What I Read June Roundup

Well this month has gone fast hasn't it? Here we are at the end of June and I'm writing another What I Read Roundup! Before you know it we'll be decorating the Christmas tree!

Sometimes moving on to the next chapter in your life can be tough, it's a scary thing to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance. I admired Ell for taking a chance and being enthusiastic about doing so. Please do read The Next Chapter.

A smile can make a huge difference to someone's day, simply smiling at a stranger can brighten their day in ways you may never know. That's why I loved Sharon's post The magic of a smile. This is just the post I needed today (feeling a tad down) and it was a lovely read again. 

It's always great to read about a blogger's journey and in Rebecca's post she lists her favourite things after just 7 weeks of blogging. I love these kind of posts because it's nice to remember what it was like being a newbie. 

Every blogger's journey is different but I love to see bloggers using their experience to encourage others. I find that reading someone's encouraging post is more inspiring if they have a story behind it and know what you're going through. Kate's post is just that and in Why your life is mediocre - and that's okay (unless it's not) using her own story she encourages you. I hope it inspires.

Someone else I admire for using their own story to encourage others is Renée, she's an inspiring lady. This time she is using her story as a way to get across the importance of taking care of 16-17 year old children. Renée encourages you to talk to your MP about this important campaign. Check out On being one of 'those mums'.

Scary stories are great, particularly when they raise questions about ghosts and such. I love to hear them, even if I don't believe. Jeremy's post was great, but with a sweet twist at the end. Be sure to read I see little people, it'll definitely make you smile.

We all want to make sure our children are healthy don't we? From worrying about the amount of water they're drinking to restricting their sweets and chocolate, we're always on guard. Dave has got you covered though in his brilliant post Ensuring your toddler has an active lifestyle. Keeping the little ones active and teaching them about a healthy lifestyle is something that will stay with them forever. Get started early!

Having a Hubby who used to have to travel a lot with work I know what it means for him to be at home these days. Tim isn't as lucky and has had to do some travelling recently. In his post The loneliness of being away he describes how travelling isn't as glamorous as everyone thinks and the pleasure of finally arriving at home. 

As we're on the countdown to Christmas now (!) I thought this post from John was a perfect share. LP is now 7 years old and well on his way to working out the truth with regards to the Christmas visitor but I'm doing my best to keep the secret. I'm sure thought that he will hear a rumour at school at some point and come home asking questions, much like John's daughter in Father Christmas - the subject of playground gossip.

When you're growing up you vow not to become your parents, you swear that when you have children you won't say "we'll see", you won't nag about things on the floor, and you will be nothing like your parents. Alas that's not to be, as you get older you notice that more and more you're saying things your mum or dad used to say. You suddenly start questioning everything! That's why I loved Al's post I'm turning into my dad! PLUS The Official Top Ten 'Dadisms!'

Being a huge fan of Netflix it's always nice to hear someone new discover it. Tom has been lucky enough to join the Netflix Stream Team and is well on his way to discovering fantastic new content. I'm sure he'll find some great series for his kids, and he'll definitely enjoy a few of the TV series and movies available for adults too.

Courage and inner strength can present themselves in many ways and I loved Yvonne's story about her own strength. Sometimes it can be a simple case of 'putting your face on' that signifies strength, other times it's more obvious. Either way I love reading these stories.

Parenting a child with autism is challenging but what happens when that child grows up? They have their own opinions, are more willing to disobey you, so how do you cope when you're parenting an older child with autism? Read Debbie's post to find out what it's like.

The hidden challenges of each person out there often floor me. It wasn't until recently that I knew what Fibromyalgia was, and that was thanks to reading Laura's post Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2016. I had no idea it could be so debilitating and cannot imagine keeping a smile on my face. I think Laura is a star!

I love to celebrate when someone has had a great week, as parents it can sometimes seem like they don't happen often enough. A great week can mean all kinds of things, it could be that the toddler didn't have a tantrum this week, it could be that your teen actually thanked you for something, or it could be something truly amazing. Either way it was a great week, and that's why I loved reading Kim's post It has been a Super Week!

Stress can be the cause of many ailments, and the best thing you can do is to try to reduce it. But how? Well Nikki has some great tips for you in Things to do when feeling stressed. I was so glad I've come back to this one, it's helped me a lot this week. 

Travelling with kids is tough, whether they're little ones or big ones they bring with them a whole host of issues. How do you entertain them, how do you keep them from throwing tantrums? There are a lot of people who are willing to offer tips and advice but does that advice work? It seems, at least for Katie, the advice didn't help, as she explains in Why everything I was told about travelling with a baby was wrong.

That's it for this month's Roundup, I hope you spot something you enjoy reading. 


  1. This is a long post. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy a beautiful Sunday.

  2. Thank you for including me. I hope you've had a good weekend x

    1. You're welcome Kim. I did thank you, hope you did too. xx

  3. There are some great writers on this list.

    Have bookmarked a few that I haven't read before and will look at this evening.