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blue skies, green trees, overgrown hedges

Oh boy what a summer it has been! This is the first Friday since the start of the summer when I know I'll be in the house all day and I'll be able to sit at the computer and write. Despite us not having anything planned for last Friday we did end up going out. I have to admit to being happy to be sitting in my office right now - it's quiet, it's my place, and I can have a moment to think. Bliss.

It was an amazing summer though, we did so many things and spent a lot of time together as a family. By the end of the holidays the boys were ready to be apart and the constant (and I do mean constant) bickering was getting to me. During the school break we visited Venice, London, York, and Blackpool as well as doing lots of activities locally. We visited family in Grimsby and Stoke-on-Trent. We ate out a lot (there's been lots of weight gain 😭) but we also did a lot of walking. The boys have so much to tell their friends they couldn't wait for school to start.

blue skies with white fluffy clouds, green trees, overgrown hedges
This was taken the day we got back from Venice - it seemed so utterly British that I couldn't help myself.

At the beginning of the holidays we had a list of things we wanted to do and we've managed to do most things on the list. The only things we didn't get to do - because we were wiped out - were going to Thorpe Park and Warwick Castle, but we figure we'll put them at the top of our list for half term in October.

I am so glad to be back in a  routine though, it's definitely needed. The weight gain, eating far too much, drinking (alcohol) far too much, and feeling lethargic points to a necessary change. Not to mention the fact that we're going to Florida again next year. I really need to lose some serious weight.  Thanks to my need for routine though the transition has been easier (of course it's only been 3 days!) than I thought it would be. Every day so far I have got up early and got straight on the treadmill - luckily we have one at home - I do 30 minutes of brisk walking at the moment because I couldn't handle running. I'm hoping that as I lose some weight I'll be able to start running. The great thing about it all this is that I'm feeling a lot more positive. I'm back to being healthy and it makes me feel brighter.

So tell me, how was your summer? What things did you do as a family and are you happy the kids are back at school?

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