My favourite things about Autumn

It is officially Autumn and despite the fact that I'll miss the sunshine I do look forward to the change in weather. Autumn means a change in my wardrobe, changes in my home, and a change to the type of food we eat as a family.


I get to pull out my favourite shirts, layering becomes a style essential, and I get to hide my rather large tummy. While Autumn means it's colder outside it's not too cold for a denim jacket and I can still rock a dress but now I pair it with leggings and boots. 

My favourite thing about Autumn fashion though has to be the boots. Whether they're flat and sturdy enough for walking or gorgeous stiletto heels boots are what it's all about. I have lots of pairs of boots and my favourites are the most comfortable. A pair I bought from Hotter Shoes are worn on a daily basis at the moment and my old favourites from Ugg may be nearly worn out but I still love them. Add to that my knee high black boots (that I wore to Britmums Live at the weekend) which are super comfortable and look great too and I'm one happy lady.

Ah layering. I can still wear my strappy tops but now I’ll put them underneath a shirt, or if it’s cold I’ll put a sweater over the top of one. There’s also cardigans. My collection of cardigans has grown over recent years and I now have 5 or 6 and to be honest every time I see one I like I tend to buy it. Cardigans are great for popping on if the house is feeling a little cooler than usual.

Coats and gloves. I usually get these out during the Autumn months and start to wear them in October as the cooler air rolls in. I have a great pair of Lands' End leather gloves that keep my hands super warm and protect them from the elements. I could do with a new coat though, the one I have is a few years old and the pockets have a couple of tears in them from me shoving my hands in to them when it’s cold. 


The leaves stay this gorgeous red colour until December.

Okay, so the sun doesn't shine every day (not that it does during the summer) but there are still days when it does. During the Autumn the sun has a more orangey feel when it does shine and even when it doesn't it occasionally pokes its head from behind the clouds so you know it's still there. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn a lovely shade of orange and there's a hedge near our gate with leaves that turn a gorgeous red colour during the Autumn months. There's a slight chill in the air but there are new colours wherever you look that gives the world a picturesque feel.

  • Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus


Slippers, pyjamas, heated radiators, and snuggling under a blanket. I wear my slippers (some I bought from Tesco) most days now because my feet get cold, I love the little bootie style of them and when they're worn out I will cry.

My current favourite pyjamas from Asda - they say "Aloha Friday"

Who doesn't love pyjamas right? Whether it's a lazy day at home or putting them on after the end of the day school run it's so wonderful putting on those pyjamas knowing you don't have to go anywhere for the rest of the day. Add a good movie and some comfort food and you've got the makings of a excellent evening.

Aren't heated radiators awesome? This time of year is when I appreciate my radiators the most because they haven't been on all summer and on the odd occasion I get a chill while in the house I just rest on a heated radiator and I feel better. They seem to give out this smell too, when they first get turned on. You wake up in a morning, breathe in, and you know your heating is on. It's bliss.

And then there's snuggling under a blanket, which the Hubby and I have already done a few times. It's best done when resting watching a movie or TV series and we use my favourite blanket from Lands' End to snuggle under because it's so soft and keeps you super warm. 

  • Now Autumn's fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.

William Allingham

My home

During the summer I love the smell of lavender wafting around my home, I use the Air Wick air fresheners that you plug in. Lavender is one my favourite scents and I like that my house smells that way. But during the Autumn, when new scents come onto the shelves, I tend to change how I want my house to smell. Scents like Cinnamon and Apple make me think of Autumn and I love that my house can smell that way. 

There isn’t much I change about my house, we’ve had our couches for years (since BP was born - 13 years ago!) and they might be battered but they still do the job. I love the rustic look of our home so the only things I change are the little things - like the colour of the Pot Pourri I use. Again during the summer I use lavender scented Pot Pourri and that means it’s usually a purple and white colour. But come Autumn the orange and brown coloured Pot Pourri comes onto the shelves and I can’t stop myself from buying them.


Given that I’m on a diet this one is slightly more difficult but I’m still looking forward to pulling out my slow-cooker again. Last year I made a lot of casseroles and soups and I can’t wait to do that again. My youngest, LP, loves beef casserole in the slow cooker and he even eats carrots when we have that! This is a HUGE deal for LP because it’s the only time he’ll eat vegetables.

We have an apple tree in our garden that yields quite a few apples and I’ll be using my Actifry to cook up a healthier yet tasty dessert. Plenty of cinnamon and the cut up apples, I’m sure that’ll be lovely. 

Well that’s it, or at least that’s all I can think of for now. A few of my favourite things about Autumn, so tell me, what are your favourite things about Autumn?