Cleaning hacks to save you time!

Cleaning sucks, let's face it, so anything that makes life easier and helps the cleaning go faster has got to be good right?


Below you'll find some top tips to help your cleaning days go faster.

When life give you lemons... 

Clean with them!

I never thought of lemons as a cleaning product but it turns out they're useful. 

You can use lemons to make your chrome fittings shine like new. Scrub your fittings with a half lemon and wipe down with kitchen towel and see that chrome shine.

Excuse the mess, but we live here.

Roseanne Barr

Lemons can also be used to help clean your microwave, and you know you could do with some help in that department. I hate cleaning my microwave so when I read this it was a huge relief. 

Just add cut up lemons to a microwave-safe bowl filled with water and turn the microwave on for one minute. Remove the bowl (with gloves - it'll be hot!) and wipe the grime away with a cloth. Done!

A dishwasher doesn't just wash dishes.

You can wash all kinds of things in your dishwasher, and some of them I bet you'd never thought of.

Oven hood vents will look new again with a quick blast in the dishwasher, and it saves you from scrubbing and trying to get rid of thick oil and grime.

Does your fridge need a good clean? The shelves can be put into your dishwasher, making the job a whole lot easier!

Soap and toothbrush holders can go in your dishwasher too. So when they're looking grimy and covered with dried on toothpaste bung them in there - job done.

Plastic hairbrushes and combs will look great after a blast in the dishwasher, just be sure to remove all the hair first! Oh and don't put wooden handled brushed into the dishwasher, that'll just ruin them (yep, learned from experience - doh!).

Scissors to clean your hairbrush

Cut the hair along the bristles and use the end of the scissors to pull the hair free. The hair should come free easily but if there are any left over you can use a clean (spare) toothbrush to get rid of the hairs left behind. And just for good measure bung it in the microwave if it's a plastic one.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.

Marie Kondo

Keep your bed linen together

It only occurred to me recently to start doing this but it's such a time saver and a space saver too!

When you're folding your bed linen put the folded set inside a matching pillowcase, this way they'll all be together and it's easier to store.

Cleaning Hacks To Save You Time! | Want to save time on the cleaning? Check out these hacks!

I hope these few cleaning hacks make the cleaning go quicker but if not you can always give the kids chores to do!

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What cleaning hacks would you add to the list?

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