What I Read May Roundup

Can you believe another month has gone by? Before you know it we'll be talking about Christmas! Here we are at the start of June and that means it's time for my monthly roundup of What I Read. Here's what I loved in May.

What I Read 47 included some great posts, most of which evoked some powerful emotions. Ruebi wrote a post about how people tend to judge the condition rather than the person when they find out someone has depression or anxiety. Be sure to check out Diagnosis Ruebi.

Jenny wrote a brave and powerful post about her experience of an emergency c-section and how it's taken a long time for her to come to terms with what happened to her. In Trauma, Guilt and Time: how I finally came to terms with my c-section Jenny talks about the pain she suffered and all the emotions that come with having a c-section.

Breast vs Bottle - an argument between mothers that has spanned eons (or at least it seems that way), but it's one that I always questioned. Why do these women have to fight over something like that? Collette wrote a brilliant post, Breast feeding vs Bottle feeding The Debate... and why it really doesn't matter, and I think it's definitely worth a read!

Being a mum of boys I enjoyed reading Brothers... A camaraderie that cannot be broken. When they're growing up they change, sometimes they fight like cat and dog and sometimes they're the best of friends, but will that friendship last into adulthood... we think so.

I didn't always want to be a mum, I had images in my head of frumpy dresses, daytime TV, and lots and lots of nappies. It's not something that appealed to me very much. I didn't want to lose myself after having children like so many women seemed to. Of course that's not what happened, I had children and have actually found myself. The image of being a mum used to be very different to what it is now and these days we are allowed to be whoever we want. That's why reading Belonging to the Motherhood was so great, Sarah hit the nail on the head with this one. 

Do you believe in the tooth fairy? LP does and he lost his first tooth recently. He was so excited about the visit from the tooth fairy that I had to set an alarm on my phone to remind me of the impending visit. However, I wasn't always so organised and have, on occasion, had late visits from the tooth fairy. I could totally relate to 5 reasons why the tooth fairy never came.

What I Read 48 had a mix of posts, some made me laugh and some brought tears to my eyes. I had a good giggle when I saw How To Avoid Throttling Your Child, I've needed this list on so many occasions and even though it's meant for those with younger children I'll definitely be using it when I'm close to breaking point with BP!

Every day life can seem mundane or boring but you never know when something will happen to change everything, be it exciting or worrying. But imagine living with the uncertainty of change all the time. A touching post, and a must read is On how life is one big Uncertainty. Which isn't always okay...

My go-to guru when it comes to blogging is Vicki, aka Honest Mum. She's a blogging rockstar and is always able to inspire. Whatever your definition of success Vicki has 10 tips on succeeding in business and life!

Body issues, something almost every woman out there has suffered from and something that the media seem to enjoy perpetuating. They promote ridiculous diets, say that healthy looking celebrities are too "fat" or "chubby" and airbrush models' photos on the front of the glossy magazines. How on earth are we ever supposed to feel good about ourselves? That's why I loved Charlie's post Why body-shamers can kiss my (squidgy) butt!

Being a stay-at-home mum and looking after those little ones day in day out can take its toll. It can make you feel like you're going crazy, you're exhausted at the end of every day, and your loving partner is there by your side every step of the way. They are supportive and they take the abuse, even though none of it is their fault. If this sounds familiar you should check out Dear Husband: I'm Sorry, a heartfelt post to the other half.

When I saw the title of this next post I thought it was a daddy bashing post but I was happy to discover it was not. Check out the lovely poem from Dawn, 10 Signs it's Daddy Day.

What I Read 49 brought another mix of posts. In Besties Forever Laura writes a lovely post about her daughters and how, although they're growing apart they will always be best friends. This was such a nice post to read, having two sisters myself I could totally relate.

Making sure that your children enjoy reading is a goal for most parents, I've struggled with getting BP to read but LP loves reading. I enjoyed Debbie's post We've Created A Monster in which she talks about her daughter and her reasons behind wanting to read a particular book. I loved this post and laughed out loud when I read it.

When you take the decision to become a stay-at-home mum it can be a daunting prospect. Being at home all the time, not really knowing what to expect, it can be a scary time. Karen has just stepped into the world of being a stay-at-home mum, and she's looking forward to the ride. Be sure to check out I just got my P45.

Any mum of boys has to resign herself to the fact that he is going to like video games. Whether it's console games or iPad or something else there will be something he totally loves and becomes obsessed with. Any mums that have gamer sons are my friend because I know just what they're going through. Catie is one of those mums and I totally loved that she is embracing her boys' love of games by showcasing them in Gamer Zone: top ten favourite games.

Being a blogger you can often feel like you're always learning, like there's no more space in your head for any more information. But perhaps all you need to do is increase your brain power? I loved the post 107 tips to increase your brain power, it's full of gifs, pictures and information. 

In the US lately there has been some controversy surrounding transgender people and public bathrooms. I find it shocking that people are "afraid" to use the public bathrooms because they found out that transgender people use them. It seems ridiculous to me. I loved Jeremy's post True Bathroom Fears, in which he discusses the issues and his fears about public bathrooms. Please do head over and read. 

And that's all folks! Hope you find something you enjoy reading.

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  1. Morgan Prince, Thank you dear for giving me an opportunity to read your blog. Specially this post is so good, As it discusses so many other topics because of other blogs. I enjoyed reading it. I have a feeling it is your Sunday morning. Enjoy a beautiful day. I like your blog set up too.

    1. Thanks so much Fran, I hope you have time to stop by some of the other blogs too, there's some great reads there.
      Hope you had a lovely day. x

  2. I always love your round ups Morgan. You always point me in the direction of such great reads. Thanks again so much for the shout out in What I read 48. Xx

    1. You are very welcome Dawn, glad to give you some great reads. x

  3. Ooh you must love that post as I'm sure it was featured in the previous roundup. No complaints from me! Thanks so much Morgan!

    1. Indeed it was hun, this is my monthly roundup as opposed to my weekly one. At the beginning of every month I include all the great reads I enjoyed the previous month. :)
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  4. Wow - so many interesting and inspirational posts! Thanks for sharing all these Morgan - I think you do a really good job of curating content. xxx

    1. Thanks so much Maddy, it's a really fun thing to do and means I get to share the blogging love with everyone! :)

  5. So many good posts to get you thinking and discussing things! Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

  6. A lot of great reads in there! You have provided such an insight into each and all in one place. #ReadWithMe