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Another week, another Post Comment Love. It's so lovely to see our little community growing week by week, we get to read such brilliant posts and share them, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this week.

I've had such a busy week this week that I only managed to sit in front of the computer yesterday. I feel like time has disappeared and I haven't got enough done. It's funny how that happens sometimes isn't it? At least we're back into a normal routine with the kids back at school.

  • The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

Mike Murdock

Last weekend the Hubby and I decided we needed to get new carpets. Cue lots of complaints about having to move furniture, deciding on a colour of carpet, and actually getting it done. It's certainly not something I enjoy but I know it will look great when it's done. Our current carpet is a deep red and our house doesn't get much natural light, which means that the house seems dark all the time. I wouldn't normally have wanted a light coloured carpet (having a young boy who likes football) but I think it will make a huge difference to how light the house looks. I'll be introducing a strict "no-shoes" policy once the carpet is down though. 

I've spent a lot of time messing about with a tripod this week. Figuring out how to get it to do what I wanted proved too much and by the time I'd worked it out the natural light had gone, I was frustrated, and I needed to buy new equipment. At least I got a little help from Emily Quinton's Youtube videos - she's a brilliant help and I'll be watching more of her stuff. If you're interested in taking great photos with your iPhone check her out!

I'll get there sooner or later, I'm just hoping it's sooner.

flower silhouetted in the setting sun

I've also had a few ideas rattling around in my head. When I was growing up I was always creative, drawing, cross-stitch, cards, painting, there was nothing I couldn't put my hands to. Since having children I've let a lot of that fall by the wayside and it makes me a little sad. So I've decided to try to get back to some of the more creative hobbies. I'm going to buy a card-making kit and see if I can make some nice cards, maybe I'll even give them to people! It has been a long time since I did anything creative but I'm determined to make it work. You may even see some creative posts from me - now that would be a shocker huh?

  • And I believe that the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others.

Wole Soyinka

I'll definitely be doing a lot of that in the coming months, trawling Pinterest, watching videos on Youtube and cursing when I can't replicate what I see!

How was your week, have you got back into a routine yet?

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