Our trip to Blackpool during the summer

Before the summer holidays began we made a list of all the things we wanted to do before the holidays were over. Going to Blackpool was on that list and despite it being nearly a 3 hour drive we only ever go there for the day. 

With trips like that, ones that will take up a whole day, we have to schedule it in otherwise we’d never do it. We’re like that sometimes, unless we actually book it in, unless we actually book that holiday, we never get around to it. So like I said, we scheduled in a day to go to Blackpool.

On the day we woke up and it was pouring with rain but as it was going to take us a couple of hours to get there we figured we’d set off and hope the weather cleared up later.

Once in Blackpool it was lunchtime, as it always is when we visit, and we went to our favourite fish and chip shop in Blackpool - C Fresh. Fish and Chips and a cold drink and we were all happy - and then the sun came out!

LP had already decided (weeks ago) that he wanted to go in the sea and luckily this time I’d remembered to bring some shorts and a towel for him. After lunch we headed straight to the beach - taking our chance with the sun while it lasted - LP played in the sea for ages while me, the Hubby, and BP watched from the beach.

BP took the opportunity to walk around on his own for a while and found some shells he liked the look of. Then he found a partial crab shell and a dead crab, and was very pleased with himself - so much so that he wanted to bring it home! He asked me to take a photo of it for him so he could show his friends.

BP wanted to pick up the dead crab and bring it home!

LP was in and out of the sea for a while and it wasn’t until the Hubby and I decided we’d had enough standing around that we called him out. He would’ve stayed there all day if we let him.

LP couldn't wait to get back into the sea!

We walked back up the beach towards the steps where LP got changed again and BP spotted a dead fish that I had to take a photo of.

While LP was getting changed I took the chance to get a few photos of my boys and the surrounding area and the Hubby took a few of me too.

From the beach we headed towards Blackpool Tower - another free activity if you have Merlin Annual Passes. We went straight to the lift and was taken up to the top where the Hubby encouraged LP to lay down on the glass - a scary prospect for him.

I didn’t dare go on the glass, my stomach flipped, my head swam, and my legs said no. Instead I stood on the safe area and took a photo from there!

LP inches onto the glass while I daren't!

We went even further up the tower and I took more photos (of course!) and at 401 feet up it was quite windy.

Once we were back inside, where it was much less windy, the boys decided to look through the telescope and while they were occupied the Hubby and I took a selfie.

We were done with the Tower and headed back down in the lift. The funny thing about the exit to Blackpool Tower is there’s a Voltar machine - like in Big (if you haven’t seen it you should!) - and LP wanted to have a go. He put his hand in the machine and the guy inside started talking about how lucky LP was, that he would win something that day. We all laughed and LP left with his card (from the Voltar machine) in hand one very happy chappy.

From the Tower we went to the Arcades because the boys love playing all the 2p machines and some of the ticket machines. We don’t usually bother collecting the tickets but the boys were enjoying themselves so much that we decided to. And then it happened - LP saw a PacMac machine with a bonus of 500 tickets. He screeched saying he wanted to play. We let him… And within a few minutes LP had won the jackpot!

It took a while for 500 tickets to come out of the machine!

It took a while for the tickets to come out but by the time we’d finished we had enough tickets to get 21 sticks of rock, which is just what we did. LP was really pleased with himself and when we reminded him of what Voltar had said he laughed.

After collecting our rock we decided it was time to drive home and we headed back to the car.

The sun stayed out all day, despite the heavens opening in the morning. It ended up being a really good day; LP played in the sea just like he wanted and won a lot of tickets, and BP found a dead crab. They were both very pleased with their day.

You can see more photos of our day over on my Facebook Page.

I’d love to hear what you enjoy doing at Blackpool or, if you’ve never been, what you would like to do. Do leave a comment!