Autumn/Winter Workwear for Men and Women

Workwear is not something that I find myself concerned with very often. Having not worked in an office for almost 13 years it's not something I think about. The Hubby hasn't had to think about it for a while either because for the last 7 years he has worked at home. Working at home means that the Hubby and I can select more comfortable clothes to work in but during Autumn and Winter we still need to think about staying warm. I love putting together fashion pieces so I thought I'd do an Autumn/Winter workwear post for people who work at home, with a few pieces for those who do work in an office.

Finding clothes that are both comfortable and smart can be difficult when you're a plus size woman. I like to look smart even though I work at home but more often than not I opt for comfort. I tend to have a few favourite shops I'll go to because I know their clothes are comfortable and smart.



First of all I grabbed all the tops I loved from my favourite stores:

autumn/winter tops for work or at home from Simply Be, Evans, and Joe Browns

2. Evans Navy Blue V Neck Jumper £21.60 (was £24)

I could've spent hours going through the Evans and Simply Be sites, I love their clothes so much, but these tops were my favourites. The red bardot top is gorgeous, and I have a short sleeve version of the Berry Red Shawl Collar top and I love it so much I think I'll be purchasing the long sleeve version too! The only top that is a little different for me is the Joe Browns top and I chose it because it's different but the colour is still 'me'.


You'd think I'd be done with the six I chose but with workwear on my mind I continued to search for tops I would wear whether I was working in an office or at home.

shirts and smart tops for work

I love all these shirts but particularly love the slogan top, I could imagine walking into work with that on! I like the pussybow blouse and think it would look so smart with a great pair of trousers. As for the Busty Fit Berry Red shirt, I would totally rock that with a pair of great jeans.


Of course you need great bottoms to go with the fabulous tops above.

jeans and trousers on a white background

2. Simply Be Straight Leg Trousers (Black Cherry) £22

My favourites here have to be the high waisted jeans, the black cherry trousers, and the Levi jeans. I've wanted a pair of Levi's for eons but never been able to buy any because I was far too big to have any, they never made jeans in my size. But today I found out they do plus-size jeans! How awesome is that? I'll be putting those on my Christmas list that's for sure.


After spending a little time gathering my favourites from the sites I put a few of the pieces together.

blue jeans and a slogan oversize top on a white background

A look I would totally rock is this entirely Simply Be ensemble, the High Waist Jeans (£30) and the Oversize slogan top (£29) would make a great outfit for being at home all day and staying comfy (and warm). I'd pair this with my black knee-high flat boots and my winter coat for the school run.

Jeggings and a smart top on a white background
For the smart-casual look I'd pair the Evans jeggings with the Busty fit Berry Red 2-in-1 shirt, I love this kind of top and with the jeggings I know I'd be comfortable all day. Weather permitting I'd wear some berry red heeled court shoes or ballet flats with this. It could even do for popping out to the restaurant for lunch. I do love smart-casual. 

dark blue jeans, grey top and blue cardigan on white background
As you've probably guessed I'm a jeans girl, I just love having useful pockets and they're just so easy to dress up or down. In this ensemble I've paired the Evans Indigo straight leg jeans with the grey hem line shirt and a fabulous cardigan I found in Fat Face when shopping with the Hubby on Friday. The cardigan comes in Navy, "Misty Surf" which is a beige colour, and Elderberry which is a reddish colour. My favourite is the red and I told the Hubby I wanted it for Christmas - if I don't get it I won't be happy (so watch out Hubby!). While the shirt has 3/4 sleeves the cardigan will keep me warm, and I'd put my heeled boots on with this set just to set it off.


Blue cardigan, black jumper, red cardigan and blue cardigan on white background

In autumn/winter it's handy to have a cardigan nearby so I picked a few, and one jumper, that I loved. As you can see I included the hoody from Fat Face, I love that it's a cardigan that zips up and also has a hood. Genius.

Workwear for the office

I know that not everyone works at home and sometimes it's tough for women to find smart clothes for work, but using my list above I've paired a few pieces together that would look great for any lady heading to the office.

red trousers, white shirt and red cardigan for the office
1. Simply Be Straight Leg Trousers (Black Cherry) £22
2. Simply Be Tie Neck Pussybow Wrap Blouse £24
3. Evans Berry Red Faux Fur Collar Cardigan £45

I would LOVE to wear this outfit, smart, elegant, and even colourful it would look great. Paired with a gorgeous pair of kitten heels or court shoes you'd be set for a day in the office knowing if you got a little chilly you've got a stylish cardi to put on. 

grey trousers, red top, blue cardigan on white background

2. Simply Be Berry Red Shawl Collar Top £18
3. Fat Face Alice Textured Hoody £45

I haven't mentioned these trousers yet but they sound amazing. Magisculpt clothing "flattens your tummy and streamlines your thighs and bum with body sculpting technology" or so says Simply Be. They look great and if they do what they say then no matter what your size you'll look amazing. I'm pairing the trousers with the red shawl collar top because I think the colours look great together, and of course the hoody (I told you I loved it didn't I?). Put on your favourite ballet flats and you're sorted for the office.

For all of the outfits listed you need fantastic lingerie and both Evans and Simply Be have a gorgeous range, but don't forget to pick something that will keep you warm too.



The Hubby likes the darker colours and to be honest I think they look better for workwear.

dark blue polo shirts on a white background
1. Jacamo Black Label Knitted Polo £30
2. High & Mighty Peter Werth Mighty Cotton Marl Knitted Long Sleeved Polo Shirt £52
3. Jacamo Navy Long Sleeved Griffin Polo £17
4. Jacamo Black Label Mercury Pocket Square Long Sleeve Shirt £25

Long sleeves are important this time of year, especially for men's workwear if you don't want to keep a jacket on all day. I love polo shirts because they're smart but casual too and you can put a jumper on top and still look smart.


blue jumpers on white background

1. Jacamo Black Label Shawl Neck Jumper £30
2. Jacamo Label J Twisted Textured Knit Jumper £25
3. Jacamo Voi Harris Crew Neck Jumper £40
4. Jacamo Williams & Brown Roll Neck Jumper £12

Again the Hubby would like any of these jumpers, they're simple and look comfortable and best of all they're not expensive. The Shawl Neck Jumper wouldn't go with a shirt underneath it but on top of a t-shirt it would look good and the same goes for the roll neck jumper. The other two would look great on top of a shirt if your partner wants to keep warm in the office.


dark blue jeans

1. High & Mighty Tommy Hilfiger Clean Blue Stretch Jeans £110
2. Levi 501 Original Fit Jeans £75

When it comes to jeans the higher quality the better as you can be sure they'll last years. Both Levi and Tommy Hilfiger are great brands and you know these jeans will last. Paired with a shirt or polo shirt and a great jumper or jacket and your partner will be sorted for a day out, or even for the office.


Again, like with the womenswear, I've put a few pieces together.

grey trousers, white shirt, and blue jumper for the office on a white background

1. Jacamo Black Label Vigo Trousers £30
2. Jacamo Black Label Windsor Placket Detail Long Sleeve Shirt £25
3. Jacamo Voi Harris Crew Neck Jumper £40

Trousers and a shirt, with a jumper to keep warm; simple, classy, and comfortable. If your partner has to wear a tie this can be added too, and it'll still look great.

blue jeans, blue polo shirt, and blue jumper, on a white background

1. High & Mighty Tommy Hilfiger Clean Blue Stretch Jeans £110
2. Jacamo Navy Long Sleeved Griffin Polo £17
3. Jacamo Label J Twisted Textured Knit Jumper £25

Comfortable jeans and two tops to keep your partner warm if they work at home, or if they're allowed to wear jeans to the office. As the weather gets colder having two tops with long sleeves will guarantee your man will stay warm, while looking cool.

As with yourself don't forget to buy your man some undies that will keep him warm during autumn/winter. Tommy John have some great pairs of undies and socks, and to help raise awareness of Testicular Cancer they have a limited edition print range where 5% of each sale is donated to Testicular Cancer Foundation.

Everything item of clothing in this post was selected from the plus-size ranges or websites, both the Hubby and I are plus-sized and find it difficult to find clothing that looks good and fits well. I put this post together in an effort to help others find what they need.

Do you struggle to find warm and comfortable workwear?