A better home from the outside in

A house should always feel like your home. No matter how much you work or study, your home is a place to free yourself from the shackles of normal life. Most people spend a long time working on improvements to their home. Days are spent decorating, making the building look nice and homely. Then, once you’re settled in, hours have to be spent each week to keep the place clean and tidy. With all of this work to do, it’s easy to forget one of the most important parts of your home; the outside. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the best ways to make the outside of your home just a little prettier. This work will bring back the building you love. And, it will certainly catch the attention of the neighbours.

Outside of the house

To start, it’s time to go through the exterior of the building itself. The walls, windows, and doors which make up the outside of your home are all very important. A lot of people will see them each day. And, so, if you like the idea of turning more heads and feeling a little more pride in your home, this can be a great place to start. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to spend every weekend cleaning the outside of your home. A lot of the work you can do here is at least semi-permanent. Instead, you will be doing jobs which will have to be done as little as yearly. Most of them can be put into someone else’s hands, too.

Windows and doors make up a very large part of the surface area of your home. Because they are shiney, windows will often be one of the most visible and noticeable parts of a building. And, when they are dirty, they stand out all the more. Windows can be easily improved, though. Having your windows cleaned on a regular basis will make them sparkle and shine. Working high up on a building can be very dangerous, without the right gear. So, you should look for a window cleaning company to help you. Or, you could look into buying a good ladder and some cleaning equipment, if you’re confident in yourself. Along with your windows, giving your doors a wash occasionally will make them stand out like they’re new. You won’t need a professional to do this part for you. But, it’s still worth doing some research to find the best chemicals to help you with your clean.

Next, let’s take a look at the building blocks of your home. Bricks will often fall into disrepair after a few decades, causing cracks and even missing chunks of brick. Of course, at first, this will be very hard to spot. Eventually, though, you’ll be dealing with large areas of wall with missing parts of bricks. Further, into the future, this could even cause issues with the integrity of your home. A lot of people will have a builder look at their bricks before it gets to this point, to ensure that they are repairable. Wood is much easier to deal with. But, it will have a much shorter lifespan. When the paint starts to peel, you can sand it down and retreat the wood beneath. If it gets beyond this point, it may start to rot. This can have an impact on the appearance and even the structure of your home.

Front garden

Now, it’s time to look at another part of your property; the front garden. This part of a home is usually used as a display, more than anything else. People use their front garden to show off their home, adding colour and other features without having to change the building itself. Because it is used for so little, this part of your home is quite easy to keep in check. Most people prefer to keep their front lawn nice and tidy. Rubbish bins can be used to store waste, keeping it out of the way. But, that’s only the start of the things you can try.

Most gardens will have some organic areas. In the case of front gardens, this will usually come in the form of a lawn. An area of grass like this will look best if it’s kept at the same length all the time, though. If you want to achieve this, you have a couple of good choices. A lot of people offer the service of lawn mowing to others without much time. But, of course, this will cost money every time you want to freshen up the lawn. Instead, you could invest in a mower yourself, and do the work in your own time. When it comes to mowing a lawn, you either have to spend time or money. So, you have to base this decision on what means more to you. Along with a lawn, a lot of front gardens will also have a small area for flowers. Raised beds are very popular and easy to manage, as they keep the different areas of garden separate. When it comes to choosing your flowers, a lot of people like to do some research. Different plants will have varying effects on the look of your garden, making it easy to change the look of your front lawn without much effort at all.

As this area is mainly used as a display, you don’t have to worry so much about having furniture for it. In most cases, the only furniture you will find within a front garden is a bench. This sort of area isn’t the best for socialising because it’s so open, and it can be hard to be private. But, it could still be a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by. Of course, if you decide to have a full patio set in your front garden, you’re not doing anything wrong. In fact, it could be a nice spin. But, most save it for the back of the house. And, that’s where this post is about to go.

Back garden

Although people won’t see it as much, it’s easy to hold more value in your back garden. Of course, you will use the front garden all the time, as you enter and exit your home. But, the back will be much more special to you. A lot of people don’t use this area to its full potential, though. Your back garden can be used for so much more, though. Even the most perfect back gardens could do with a little spice. So, if you want to achieve this in your main outdoor space, it’s worth reading on.

To start, a lot of people will bear in mind what they want to use this sort of space for. For example, someone who loves gardening might not need to have a patio. But, for those trying to create an outdoor hangout, a patio could be really useful. Creating the perfect outdoor space for your needs is all about considering the furniture you buy, the surroundings, and the types of plants you have. For example, imagine spending your summer evenings around a gas fire pit, sat on outdoor sofas, and eating straight from the barbecue. For a lot of people, this will sound perfect. But, for others, having the chance to spend some time alone in a shed could be perfect. These choices are unique to you.

The furniture you choose for your garden will play a large role in its usability. For those looking for a place to work or get things done, a shed with a simple patio set could be enough. This would give you the chance to sit outside, while also being able to work and keep things sheltered. Or, for those looking for comfort, finding the best cushioned sets you can to fill the space would provide you with what you want. To inspire you and get the juices flowing, you can use showrooms and tradeshows to help you get an idea of what other people are doing. Find more at Bridgman.co.uk/showrooms/bridgman-showroom-surrey or your local showroom, if you like the idea of seeing things in the flesh, without having to go too far. Or, you could use sites like Instagram and Pinterest to find new ideas. The more research you manage to do, the more ideas and new inspiration you’ll find.

Most people will figure out this part of their garden and then leave it. But, to make it perfect, you could consider going a little further. A lot of people find that their garden falls into disrepair when they don’t have time to spend working on it each week. Thankfully, a professional gardener can help you to keep your outside areas in good condition, without making you lift a finger. If you like gardening or don’t want to spend money on this, you have more options. Instead, you could look into getting options which will only require a small amount of work. For example, fake grass is becoming very popular. Along with some fake flowers, it’s possible to create a great area without the effort which comes with it. Or, if the work isn’t too hard, you could get the kids involved to help you out.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what needs to be done when you’re working on your home. A lot of people ignore the outside of their house. But, it’s much easier to feel pride in your home when it looks as good as you want it to. For just a little bit of work, you could live in the very best version of your home.

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