The Perfect Date Night Outfit

As busy parents it's not often that the Hubby and I get to have a proper date night. More often than not, when given the opportunity to go out, we'd much rather stay in watch movies and drink bourbon. But sometimes a night out is just what you both need and with that in mind I thought I'd put together my perfect date night outfit.

Let's start with the dress, because let's face it - it has to be a dress. Being around a UK size 18 at the moment I'm conscious about the type of dress I wear, I know certain styles suit me and certain styles do not. A bodycon dress certainly wouldn't work very well but I have a bigger bust and a V-neck or plunge neckline works. Halter neck is another great choice.

Simply Be have a gorgeous range of dresses on their site and after searching for a while I settled on this Hell Bunny Vanity Dress. I love polka dots, I have a Minnie Mouse style dress (red with white polka dots) that I adore. The small white polka dots and the red lining on this dress swung it for me. The dress would show off all the bits I like about myself and hide all the bits I don't. I know I would look amazing in this dress and at £47 it won't be difficult to convince the Hubby that I need it.

The dress doesn't come with the underskirt, you have to buy that separately, but don't worry Simply Be have you covered. The Hell Bunny Petticoat Skirt is just what you need to complete that awesome dress, and it costs just £35.

With any date night outfit you need the perfect shoes and I fell in love with these (again found on Simply Be) as soon as I saw them. The red is a lovely deep red, the heel is not too high, and court shoes can pretty much work with any outfit so they're not just a "wear once" item. The Sole Diva Platform shoes will be comfortable, the platform will protect the ball of my foot from hitting the ground too hard (as I often do in heels!) and you can choose the right fitting for you. Even if you have wide feet that's not a problem. At £25 not buying these shoes is almost illegal!

Underwear has to be comfortable during date night, you can't be shuffling in your seat because your underwear is annoying you. At the same time you want the underwear to be appealing, it is date night after all. I liked this set from Adore Me, it's called Julie Contour Plus, it can be worn strapless so would be great with the halter neck dress and the longline style would hide any unsightly bulges. I like the shorts style pants too, comfortable yet still gorgeous. Adore Me is a US company and the underwear costs $24.95.

As the colder night's roll in you need something to make sure you don't freeze when you're outdoors. This faux fur scarf from Reiss in either Charcoal or Claret would keep the tops of your arms warm as you rush from the car to the restaurant. It costs £85 but you'll be able to use it again and again.

Or there's this Chesca faux fur wrap, it'll cover more of your arms and the faux fur is nice to touch. It's a little more expensive at £105 but a little bit of luxury is nice on a date night isn't it?

There you have it, my perfect date night outfit.

What would be your perfect outfit for date night?

I was not paid in any way for this post, these are simply my picks for a great date night.