What I Read 52

What better way to spend Sunday than relaxing on the sofa and reading through my selection in this week's What I Read.

I was at BritMums Live yesterday and am exhausted so I'm spending my Sunday relaxing. Reading is one of the best ways to relax right? So I've got a great selection for you this week.

Yvonne wrote a brilliant post about strength a while ago. When I first started reading I thought the post was about make-up as the title is Putting My Face On, and like Yvonne's mum it's something my mum used to say too. However, as I continued to read I realised that this post is about so much more than make-up, it's about strength and determination. A great read.

Parenting a child with autism is difficult, you face new (and old) challenges all the time. When I think of autistic children I usually imagine small children, say 6 or 7, but of course those children grow up. Debbie's post, Parenting an Older Child With Autism, explains how challenging it continues to be when your child has autism.

Although I'd heard the word Fibromyalgia I had no idea what it was. Then I read Laura's post Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2016. Laura has Fibromyalgia and it doesn't sound like much fun at all. It's funny how we feel we can judge how someone is feeling by how they look isn't it? And like Laura says, "just because you cannot see it, does not mean I do not suffer". Please do head over and read.

Having had a fabulous week Kim shares her word of the week, Super. In her post she writes about the wonderful week her and her family have had. I love this kind of positivity, it makes me smile and brightens my day. 

When you're stressed you can get bogged down with the little details and you're not as patient as usual. It can be tough dealing with stress but @mrs_tubbs has got the post for you: Things to do when feeling stressed. She's written some top tips for easing the stress and they're great ones too. I particularly like a comment by Rev T. Go check it out now.

Travelling with children can be really stressful, you need to make sure you have lots of entertainment to keep them busy while on a plane. But how do you entertain a toddler? Or a baby? Before going on holiday Katie asked her friends for tips on how to survive the plane journey with her little one. It turns out that the advice she got wasn't great, as she explains in Why everything I was told about travelling with a baby was wrong.


  1. So Morgan how have you been. Summer is here and out door activities add more work too. However your blog post is so full of variety, and friends. Really good social sharing and discussion. I enjoyed reading it. Enjoy a great week.

    1. Thanks Fran, the weather is slowly warming up here and the boys are enjoying being outdoors. Thanks for your kind words. x

  2. Ahh! Thank you for mentioning me. Much appreciated.
    I'm off to read the others now :D x

    1. You're welcome Kim. Hope you enjoyed reading. xx