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I hope you're having a great summer so far, we're at the end of the second week of the school holidays and we've already done so much! This week has been pretty much the same as last week with some days allocated for fun and others for work. The house looks terrible, toys everywhere, clothes everywhere, and dishes fill the sink, but my boys are happy and that's the main thing.

I was enjoying a little peace and quiet a few nights ago when I spied the gorgeous sky. I couldn't help snapping a photo (the one you see above), I loved the rainbow sky with the moon clearly visible. It's times like that when I wish I had an amazing camera that I knew how to use. The photo was taken on my iPhone 6!

The weather could be better, LP has been complaining that he can't play badminton in the garden because it's too windy. He hates being stuck indoors all the time. BP loves it though and has spent time writing stories and drawing. 

Speaking of drawing I've challenged myself recently, I enjoy drawing but rarely get the chance to do it. When I do draw it's usually with LP when he's using a "how to draw" book and wants me to do the same as him. I've drawn lions, cats, dogs, a lot of animals recently, but I wanted to something a little more difficult. I'm attempting to draw Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom, it won't be perfect (that's for sure) but if I manage to have it look anything like the real thing I'll be happy.

Hope you're having a great summer!

Newbie Showcase Lucy from Lucy at Home

Hi there! Lucy here!

Three months ago I clicked ‘publish’ on my first blog post and now I’m hooked! I love the friendly community that I have stumbled into, I love the opportunity to be creative, I love reading like-minded bloggers and being challenged by different ones.

I’m a stay at home mummy to two little girls. Together we are filling our home with giggles, splodgey paintings, (smelly nappies), nursery rhymes, board books, and enough pink clothing to sink Old Jack’s Boat!

Lucy At Home is my parenting blog, where I try to post honest, helpful articles with a positive parenting message. I want to inspire and encourage parents look for (and find) the good in their children, whatever the circumstances. I also write about the activities, products and books we’re loving at the moment.

My Favourite Posts so far have to be:

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4. School Holidays Activities: Plan Your Pins

5. Full Time Mummy, World Changer

I am totally in the blogging world to make friends, so please pop over and say hi! If we’re not twitter buddies yet, then we should be! Haha. My handle is @lucy_at_home or feel free to drop me an email on

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the linky!


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