My summer wardrobe

Summer is always a tough season when you're overweight, you want to rock the cute dresses but don't have the confidence. You want to wear shorts but think you'll look ridiculous. This is just how I'm feeling at the moment. I want to look good this summer but being overweight makes me a lot more self-consious.

Picking out new clothes is always a difficult choice but when the lovely people at JD Williams got in touch asking me to review a few of their items I couldn't wait. On choosing three items and receiving them I did my first ever vlog!

Maxi-dresses are a wonderful thing for summer when you're feeling like me. They can look great, but they cover up all the bits you don't like, providing you choose the right style. This gorgeous summery maxi-dress from JD Williams is just the right style for me.

The weather just took a turn for the worse when the photo was taken. At the waist, where it is tied, you can lift the dress up so the top half hangs over the bow. I didn't realise how pink the dress was when I ordered it, or how sparkly it was. In the sun it sparkles lots when wearing. Due to the pink colour I managed to have a pretty awesome matching day. The dress matched my Apple Watch, which is rose gold, my rose gold heart bracelet (from home of juniper) and my Carvela backpack (which is also pink). It was easy to wear, light and airy. I did think it would be slightly see through, when I held it up in the light I could see through it, but when wearing it was okay. I also thought the material would be scratchy but again when wearing it was okay. The material was light and didn't irritate at all. You can get this dress for £32 and there's also a gold version!

Summer sandals have always been a bit of an issue with me too, it's so difficult to find comfortable and stylish sandals. The sandals above, from JD Williams, are flat with elasticated straps. Elasticated straps can be really good, they can also be really terrible. In this case they're excellent.  They don't pull or pinch my skin, even when my feet swell in the heat. The sole is strong and sturdy so as to not feel stones through the sole when walking (which can happen with other sandals) but it is flexible enough for them to mould to your feet when walking. These sandals were comfortable and I'd be happy to walk around in them all day.

I like to keep my tops loose fitting and floaty if I can. This shirt is just that, however the material is a lot heavier than I expected. It's not one I'd particularly recommend for a really hot day but if it's a bit blowy or overcast then this shirt would be great. It goes well with a pair of blue jeans and I love the overcoat bit, it sways when you're walking. This top is available for £31 and in sizes 16 - 30.

I wore the dress and the sandals on a day out with the family. I wore the dress all day and was comfortable throughout. The sandals didn't hurt my feet despite walking around on a relatively warm day. I like this combination so much I'm wearing them when I go to London on Thursday and I'll be taking them to Venice too.

Add to these three pieces my favourite jeans and a couple of t-shirts and I think I'm set for the summer.

What are your favourite fashion items this summer season?

I was sent the stated items free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. 

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