little grotto in the garden adds a magical touch. You can also keep your garden alive by planting winter blooms.

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